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  1. Regardless as of start tight migrate to loose or vice versa.. it still comes down to how do your shoes fit? Do they feel right to you? if my shoes don’t fit you.. neither of us are right or wrong.
  2. It seems that everybody seems to start tight. And then you tend to loosen up as you get experience and more comfort and familiarity. my suggestion is to fiddle around. Go with what feels right to you right now. And fiddle around more as you go and you will eventually find what is right for you. i really don’t think there is one right answer here. You just need to figure out what works best for you.
  3. I just got a Crane back from repair by Bob a few weeks ago. As always, he was easy and great to deal with, reasonably quick turn around. And does great work. The ONLY issue I have is that he is not still in Mass...
  4. Does anybody know if there might plans out there to laser cut a clamshell type case?
  5. Not that I am in the market.. But does a concertina going out of the UK get taxed?
  6. With chords specifically.. A good exercise is to take a chord.. let’s say C maj, and walk it up. Ceg, egc, ceg, up and down. Then add 7th and b7.. do 1-3-5-7, 7-1-3-5, mix it up 7-1-3-7 etc.. This will do quite a bit as far as the fingers. But, you will quickly find that some voicings will just sound better. On your instrument. You may quickly find that a Bb7 on yours sounds a lot better as 7-3-1. And C7 as 3-5-7 etc…
  7. A lot to unpack there. My suggestion would be to treat it like a violin at first. That is a good frame or reference. Practice scales, get some muscles, muscle memory, familiarilty, fluidity and speed. Go Up and down the scales in 2-3 octaves. Start with C and get to C#, then C down all of the flts as you get away from C, you will have to start to think harder. And also you will start to see where and when you select an Ab over G#, etc.. Work through those single notes, then ascending/ decending 3rds-7ths, etc.. As for chords and accompanyment.. I am NOT there yet. BUT, So far in my experience, full chords with a melody on top if it does not work. In terms of fingers, voicings and separation. In most cases, I have found that a double stop is far more effective and pleasing. And that means quite a bit of trial and error, subbing and flubbing.. So far, again for me.. double stops primarily and trying to use pedal tones seem most pleasing.
  8. For short money. Your best bet is probably going to be a concertina connection jack/ Jackie. I would advise taking the plunge on that. Trying it out. And if it does not work, you’d only be out a hundred or so. But they are cheap and known enough to flip quickly. but you’d be getting a new decent quality instrument to start. And not a potential headache.
  9. And not long before they closed. I picked up my TT Aeola (1917) from button box for 4200. its not all apples to apples of course. But to me , that asking would be in line if it were a dealer and there was some sort of return or window for repairs. and from my small pulse on the market, English and maccans just don’t seem to be moving that fast.
  10. You can offer whatever you want. If they take it or not is another thing. I am assuming this is a private sale and NOT a dealer. Since this is a private sale and your "warranty and return" prividges end when they can't see your tail lights any longer. Depending on how long it has been up for sale may help to determine how motivated they are to sell it or take an offer. If there is nobody at the location plays. ANY offer might just be considered found money.
  11. I do not claim to be an expert. So, this one random idiot's opinion. But, this seems high to me. My unknowledgable out of touch mind would probably like to see it closer to 3k than 3500. That said. it looks to be in beautiful condition. But the real question is how does it play and sound? If I were in the market. I could EASILY see me paying the asking if playing it blew me away.
  12. Erica, I think you're on the right track. If the Elise fits your budget. It is a great way to give it a try. See if it works for you. And once you get a bit of experience take it from there. The Elise is a good box. It is good enough to get you started. Easily available. And the book that comes with it will give you enough to start you down the learning path the right way. Once you have gotten comfortable enough and are ready to move up. You will then have a much better understanding of the hardware aspect and can decide if the Hayden is the right system for you and you want a faster /bigger one. Or, maybe look at other systems (crane, Maccan, etc). You have also read here about, home keys, range, etc.. That may not to mean a lot to you at this point. And, honestly, as you work through the Elise tutor it does not really come into play. But, once you start to play the tunes that YOU like and that you want to play you will get a better handle on what that aspect of what that conversation is. But, as a newbie, don't get hung up or worried about it at this point. The biggest thing is to have SOMETHING. And make an attempt to learn it.
  13. I have 2 55b cranes. the only thing that I’d like would be if the low C was a Low G. As this would make playing from treble clef a lot smoother. No transposing.
  14. Wunks… a squeeze box addicted pony express? it could actually work. Recently, I sold a bass to a guy in Colorado. He sent a friend down from Burlington Vt to pick it up as he was heading out to him for a visit. Worked out very well. i am Central Mass. I’d be willing to help out if needed. I would do a 2 hr driving radius.
  15. I watched the all videos posted in the link at the striso site. That is what my frame of reference was. I did not look at the you tube until you pointed it out. Much better. And imo gives a much better insight into possibilities.
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