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  1. For sale - Leather Wheatstone labelled english concertina case, would suit small instrument. External size: 20cm x 19cm x 18cm. Perhaps less usually, this case is externally excellent, having its original strap with buckles in place and firmly attached, working catch and hasp firmly attached (although no key to actually lock the lid!) and with good leather, good hingeing and stitching all round. Inside it's a different story! The lid is still lined and has its Wheatstone label, but the lower body is missing internal blocks and has very poor brown suede-type lining which is missing in parts. Price: £25 for UK only sale + nominal postage of £5 or collection from North Devon. So if you are handy at internal refurbishment, this is an extremely good and original case to work on at a sensible price for a genuine leather concertina case - they sell for a lot more in far less good structural condition. Pics available via email. I bought it hoping it would fit a small anglo - it doesn't!
  2. £4000 hammer + commissions etc. Seems fair.
  3. Perhaps a cnet 'roving reporter' may be able to give a first hand appraisel??
  4. I have a Wheatstone leather case with original strap and working brass catch. Not refurbished, could just do with a polish/oil externally but less good inside with torn material lining. Where are you - I'm UK. Tony
  5. Thank you so much, Steven, for both your time and expertise. Brilliant! Ta Tony
  6. Thanks Both Bill, I'm getting my radials and parallels crossed (painful!) Yes, it is parallel reed chambers like a Jeffries. Steven, I have found a number writ small inside one of the rh reerd chambers -196487 Thanks for your help. Tony
  7. Following on from the previous lachenal ageing thread, I have a Lachenal 39 key anglo, metal ends & buttons, with original 7 fold bellows and radial (a la Jeffries) reed pans. Is this usual - it is the only Lachenal I have or have ever had, so I don't know much about it? It plays very well and I like it, but any thoughts on its age or its level in Lachenal product hierarchy would interest me. Thanks for any guidence. PS I haven't found any number on it, except a '5' on the outer side of the lh reedpan.
  8. All's well! I hate to pester our hard-working fettlers, but I took your advice, JD and gave Mark a phone call on Friday and there had been a slip-up and my order had been over-looked. So Monday morning brought the 'full-fat', 3mm, gold-tooled and felt-lined straps to my letter box. That's great service and just in time for tomorrow's rehearsal. The straps are superb quality and immediately comfortable - and of course a perfect fit.
  9. Thanks Rod for your very generous offer, that's exceptionally kind of you, but I shall follow JD's advice for now, tho,' and sand the edges and see how it goes. The belt was black and fairly close to 3mm thick, I cut it to the pattern of the old straps and it is the leather's stiffness that is also the problem, so I'll spend time wriggling it around to try to induce some suppleness, I hope! I had a call from the project coordinator today to say that rehearsals start next Tuesday (23 new songs), so I'm stuck with this for now. Hoping Mark replies soon, as I've two red and slightly swollen knuckles already! Hey Ho!
  10. Thanks folks. I have sent an email, so I'll hang on for a while for a reply before getting on the 'phone. I do appreciate that supply problems can dog people's best efforts to get on top of orders and try to be patient. In the meantime, I've cobbled a set of straps from an old leather belt - they dig in rather painfully behind my 1st finger knuckles, but they'll 'do' for now as long as I don't play for too many minutes at a time. They won't help come rehearsal time, however!
  11. Can anyone confirm whether Mark is still supplying spares? I ordered and paid upfront for anglo straps and D rings back on 16th May and got an auto 'Order confirmed' acknowledgement. However a month or so on, no communication or sign of a delivery. I'm needing the straps to properly fulfil a professional booking + rehearsals starting as soon as lock-down ends. Any thoughts, please. Hoping it's a glitch.
  12. I use a simple White Stuff canvas bag to carry my 2 anglos in their own cases. It's strong, light,looks uninteresting and has shoulder and hand straps + a couple of pockets. It's a luggage item, not a fashion bag, and just the right shape. I'm sure other makes are available I gave up on a double flight case - which I still have if you want it (free) - as it was too heavy and awkward to carry around and knowing your travel arrangements (you have stayed with me in Devon), I truly don't think it would be a good idea IMHO when you also may have melodeon and overnight bag to tote as well. Try ebay for a canvas bag is my suggestion, Cohen.
  13. Wow! indeed and that's just the tip of his superb iceberg of talent, so to speak!
  14. Theo Gibb has Ab/Eb 38 button Lachenal theboxplace.co.uk/product/lachenal-38-abeb/ Any help?
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