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  1. Hi Does anyone have tips on what to use to clean the cigarette smell off a concertina? I am mainly aiming for the bellows. What would be effective and not harmful to the leather and/or other parts. Does this odor diminish much over time? Thanks, Richard
  2. Hi Doug Are there any videos of you playing your baritone on view online? I'd love to see and hear it! Thanks, Richard
  3. Hi Is it possible to post a short video of this interesting instrument being played to give some sense of what it sounds like? Thanks, Richard
  4. Your playing sounds very good. That instrument is not beyond you.
  5. Hi I am wondering about the Lachenal Anglos that have the SA initials cut into the end plates. So these were made to order for the Salvation Army, I gather. Would those particular instruments be of a certain quality that distinguishes them from other comparable model concertinas? Thanks, Richard
  6. Hi That sounds very nice, especially in that empty wood floored room. Is that a Lachenal? The tone is rich. Richard
  7. Hi I think if you are playing an instrument that you enjoy playing and pleases you profoundly in all the aesthetic categories (playability, tone, volume, visual look) than you have a right to be content. Trying out other makes of instruments can be fun and if you are not careful set you up for some developing dissatisfaction with your current instrument if it does not compare favorably. Something that is wonderful about concertinas for me it is a man-made object that can truly thrill and gratify, unlike so many consumer items and mass produced products. When ever I pick up one of my treasured instruments( each with its own character and magic) I am thrilled and delighted. Not many "things" in this life can do this. I think that whatever instrument you are playing that should be the goal, whatever anybody else says. Richard
  8. Hi I have been careful to make sure my hands are dry after "sanitizing" them before I pick up a concertina. I am concerned about damaging the finish on the wood or metal. Am I being over protective? Has anyone else had a problem, or concern? Richard
  9. Michael Eskin who I believe is on this forum created the concertina app for ipad etc. His app has concertina samples so maybe he could offer some help.
  10. Hi I am saw this Wheatstone English concertina sell on ebay. Though I am not an expert I thought such an instrument must be a very very early model and would have a much higher value at auction because of it's historical significance, rarity, and all the other qualities it probably possesses. Would someone with more information comment on the results of this auction. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Concertina-musical-instrument-c-wheatstone-regent-039-s-street-london-squeeze-box-/203295832804?ul_noapp=true&nma=true&si=k5ADKgpX4c9mIQadV3FGrvYS2U0%3D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557 Thanks, Richard
  11. Hi I never thought that Michael was trying to undermine the efforts of the seller, or that he did undermine anything. I think there is the potential on this type of forum for contributors to unfairly negatively influence a potential sale for the person posting the ad. If I had a question about the quality or pricing I think a private message, in this context is more appropriate. Richard
  12. I have heard that Cage's music is much better than it sounds.
  13. Hello Please pardon my flinty-ness. I appreciate everyone's enthusiasm and curiosity. The main point is that when someone is trying to sell something I feel asking them to rationalize the price and explain themselves in general works against the purpose of that specific type of posting. I have been in that position. A discussion on the topic of pricing of instruments and comparative qualities of different makes and vintages is an interesting topic and I believe should be made in as an independent posting, so not to complicate or even undermine someone's attempt to offer an instrument for sale. Richard
  14. Hi I am startled at clueless responses to for sale ads that offer comments on prices especially, but also on other notions that might be a reflection on the writer's inner dialogue but offer nothing of interest or use to the topic, and in this case reveal the writers lack of knowledge and/or experience with the subject. If everyone who saw a for sale ad and felt it is necessary to chime in on the thread to inform the world that they would not buy this item with all the reasons why, it would get pretty ridiculous and tiresome. I often think of an old Irish saying..."Never miss an opportunity to say nothing". This philosophy has served me well! Richard
  15. Hi Mike (if you see this) You have an impressive group of "tortoise" shell instruments. Do they all share any particular quality of sound, playability or anything that distinguishes them, rather than just being beautiful and exotic (and unfortunate for the tortoises)? Thanks, Richard
  16. Hi I think "click" was the wrong onomatopoeic word to describe the sound that I attribute to a valve problem. What happens is that when I put soft pressure to play the note (on the push), as the pressure gradually increases there is a change and the volume gets just a little bit increased. When playing normally it is probably something no one else notices but I do. Thanks to all for the advice. Richard
  17. Hi Will a bad valve make a reed sound out of tune? I know I have a valve that needs replacing. I can hear the note have a slight "click" as I play it. I'm pretty sure it is the valve. But that same note seems a bit off compared to the same note while played on a different button in a different direction. Could a bad valve affect the tuneing, as I have heard? Thanks, Richard
  18. Hi I recommend John Williams. He is a renown musician and I believe he is taking on online students. I believe he is a member here. I'll double check and if not I message you privately with more info. Richard
  19. Hi FYI.... I seemed to have found a material that is working for my purpose. My mini concertina came with straps that are a thicker, stiffer leather which wasn't working well to "grip" the back of my hands. I just cut some straps using a much thinner, more flexible leather with the nappy suede on the other side. The key I think is two things: 1. The thinner suede has more surface contact with the skin on the back of my hand. 2. The thin softer suede has a certain stretch to it so that keeps the pressure, holding it to my skin with the help of the suede's nap. Sorry about such concertina minutia, but I guess we love it. Richard
  20. Hi Why elasticity? Something we all must ask ourselves eventually. Because of the scale of my miniature Lachenal the straps rest along the back of my hand, more toward the wrist. They tend to slip down towards my fingers and I loose the leverage I need. I have tried some golf product to make the backside of the strap have more traction and stick so it doesn't move while playing. That hasn't been satisfactory. I just have a hair-brain notion that a stretchy material might be something to try. Richard
  21. Hi I am investigating methods for getting better control of my miniature concertina which already has leather straps. I am wondering if there is a stretchable material that could be utilized for straps. I need something that has bit of "holding on to" quality (stretchability) to help stabilize the instrument better than the leather straps. Does anyone have specific suggestions of materials for this purpose? Thanks, RIchard
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