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  1. As others say, I have 44 and a 50 key Jeffries Brothers anglos, (1 being ex Fred Kilroy G/D). Lovely instruments all!
  2. I've had details - a full programme from Friday lunch to Sunday tea. I've booked.
  3. Hello Deidre, I don't think the owner would want to sell outside the UK, but I will ask, of course. Thanks for your message. I'll get back to you in due course.
  4. I'm selling this instrument on behalf of a friend who bought it from Colin Dipper, intending to learn to play upon her retirement. Having now found family and 'life' have left her no time, she has asked me to sell it. It has 30 buttons for C/G playing, plus a 'bird-call' and a 'cry-baby' . The layout seems to be standard 'Wheatstone' style and the condition is largely good and is as sold to her several years ago by Colin - I was with her when she bought it. It seems to be in tune (modern pitch) and has been re-padded on the left side, although the right-hand side appears untouched as presumably it was felt to be ok. The metal ends are in good condition and the action is fine with no problems. I had to open it up to 'free-off' a couple of reed that had stopped sounding - she basically hasn't touched it since purchase - and they are now working perfectly well. The instrument is air-tight and has good bellows, it plays well. There are two identical numbers inside, ink-stamped onto the reed-board and the bellows frame - 98787. I was careful to look for a 1 at the beginning, but there doesn't appear to be anything else, so I think at least this shows that the bellows are original, as fitted, but I haven't a clue about Lachenal numbering, so can't suggest its age. Colin hazzarded the late 1890's when I originally asked and unfortunately the seller didn't retain her sale ticket, so there's no further info. available. It has a good modern hard case and a very small label under the metal frets at one end with a music shop's name. The seller is hoping to sell for £1600 + postage within the UK. and payment can be made via Paypal to her and she retains the instrument - I have no financial interest in this sale, just helping out. I have a full set of photos showing the hard case, the exterior of the instrument, the bellows interior and both sides of both reed-pans as removed and I can send these via email if interested. I struggle with the tech. of transferring from phone to website - actually I can't do it at all!! The instrument is located in North Devon (UK)
  5. If only I played English!!!! So boooooootiful!!!! This must have been someone's prized possession - wonder what the back-story is?
  6. Thanks, David for your prompt reply. in case anyone is looking, I'm not buying - wish i could, though!.
  7. Many thanks, Both. I know your joint knowledge is based on massive experience, so I'm happy to leave this thread at this point and put the idea aside as impractical for me to take forward. Thanks for taking the time to respond, it was a thought I had for a future plan which I'm content to forget. Regards, Tony
  8. Can anyone tell me if it is a simple swop to change the reeds of a 38 key C/G Jeffries and put them into a 38 key Bb/F Jeffries and vice-versa? In other words, are the slots for the reed shoes pretty much 'standard' between similar instruments in similar button positions - I'm not currently in a position to check sizes, so this is just a general query in principal. I'm guessing that slots are not so specific as to make this impossible. Any thoughts, please? Regards, Tony.
  9. Just to update the discussion, there are currently 3 responders interested in my Dipper Baritone, for which I am very grateful. I am discussing with David Levine, as he was the first to answer my posting, and I will let the other 2 c.netters know any outcome. I will use the PM service and email as each requests. Thanks once again to all. If sold, a donation will be made to the site.
  10. I have a Dipper C/G in baritone tuning (octave below). It's a 30 key, metal ends/buttons with the usual gold banding, it has a Dipper leather-covered hard case.. One of the nice points is that the buttons are proportionately large in diameter, so it retains the appearance of a 'normal' sized 30 key when viewed without other concertinas for reference. It's in almost unplayed condition, but in fairness i'd say it is certainly not as fast as a regular C/G. I'm not a player of ITM, so wouldn't like to attest to it's suitability, but Colin's instruments are very good as you'll undoubtedly know. I bought it a good few years ago from Chris Algar (who else!!) and I think it was made in the late 80's, but that is just a guess/half remembered info. The problem is that I'm nervous about selling across the Atlantic (cost/insurance/safety), perhaps you have an intermediary friend who could have a look at itfor you before you commit? I will be at The Sidmouth Festival at the beginning of August, so maybe that might help? I did this for another US buyer (Dan Worral) who knew Roger Digby and we met up at Sidmouth last year so Roger could check-out and report back on a Jeffries I was selling. Otherwise, any thoughts you may have would be welcomed. I'm in no hurry to sell - I use it very occasionally for songs - so I'm happy to wait out an arrangement if you're interested. I haven't fixed a price, but could discuss this through the Personal Message channel if you are seriously considering it. I can, of course email photos ( I don't seem to be able to get them onto this site very easily) and supply a video. Best regards Al.
  11. It's that man again! Bude Festival are hosting a workshop from Cohen on 'Traditional Tunes on Melodeon and Anglo Concertina'. Venue will be The Falcon Hotel (Festival main venue) at 10am on Saturday 25th May. If you are anywhere in the area, don't miss it and if you have to travel, then there's good, level camping at the Festival Campsite (The Rugby Club) just a few minutes walk/cycle along the edge of the canal. Of course, the best plan is to be a Festival goer for the weekend - it's small, very friendly with all the added joy of a Cornish holiday in a lovely, little seaside town. Add in some top guests, including Granny's Attic, and it's a wonderful Bank Holiday not to be forgotten for all the best reasons! PS I'm not an organiser, just a happy regular Festival goer. Details of all events will be on their website 'dreckly and an added incentive is great tune sessions in the Falcon bar each night from Thursday - happy days!
  12. Yes, I saw this clause - wouldn't mind betting they'll try to invoke it, too should a claim be made! Hey Ho!
  13. Alex, following a quick call, Lark insurance tell me they only insure shipping items if you already have an account as a policy holder with them. They seemed very helpful, however and maybe a good source for instrument insurance, but as I'm not with them, it didn't work out. So, I'm shipping with UPS, who do a declared valuation charge of 1% of the value + shipping fees up to a declared value of £5000. Hope this helps. Tony
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