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  1. C.net doesn't seem to like Excel attachments so I'll try a .pdf version of the map. Hope this works and helps clarify suggested method. John. Carr 50 Key.pdf
  2. I agree with Alan that button numbering systems get very complicated especially when you get to instruments with more than 30 buttons. The biggest Anglo I have owned was a 50 Key Carr. This was not a converted Jeffries Duet but appeared to have reeds & Anglo pans from the Jeffries workshop ( these likely "disappeared" in Mr Carr's lunch box). Compiling a button numbering system was complicated, so I did it using an Excel spreadsheet which identified each button as two cells in the spreadsheet and therefore enabled individual reeds to be identified. Doubtless someone from C.net will ha
  3. You'd have a better chance of selling if you posted a few photos and gave some contact details. Also check your private messages from time to time.
  4. waster


    I missed this one on e bay, but I'm surprised that nobody has mentioned that the date (1925), the address and the comparitively crude fretwork on this duet all indicate that it was made by Charles Jeffries Junior. Either that or it is a truly miraculous instrument as Charles Jeffries Senior ( the master concertina maker) had been dead for around 20 years by 1925 and I've never heard of another instrument being made "on the other side" On Tommy Williams' Springtime in Battersea LP I recall he was very scathing of the intruments made by Charles Junior describing them as "shocking" if my
  5. I'll play Goodge Street to get things moving again. PS I'm assuming that despite using 1702 Waverley Rules, Scots are allowed to play. A little known clause in the 1707 Treaty of Union harmonised various sporting laws, and included the repeal of the Scottish Act of Parliament of 1457 banning Golf and "sundrie other sportes" in favour of Archery. This act was a major hindrance to the advance of Mornington Crescent in Scotland, hence the preference for Morningside Crescent. I know it's a tight SQUEEZE and the place doesn't still exist ..... but it probably did in 1702 so I'll pl
  6. Well Dick, today I was researching something else entirely on this site:- http://www.oldbaileyonline.org/browse.jsp?...%2F19060108.xml and came across case No 147 which reads: "(147.) JOHN ROBERT BEVAN (47) to forging and uttering a request for the delivery of two concertinas, with intent to defraud. Eighteen months' hard labour. [Pleaded guilty: See original trial image.]—And Reference Number: t19060108-148 " I'm guessing that 9 months hard labour for each of two concertinas has to be a prime contender for the highest price paid! I'm not sure if this Mr Bevan is
  7. Hi Rachel, I'm an anglo player from Ampthill which is only about 20 minutes drive from Dunstable. If you would like to bring your instrument over we can compare it with mine. I have C Jeffries in Bb/F, C/G & G/D and a brilliant Jeffies Bros Bb/F in old pitch unequal temperament. We could also use my electronic tuner to find out exactly what pitch yours is in. I may even be able to find a button to fill in the gap on the left side of your machine. I really d not need another Jeffries unless it is in a really odd key, but would be more than happy to advise on how to get a decen
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