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    Concertina. guitar, singing, church, painting, photography, gardening, and dogwalking! Used to play a little Anglo, English, and even less Crane Duet - wish I'd kept them all. Now I have just taken delivery of an Elise Hayden Duet and I am in love with her!
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  1. I would like to know this too! I have an old German anglo which is either A/E or Bb/F (somewhere between the 2 at the moment). and I would like to retune it to lower-pitched keys, so I am considering using harmonica reeds as a cheap source....Good luck : )
  2. I am offering my Elise Hayden Duet concertina, with original gig bag and tutor book, either for sale or possibly straight swap for either a 30-button Anglo or a D/G melodeon or similar. Condition is as-new. I love the chromatic ability of the Elise, but miss the bounce of a diatonic instrument. I would be looking at around £300 + postage, and would prefer to send to UK.
  3. All these answers are good advice. I too also play other instruments (mainly guitar these days), and I love the sound of free reed instruments in various styles of music. Perhaps a browse on youtube with accordion, melodeon, or concertina in the search box would give you some idea of the range of styles and sounds. Lots of Tex-Mex and also country music bands use accordions and other squeezeboxes, but there are also more traditional Morris players using melodeons and concertinas. As a guitarist, you will also be able to figure out chords for song accompaniments fairly quickly. The main thing is to choose a type of instrument you can afford and like the sound of, and then you will start to use it just like an extra stringed instrument! Enjoy : )
  4. Recorded by Verity on her iPhone : ) young_collinc_verityrecording_web.mov
  5. BTW that is Rose on the vacuum cleaner in the background!!! : )
  6. I have had my Elise Hayden Duet for just over 3 weeks now, and this is my first public attempt, I am aware the timing is shaky, but I will persevere - watch this space! youngcollins_20110218.mov
  7. Swings along very nicely as real live music should - i love it and the balance is fine for me : )
  8. This is really useful stuff for me, as I will need to be doing this to the old A/E (or possibly Bb/F !!!) Anglo I have just acquired. Thanks : )
  9. Hi Jody Thanks - I really enjoyed looking at your website too : )
  10. Many thanks for all your help and interest : )
  11. I bought this old German-made Anglo off eBay recently. It is in A/E, but is slightly sharp to my ears. The sound quality is very sweet, and I think the reeds may be brass, but I have not yet been inside it. I bought this to learn about repair and maintenance so I might be ready for issues with my Elise Hayden Duet.There are pictures of it on my flickr.com photostream: http://www.flickr.com/photos/temple_tortoise/5441233499/ I would be very interested and grateful if someone could help me identify this make and model.
  12. Hi I would be grateful for a copy of the pdf please - my email is rayhomewood@hotmail.com Many thanks Ray : )
  13. Many thanks, Inventor, that is very kind. I live in Somerset - I believe I once saw you at a WCCP event, at Halsway Manor if memory serves me correctly. In those days I played a little Anglo, but at the moment the Elise is my only box.
  14. I too received an automated ebay response advising that this should be reported to a law enforcement agency - it sounds very much as if ebay do nothing to stop sales of stolen property themselves! This is not a very encouraging situation (and I have told them that)
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