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  1. Mike Franch

    Help to identify please

    How does one know it was made in 1946?
  2. Lovely! It looks like so much fun.
  3. Mike Franch

    Totm Challenge: Old Meets Néw

    I liked it. Is that you floating down from the sky?
  4. Mike Franch

    French Bagpipe + Concertina

    Very lovely. But I thought of it as the other way around: concertina + bagpipe!
  5. A consistent theme in this forum (and borne out by my own experience) is that you are wise to buy the best instrument you can afford, even if just starting out. Maybe, especially if just starting out. I think you made a wise move, one that will save you money and speed your development on the concertina.
  6. Mike Franch

    My Dream Gig

    Do I remember correctly, Jody, that it was so cold at one Botanical Garden gig that your concertina and Michael Gorin's fiddle stopped working?
  7. Discovered these delightful Russian animations featuring a concertina-playing crocodile. There are a series of them at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lUBNtYixTSs&feature=youtu.be. Edited to change "alligator" to "crocodile" (although I think it might use both).
  8. Mike Franch

    Social Media Circles?

    Regarding the Tradewinds Ted post above, I agree on the importance of what we might call the pan-concertina approach of this site. I play EC, but I find myself reading about anglos and duets with interest, if not always comprehension. Someone in a recent discussion said that they're different instruments that just happen to look quite similar; there's truth to that, but they're pretty much the same inside the box, and an issue for one is often an issue for all. Dammit, it's all so interesting!
  9. Mike Franch

    Social Media Circles?

    What are these things called "smart phones"? I see them mentioned in discussions quite often.
  10. Mike Franch

    George Lambert, Wigan

    Must have been a pretty pricey concertina to take down into a mine! Pretty pricey for a collier to buy, I'd imagine.
  11. I loved them all, especially the 9th photo. Irish music is for everyone, and being Irish is an expanding concept.
  12. Note that in getting advice from Jody Kruskal, you're getting advice from a world-class Anglo concertina player, and one of the most respected voices on this forum. However, as he (along with everyone else) states, it's a personal thing, so it's up to you. Whatever you get, it will be a great adventure. Enjoy it for what it is, and if you soon "outgrow" it--congratulations! Mike (not an Anglo player)
  13. Mike Franch

    Valves How Many To Buy

    Thank you, Dave. It's never been set on its end. Maybe "curling" is not the right word, but certainly not lying properly flat over the opening.
  14. Mike Franch

    Valves How Many To Buy

    Thanks to both Wolf and Dave. I've got some obvious curling and resulting malfunction on a few notes. The rest seem fine, which is why I'm focusing on just a few. Mike
  15. I need to replace a few valves in my EC--two or three probably. Should I buy just what I need now, or should I buy a complete set and set some aside? If the later, what's the best way to store them? Thanks for your advice. Hope it's not too contradictory! Mike