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  1. An interesting follow up. Went to bed last night.. the girlfriend says.. wow, I can smell cigarettes.. surprising how low long the smell just sticks and lingers. The room where this was played and stored is next to the bedroom. Apx 10-15 feet.
  2. I guess the question is.. would these pull the smell out of the leather?
  3. Interesting thought.. not sure where I’d buy ozone though. i am presuming that the person I traded this with was not a smoker. He was a younger guy. But we both had masks on... I am wondering if leaving out of the case for a few days may do something? But.. as it seems like the issue is when I close the bellows, it is like somebody is blowing smoke in your face. So not quite sure of how to get airflow inside?
  4. This is a new one for me! I did a trade yesterday. And I got a nice 50s era Wheatstone 3E. The issue is.. well, it kind of stinks. It has a stake cigarette smoke smell. Is there an accepted easy fix here? Throw a few Altoids in there and call it done? squirt of Febreeze? thanks!
  5. There is a really nice AC Norman in the classifieds and a motives seller.
  6. Steve, has Stagi revised anything with the Hayden? Has the action been improved? Reeds upgraded, button positions shifted, etc? have they eliminated those ridiculous studs that scratch everything you put it down on? maybe some pics and some sound clips? I would love there to be a viable entry level Hayden. But having had a previous bad experience on the stagi, I had pretty much written them off. i would also ask. How would someone determine if one is the new desirable one from the older model?
  7. Looks nice! if it were me.. I would sell it as is. Selling as a fixer upper. You could easily spend $2000 to have it restored only to be able to sell it for $1000.. I would shop to to a dealer/ restorer, button box, barley corn, Greg jowaisas, etc. probably your best bet for a quick sale. making up numbers here. But you get the idea. Duet will likely be the most difficult variety to sell.
  8. I tried a used one once... so can not speak to how they are either new or having been tweaked. but it was just OK. if it is a budget thing. I would opt for the Jackie. All around better and has the standard 48 button range. if it is a size, cool factor thing. Then, that is something else.
  9. I agree with you. One one hand, to me, it seems severely limiting. But, on the other hand, if all the OP does is a specific genre, I can also see the advantages of a purpose built instrument. and like pipes, that limitation could really help to focus on certain idioms and cliches. And working within this limitations can really be helpful. regardless.. I think any new approaches and innovation is a good thing.
  10. Interesting.. is this now a diatonic instrument? could you put up a note chart?
  11. Hi,

     not sure if you’d be interested. But I have an ac Norman GC posted. Looking to trade for an English or possibly a McCann.


    If this might be of interest let me me know




  12. Selling or possibly trading.. AC Norman. 30 button anglo. metal ends. accordion reeds Fast! loud, plays great. Sounds great. asking $2000. In Boston area. Prefer ftf if possible. Posted a few places. If it sells through here appropriate donation will be made. trade for an English or a duet? sean.casler@gmail.com .
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