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    Anglo Concrtina, Germany Concertina Playing and repairing, contact to nice persons, who could share their knowledge with and thus help me improve my capabiities.
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  1. Who can help me, giving me a step b y step explnation, how could do what the title is asking Thank you in advane Cheers JD
  2. Now I have seen it, my mistake not tyoing the i. The corrected address should ow be working Please excuse my mistake !
  3. Thanks for your reply ! Yes have one for you.. Pleasew try again to my emal: bamboomotion@gmx.de I may have made amistake, when informing my addess earier. Wait your notice Codially Joachim
  4. Ha ve not forgottenm here we are celbratin Easter fiests. May be I cannotz giv e some more concrete info until Tuesday. Regards Joachim
  5. Would like to learn what kid of Concertina may b e the Wheastone no. 21. Would be gatef ul if you infor me by desrition and or goto . Thak you in advane
  6. MattA have you tried to cntact me ? I have been travelling ad could not attend my mail box, as I would hav e liked to do. and it semed t me that I have seen soeting, but cud find your message or ogically readit. Pleae epeat and f want : here is my mail address: bamboomoton@gmx.de Regards Joachim
  7. Dear marxstadter after the secod world war USA helped Europe Thank you merica for the Marshall Plan , for the US airplaines in the sky of Berli, etting sall seet bombs, cn taiing cccolate and other desirable thing which eere scare at this times. Thank you cigaetes, Music, Elvis Presley Babys etrc. To give you b ack a little bit too, now it is our term to help you generously Now serious: If you yet not been able to resolve this magter, I supported b y Mr. Harry Geuns can help, smost likely any you need + advice how to doit, in cop
  8. Yes I am well ! Thank yu Seth. But I annonced to tell the tota truth And for one or the other it may remind to smilar expiences. So: Ahuman fing clicked the button "Biy Now " not eally inntionted and the accdent happned. The concertina has bee bid and won as it would haven desiraby b y me. But, ???, I don´nt stil excatly how it could happen. The concetina sas bee payed from my wife´s Paypal account. And she thiks I am v ey ill and cazy speding too much money for conertinas and cannot understand why I am doig this. We can esta
  9. No Seth, this interpretaton is also not toally correct, but you do not kow alll details and background I don´t feel acused and don´t feel the need to deend myself, since are ot accusing me. This is understoodd. Ishal give my version within a day or two, since now without almost hae slept enouugh and have to keave home for r#travelling all day today, I do not do it know. I am still half drunk due to lack of sleep. iT IS NOTHING DRAMTIC; BUT FUNNY AN PRIVATE. Nevertheles for entertainment and lougin the story is good enough, the totally true story I am called a chaty Conc
  10. You could also contact me to my email, you fin in b perile.
  11. Absolutely worth to be repaired- I am locaed n Ermany and i repair modestly old German Concertinas. Have seveal old Concertinas in stock fpor spare and for beeing repared or upcycvled. I am in contact here with some Erman REpairers and Makers, have one specially in mind I bopught from him a schepaer but beautiful ccnertina. This man should ba capab le to help, presume and he is a fine guy. If you athorize me and if you cannoz quicly resolve your problem in your place I offer my assitance. I am sitting nerer to the fountain and I am going qute frequently
  12. I feel the need to explain a bit better, what I have stated bbefore: I mpretended to buy from ermyn a concertina he offered at ebay. It id not function due to my faults. He resolved the problem I have created, partially due to my low sight problem quickly . If you Seth read this, i apologize once more,that i caused problems to you.- Hope to meet Seth, when tavelling this year to USA, if Covid wil allow. I am o sure if I should or not have written this, but I felt s I had to do it. Joachim
  13. Congratulations ! Fine instrument, loooks beautful and sounds well. And I want hee to confirm, that al you say about Sthe Hamon is right. And I would say more after having had some story with him. I appreciated him as being very fair and generous. Joachim
  14. Hello Concetina Fellows out there This reflects more or less the big smille, I am having on fce, produced by one of the above mentionned instruments afer a long waiting time, due to Covid and I crry this smile ininterruably on my face until today, bacaus my new instrumetn makes me enjoy som much. U have b een readingher sme comment about Mayfair vs. other modernmade hyvrid concertinas and I there may b e some interest to read what I have to say. The one I got, from UK for a fair price, not perfect, nut in good working condition, makes me happy and provoques to play it much more freq
  15. Alex, thank you ! I shall reply with mor detaul tomorrow, maybe I had written aleady quite a lot, most likey anyway too much, and now it makes me angry and it is n o fun to write all again. It is again already midmight here, and i do not sleep enough these days, so....
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