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  1. doodle

    Looking for octave (below) C/G Anglo

    Just to update the discussion, there are currently 3 responders interested in my Dipper Baritone, for which I am very grateful. I am discussing with David Levine, as he was the first to answer my posting, and I will let the other 2 c.netters know any outcome. I will use the PM service and email as each requests. Thanks once again to all. If sold, a donation will be made to the site.
  2. doodle

    Looking for octave (below) C/G Anglo

    I have a Dipper C/G in baritone tuning (octave below). It's a 30 key, metal ends/buttons with the usual gold banding, it has a Dipper leather-covered hard case.. One of the nice points is that the buttons are proportionately large in diameter, so it retains the appearance of a 'normal' sized 30 key when viewed without other concertinas for reference. It's in almost unplayed condition, but in fairness i'd say it is certainly not as fast as a regular C/G. I'm not a player of ITM, so wouldn't like to attest to it's suitability, but Colin's instruments are very good as you'll undoubtedly know. I bought it a good few years ago from Chris Algar (who else!!) and I think it was made in the late 80's, but that is just a guess/half remembered info. The problem is that I'm nervous about selling across the Atlantic (cost/insurance/safety), perhaps you have an intermediary friend who could have a look at itfor you before you commit? I will be at The Sidmouth Festival at the beginning of August, so maybe that might help? I did this for another US buyer (Dan Worral) who knew Roger Digby and we met up at Sidmouth last year so Roger could check-out and report back on a Jeffries I was selling. Otherwise, any thoughts you may have would be welcomed. I'm in no hurry to sell - I use it very occasionally for songs - so I'm happy to wait out an arrangement if you're interested. I haven't fixed a price, but could discuss this through the Personal Message channel if you are seriously considering it. I can, of course email photos ( I don't seem to be able to get them onto this site very easily) and supply a video. Best regards Al.
  3. It's that man again! Bude Festival are hosting a workshop from Cohen on 'Traditional Tunes on Melodeon and Anglo Concertina'. Venue will be The Falcon Hotel (Festival main venue) at 10am on Saturday 25th May. If you are anywhere in the area, don't miss it and if you have to travel, then there's good, level camping at the Festival Campsite (The Rugby Club) just a few minutes walk/cycle along the edge of the canal. Of course, the best plan is to be a Festival goer for the weekend - it's small, very friendly with all the added joy of a Cornish holiday in a lovely, little seaside town. Add in some top guests, including Granny's Attic, and it's a wonderful Bank Holiday not to be forgotten for all the best reasons! PS I'm not an organiser, just a happy regular Festival goer. Details of all events will be on their website 'dreckly and an added incentive is great tune sessions in the Falcon bar each night from Thursday - happy days!
  4. doodle

    Shipping Insurance Enquiry

    Yes, I saw this clause - wouldn't mind betting they'll try to invoke it, too should a claim be made! Hey Ho!
  5. doodle

    Shipping Insurance Enquiry

    Alex, following a quick call, Lark insurance tell me they only insure shipping items if you already have an account as a policy holder with them. They seemed very helpful, however and maybe a good source for instrument insurance, but as I'm not with them, it didn't work out. So, I'm shipping with UPS, who do a declared valuation charge of 1% of the value + shipping fees up to a declared value of £5000. Hope this helps. Tony
  6. doodle

    Shipping Insurance Enquiry

    Alex - I will post my experience here for all to see, hoping to sort it out in the next couple of days with shipping UK to Ireland. Tony
  7. doodle

    Shipping Insurance Enquiry

    Thanks Mike This looks like a solution for saving my anxiety - most grateful. Tony
  8. doodle

    Shipping Insurance Enquiry

    Thanks Robin, not the news I'd hoped for, but valued advice nevertheless. Tony
  9. doodle

    Shipping Insurance Enquiry

    When selling to a buyer outside the UK, say in Ireland for example, does anyone have any recommendations of courier services that offer good insurance on the value of the instrument. I note that Parcelforce don't seem to want to give musical instruments any cover beyond their basic service (£50) and so an instrument of value - £5000 - seems hard to get covered. I guess that members do send instruments both for sale and repair away to different locations, do you generally just 'hope for the best' or who do you go to?
  10. doodle

    39 Key Jeffries C/g Anglo For Sale

    Now sold elsewhere.
  11. For sale: Jeffries C/G 39 key Anglo – has ‘cry-baby’ button and ‘whistle’ button, so possibly a 37 key, if you prefer? Bought by me around 20 years ago from a well- respected melodeon tuner, who’s personal instrument it was, and since then has had very little playing by me and always indoors at home. Overall condition is excellent – it has as new gold embossed 6 fold bellows with the correct ‘dolphin’ pattern papers and matching as new gold embossed hand-straps. It has ‘C Jeffries’ stamped above the C row and ‘maker’ stamped between the C and G rows and although some of the silvering has faded to a goldy colour on the end-plates, they are well polished. All the wood-work is in excellent condition being mainly un-marked – all in all a very nice looking concertina. It plays superbly, as you’d expect given its previous owner, and is in concert pitch. I’m no expert player, but I think the accidentals at the start of the C and G rows are not typical, being on the left-hand C row - C# push and pull and on the left-hand G row - D push and another C# pull. The right-hand side initial accidental on the C row is – low C# push and low D pull whilst the G row has – A push and E pull. It has a C natural drone under the left thumb, but otherwise the accidentals seem as per ‘normal’ Jeffries layout. It has a ‘Ceilidh Trail School of Celtic Music’ sticker on the carry case, so perhaps these accidentals relate more to Irish music – I’m an English-style player, so don’t really know! There is a black wooden hard-case, as mentioned, and it is fitted with proper bars to maintain parallel bellows when the concertina is stored. It comes from a pet and smoke free home and collection in person is welcomed (I’m in Devon, UK) or it could be seen/tried at Sidmouth Festival. This is a super instrument and needs to be played. Price £4500 + postage, but no offers please as I wouldn’t want to part with it for anything less. Thanks for looking, I’ll try to post pictures, but otherwise they can be had via email if you PM me. Tony
  12. doodle

    What's Happened To Melnet?

    Phew! For a horrible moment I entertained thoughts of my daily 'melodeon magazine fix' ceasing. I shall sleep content in the knowledge that all is not lost, merely hiding somewhere in a server or a cloud or whatever. Meanwhile. there's always concertina.net for my other obsession.
  13. doodle

    Gold -Plated Wheatstone Aeola Baritone English.

    Hi Robin I had a G/D bass anglo from Colin out of Robin Scard. It was a tremendous player, quite able to handle tunes at dance speed as well as growly bass parts and quite light, too considering. I reluctantly sold it some years back when it was a luxury I could no longer afford. You'll love it - guaranteed (but you know that, anyway!) Tony
  14. doodle

    Looking For A Bb/f Anglo

    Just by way of endorsement, the Marcus Bb/F being sold on this forum may be worth considering (if you haven't already). You may not have come across Keith Kendrick on your side of the ocean, but he is a fine player (and singer) with many cd's in the English tradition and a fine musical pedigree etc to his name - I'm sure he would be totally open with you about the instrument and happy to discuss it if you were prepared to buy from abroad. I have no connection with the seller other than having some of his cd's and having seen him in concert, but friends who have played and recorded alongside him hold him in high esteem.
  15. i know the topic has been covered in the past - 2011 - but I thought it no harm to mention that at Halsway Manor last weekend, Emmanuel Pariselle was in fine form during the Friday night bar session and at the Saturday concert. Lovely playing and singing with his 2 Dipper Franglos and own brand melodeon. As someone who hasn't come across Emmanuel or his franglo before, I just felt the need to put my metaphorical hand up to say that I was very impressed by the man, the instruments and the performance. There, I've got it off my chest and shared it! Happy days.