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  1. Ok, throwing this one out there as it is a long shot and starting some place. I have a Uilleann Pipes of Boston practice set. This is a delrin chanter in D, bellows and bag. looking to possibly trade for either a B/C box (double ray or something on those lines). Or maybe a duet.? the UP has officially beaten me... Time to share the pain and humiliation and let somebody else have a go on wrestling that octopus. Valuing the set at @ 1200-1500. If interested email me @ sean.casler@gmail.com' located near Worcester, Ma if anybody want to to meet up for a swap.
  2. seanc

    Wolverton Is My Delight

    Must post pics.. Or, we won't believe you.
  3. In contact with Greg and he has quite a few options. But just as a reality check. And another piece of help. he has a brass reed Wheatstone and a steel reed Lanchenal. I think I tend to like the mellower sound of brass. But it seems the consensus is go for steel.. is going brass generally a mistake and to be avoided? Thoughts?
  4. seanc

    What Is The Point Of Scales?

    FWIW... I have been a Bass player for a very long time. And a different take from Muscle memory/ dexterity.. Scales are hugely important in a number of ways. But off the top of my head the two things that drive me nuts are 1. when learning or (more often) teaching a person a song, saying,"walk down from d to D" does not need to be explicitly spelled out and explained, Or I am going walk up from G to D, do the 3rds above. if the person understands the scale the song is in, then it does not need to be spelled out. And more importantly it is more likely that they will remember what the correct notes are. In the above example.. In C, the walk down would be d-c-b-a-g-f-e-D, In G d-c-b-a-g-f#-e-D, in D d-c#-b-a-g-f#-e-D, in A d-c#-b-a-g#-f#-e-D, etc... In my experience, the people that don't understand/ know the scales more often than not tend to not retain/ forget these things when "learning on the fly" and makes them less attractive to play with. 2. this may not really apply, but improvising, or in the Anglo/ Irish theme ornamentation and embellishments. When/ if there is not understanding of key or scale then when to play A-G-A, D-C-D vs A-G#-A, D-C#-D or A-G-A, D-C#-D.. Or, improvisers (generally guitar players) that try to play riffs they have learned over the same chord and don't realize/ can't understand why it does not sound "right".
  5. Hi (again) all, I have once again got the bug for an English. Way back, I had gotten a Jackie (or Jack not sure anymore). I liked it and it made quite a bit of sense to me. But I found that it just did not have enough range. One thing lead to another, I put it aside and I sold it. I now have the bug again. So, going into it with a bit more info. Any advice? A 48/56 key Stagi? I am assuming the Trinity College are not worth considering. Trying to stay in that sub $1k range. Button box has what looks like a nice used Lachenal but it is $1900.. Better to wait another 6months+ and go for something like that? Thanks! Sean
  6. seanc

    fs Jackie

    This is still available, Trades are of interest to me as well, What have you got? let's make a deal!!!
  7. seanc

    Concertina player wanted

    If I didn't suck.. I'd do it.. that is local for me
  8. seanc

    fs Jackie

    Looking to sell my Jackie. In Northbridge, Mass. Asking $275 + shipping. In vg cond, with case and tutor book. Sticking with the anglo..
  9. seanc

    Wild-looking One On Ebay

    missed the most of the keys don't make a note part.. Oh Well. I am not in the market for a fixer upper.. And the leather looks like it is probably cape buffalo. very strong and supposed to be fairly water resistant.
  10. seanc

    Wild-looking One On Ebay

    hmm... Not at all traditional, or over classy.. But, I like it. And.. I am in the market for an EC...
  11. seanc

    Best English $1k Or Less?

    Mark, Yes that is a consideration. I have been in contact with R Morse and that is an attractive way to go. I am just torn between going the inexpensive route (jackie), or going for a jump up the food chain while I actually have funds available. Is the feeling that the Stagi is just a non starter then? As always, thanks for the advise!!
  12. seanc

    Best English $1k Or Less?

    Any advise on this one?? Finally sold off some gear on Craigs and have $1k to spend on an English. Any strong reccomendations? It would appear that the options immediately available are: Jackie @ 350 with the trade up option. Stagi 30 or 48 button 650-800, Button box has new and used.. Or Lark in AM has a used Lachenal for $900. Or hold tight and wait for something else to pop up? Thanks in advance!! Sean
  13. I actually did try the urge to play before the urge to buy, once... it was a tuba.. I marched around my house, puffed up my cheeks, made silly faces and twiddled my fingers a lot. It did not have desired result I had in mind. I even went as far as marching around the yard doing all of the above whilst yelling OOM PAH OOM PAH. The neighbors called the men in the white coats with the butterfly nets and the advised me that unless i actually HAD a tuba this behaviour was looked on rather badly. The told me that if I continued they would subsequently cart me away to place where i would be able to play my magic Sousaphone anytime, day or night. They said that I would given magic pills to make me a better tuba player but, I would also be forced to wear a football helmet. as the football helmet really didn't fit well into the marching band theme, I passed.. It was further stated that under massachusetts law it was actually illegal to impersonate a tuba player in public without either special license, or a tuba.
  14. hmmm. I DID have a Stagi duet, I traded that and my rochelle for the ac norman that I currently have. While the sound was nice, it was rather difficult to play, in terms of bellows, reeds and buttons. While a better duet might be something to consider, I think the 1k ish price range rules out just about anything but the stagi. If only Wim would put together a Jackie type duet, I would definitely jump on board. I found that the Rochelle was much easier to play than the stagi. But I really did like the melloness of the stagi sound.. and I have to say that everytime I see Professor Rat's Roslin Castle I can not help but to be completely awestruck...So I am still leaning toward the EC. The Jack/ie probably would be the best way to go initially financially. But I'd also hate to be wanting to trade it a couple of months after having sold it while, I may be able to put together enough $ for a step up initially..
  15. Need some advise/ clarity/ reality check or just a plain slap upside the head.. I have pretty much convinced myself that "I NEED" to buy something new. I have a bunch of stuff that I have been trying to move on Craigslist and up until recently had been pretty sure I was going to put at least some/ most of the procedes toward an English concertina. "THE PLAN" was in place. All that needed to happen was sell off a few thing and all would go like clock work... Then, the CL gear has not sold so quickly. A bunch of stuff is still lingering waiting to be sold. So, then while looking at the ECs (lustingly) I got distracted and side tracked by.... a melodeon (could it be that there may be another vying for my attention??)... So, here I am still looking and now I am torn and confused. I have been playing Anglo. And still leaning toward the EC, but there just seems to be something unsettlingly complelling about that spiffy mother of tiolet seat in a mutlitude of colors... And as an aside, assuming @ $1k to spend..Any suggestions? On the English, is 30 buttons enough? Should I be looking at 48?? Thanks!