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    Concertina. guitar, banjo, fiddle (terribly), whistle/recorder, singing, painting, photography, martial arts. Used to play a little Anglo, English, and even less Crane Duet - wish I'd kept them all. Now I have an old BM Anglo and am awaiting a Sutherland resembling the Stagi PL 4-2….
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  1. I am waiting for a red.green Sutherland to arrive - it looks identical to the Stagi PL 4-2. I will post a mini review here soon. I am very excited about this….
  2. Update: loose pallet (no circular pads here!) fixed. No more constant note. Loose button fixed. Replacement for missing button top awaiting painting and fixing. Only valves/reeds to sort. Couple of duff buttons on l/h hopefully due to missing valves, but will investigate with trepidation!
  3. Plus, does anyone know where ‘I can find coloured muslin tape or similar to line the ends, please?!
  4. Hi, I had a Lachenal C/G many years ago, but after a lapse I have just acquired an old (DDR) BM 20-button Anglo. I think most reeds are ok, but there are a few sticky notes and one reed sounding all the time in both directions. Plus one missing button (which I may be able to bodge with a piece of dowel). Any tips on the action of cheap DDR concertinas and people who may have spares would be very welcome. Thanks in advance.
  5. I would like to know this too! I have an old German anglo which is either A/E or Bb/F (somewhere between the 2 at the moment). and I would like to retune it to lower-pitched keys, so I am considering using harmonica reeds as a cheap source....Good luck : )
  6. I am offering my Elise Hayden Duet concertina, with original gig bag and tutor book, either for sale or possibly straight swap for either a 30-button Anglo or a D/G melodeon or similar. Condition is as-new. I love the chromatic ability of the Elise, but miss the bounce of a diatonic instrument. I would be looking at around £300 + postage, and would prefer to send to UK.
  7. All these answers are good advice. I too also play other instruments (mainly guitar these days), and I love the sound of free reed instruments in various styles of music. Perhaps a browse on youtube with accordion, melodeon, or concertina in the search box would give you some idea of the range of styles and sounds. Lots of Tex-Mex and also country music bands use accordions and other squeezeboxes, but there are also more traditional Morris players using melodeons and concertinas. As a guitarist, you will also be able to figure out chords for song accompaniments fairly quickly. The main thing is to choose a type of instrument you can afford and like the sound of, and then you will start to use it just like an extra stringed instrument! Enjoy : )
  8. Recorded by Verity on her iPhone : ) young_collinc_verityrecording_web.mov
  9. BTW that is Rose on the vacuum cleaner in the background!!! : )
  10. I have had my Elise Hayden Duet for just over 3 weeks now, and this is my first public attempt, I am aware the timing is shaky, but I will persevere - watch this space! youngcollins_20110218.mov
  11. Swings along very nicely as real live music should - i love it and the balance is fine for me : )
  12. This is really useful stuff for me, as I will need to be doing this to the old A/E (or possibly Bb/F !!!) Anglo I have just acquired. Thanks : )
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