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  1. Identical to my 1922 one - a lovely little instrument. Great sound and very portable.
  2. Thanks for the heads-up, hope it goes to a good home.
  3. I have a Hohner four stop in D which is now available (as well as older Hohners in C and G). You don't give a location? I'm based in the UK (Kent). Let me know if you are interested and I'll work out a price.
  4. Sell it, and you may well end up regretting it. Keep it, and you have the potential to grow into the instrument. Progress often comes in a series of steps rather that incrementally, just 'K.B.O,' (Keep Buggering On!).
  5. Re the number of buttons - I was looking for a versatile instrument that I can explore grow into over time, so started off looking for a 48 by preference, with a suitable quality 55 as an option due to the limited availability of decent Cranes. Having ended up with a 51 (Little John's, actually), I'm well pleased - not sure if I have the reach to cope with any more, and can avoid feelings of 'if only' at a later date.
  6. A saying about sailors, I believe - in port, it's all wine women and song, at sea, rum, bum and concertinas.
  7. 1985 51 button (55 note) Crane system duet = "85 / 092"
  8. Thanks to everyone for your offers and advice, I've bought a 51b Dipper that has met or exceeded all my requirements. Thanks also to Chris at Barleycorn for his expert advice regarding establishing a fair value, was a great help.
  9. Many thanks for your advice, Peter. The Wheatstone is still on approval, I realised very quickly that I wanted to take up the duet again, but with a higher quality instrument. I've been spoiled by my other boxes apparently. Yes, Chris offered to give me a full px value against another instrument later on - we both though that it could be a long time before something suitable came up. This has not proven to be the case, though, I've heard from two people on this site, as well as a couple from the Facebook group and there are two serious contenders, one as a final purchase, and another as a 'Plan B' to be getting along with if necessary. Hope to have things sorted within a couple of weeks. The Crane I had long ago was huge, forgotten how many buttons, bur the smaller size and weight appealed a lot more this time, hence the range chosen - included 55b ones to widen the choice available, but agree about 48b being a Goldilocks size, for me, anyway. Paul
  10. With the extended lockdown, I’ve gone back to playing a Crane Duet. Picked up a 1950s 48b Wheatstone for now from Chris Algar, but looking for a top quality one long term. I like the size of the 48, but would go up to a 55b one if necessary considering the rarity of the little critters now. Many thanks Paul
  11. Zamzar.com can usually translate files for free as well
  12. I'm guessing that the book covers Wheatstone, rather than Jeffries accidentals?
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