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  1. Scott Joplin, Gladiolus Rag Anyone play this on Anglo ? Anyone have a link to a rendition of it, on Anglo ? Even a CG Anglo friendly, link to the Music Notation, of this melody. First heard it in early 60's, Acker Bilk. Then heard Joshua Rifkin playing it, and I thought, I'd like to have that.
  2. Thanks to John, Peter and Takayuki I just discovered that I already have that Hugh Healy CD An Eb Concertina ? interesting. I'd be interested to hear Michelle's version of the tune. Peter, if you come across a recording of her playing this, would you give us a head up ?
  3. Thank you, Takayuki Yagi, for that link. I have ordered Hugh Healy CD from Custy's Music. do you know in what key he plays The Mathematician ? and is it an Eb/C, or which tuning the concertina is in ? I will sort it, but it would help to cut to the chase. A great showy tune, and a good tune in itself. Again, thanks for all the help.
  4. A link, please, to The Mathematician Hornpipe being played on Anglo ? I have the recording of Simon's version on English Concertina already, stunning, as usual. good man, Simon. Someone mentioned, maybe, track 6, Niall Vallely. If this exists, maybe the name or location etc., of the recording/CD, or somesuch ? Thanks, Jim Troy
  5. That'll do, thank you very much, Mr Pearce and Mister Tip
  6. Had a rake of springs, I took from a busted piano accordion, suited my Lachenal well enough, as they were the right size, but like most essential stashes, in these extraordinary times, they have gone missing. I like the idea of making springs. How hard can it be, what could possibly go wrong... So, if I were to make springs, for my Lachenal, what grade/type of wire would I be looking for ? Could I get it in an art supplies shop, or is it an engineering type of material ? And, I'm sure I remember seeing a vid on making springs, on the web, with a simple (ish) jig, anyone point me to it ?
  7. David, the triplet I meant, and should have said, is the staccato, single note triplet, on one button. Not a run of three different notes. It's a move, so well played by Niall Vallely, and The Moshe chap. So, if one were to remove another note, on the left hand, and replace it with the F sharp, and should it be pull or push ?
  8. For Anglo concertina. Looking for a link, please, to any thread/discussion, on alternative positioning for left hand (pinky) F sharp. I'd read somewhere, swapping, retuning, another button. For me, triplets are handy enough on low A, B, G etc. but the F sharp is too near the rest. My current instrument, is a genuine Scarlatti. Just would like this info, when I go looking for a concertina with interchangeable reeds Thanks Jim Troy.
  9. You have a Concertina, which is surplus to your needs, nobody plays, needs a new home ? I have a Hammy Hamilton 8 keyed blackwood flute, about 10 years old, which I'd like to exchange for a concertina. This particular flute is often referred to as a "stonker", with a strident, hard bottom D. Hammy is, I believe, retiring from flute making, so here you have an immediate access, no waiting for months. Please check out Hammy's prices before you make an offer. Also be aware that Hammy's flutes are not for faint hearted. I could sell if you want, but I'd as soon exchange for a concertina, of similar value, with hagglng involved. Haggling will be entertained, in fact. Thanks Jim Troy ( It is an Anglo Concertina I'm looking for)
  10. Thank you Mr Yagi and Mr Dowright, that's what I was looking for originally, an appr. date of make. The pad I mentioned, has taken a dive, again, so I'll just have a look for the Super Glue, and a couple of 6" nails.
  11. Best I can do with my Lenovo 7'' The blob on the pad thingy, is definitely wax, and that's what I meant as regards what to look for, in the field of waxy supply. Someone nearby who knows about concertinas... You couldn't throw a nine coupler, but you'd hit one. That said, I would like to know the maker and year of this Tipping around with it, I get the feeling it's like playing flat pipes. Everything is in B or C.
  12. Yes indeed, Gedi, looks identical, even to the odd looking partial shading of the wood. Had an interesting evening applying wax to the pad thingy, on No 1, having stolen bits of wax from a crashed out accordion. Any recommendation as to what to ask for, and which type hardware store, as regards wax for fixings ?
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