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  1. Not sure if it’s useful or not.. here is a pic of my 1900ish Lachenal
  2. It seems to me that this is the same argument that comes up in the b/c vs c#/d melodeons. The argument always seems to be bouncy/ rhythmic vs smooth. but what it really comes down to is resources. It is far easier to find learning resources for a b/c box or a c/g ‘Tina. Liam Clancy seemed to get by and got pretty far using an EC on itm.. don’t be afraid to think different. And try something.
  3. So far.. I have had: plastic, bone (flat) and metal, both flat and domed. I prefer the domed metal. I have tried delrin think it is nice.
  4. My 55b Lachenal crane is up on blocks in the front yard of button box...
  5. My latest.. picked up in a trade for my Anglo Norman.. 48b 50s Wheatstone 3E.it is like new. But, as mentioned in another thread has a serious cigarette smoke smell. It sounds good. It plays well. But it is a TON slower than the 22.
  6. So.. got some of the bamboo charcoal odor eaters. They way it came was too big to fit in the case. So I had to open it up. Take out some charcoal and stuff it in there. I have the leather a very light once over. Just in case.. it has now been 2 days. And so far no noticeable improvement. I know that this is probably the painfully slow and unbearably steady process. But also the least intrusive. So we will see what happens. i will report back at some point.
  7. An interesting follow up. Went to bed last night.. the girlfriend says.. wow, I can smell cigarettes.. surprising how low long the smell just sticks and lingers. The room where this was played and stored is next to the bedroom. Apx 10-15 feet.
  8. I guess the question is.. would these pull the smell out of the leather?
  9. Interesting thought.. not sure where I’d buy ozone though. i am presuming that the person I traded this with was not a smoker. He was a younger guy. But we both had masks on... I am wondering if leaving out of the case for a few days may do something? But.. as it seems like the issue is when I close the bellows, it is like somebody is blowing smoke in your face. So not quite sure of how to get airflow inside?
  10. This is a new one for me! I did a trade yesterday. And I got a nice 50s era Wheatstone 3E. The issue is.. well, it kind of stinks. It has a stake cigarette smoke smell. Is there an accepted easy fix here? Throw a few Altoids in there and call it done? squirt of Febreeze? thanks!
  11. There is a really nice AC Norman in the classifieds and a motives seller.
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