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Vintage Anglo concertina for sale: Faux Jeffries - EUROPE


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Current speculation seems to be as to the whether the instrument in question was originally made by Charles Jeffries (Sen) or was commissioned of and supplied (unbadged) by CRABB, an existing maker.

It is true that John Crabb and his son Henry Thomas Crabb did, jointly, make and supply a large number of unbadged Anglo concertinas to Charles (Charlie) Jeffries (Sen) before he and his sons began to produce complete instruments in their own right.

However, it is also evident, although rarely mentioned or possibly known, that he also procured or commissioned instruments from other, contemporary, makers during the later 1800 period

Perusal of a series of external & internal pictures of this particular instrument reveals some features that conflict with what is expected to be seen in J & HT Crabb built instruments.

I have attached some of the relevant pictures with my own, personal, observations .


C Jeffries 'badged' Anglo Concertina. Some observations..docx

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