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  1. Lofty

    Help finding music/chords for Bellamy Tunes

    I was lucky enough to see him live a few times. Once, my wife and I arrived very early at the pub where he was performing and he was in the bar. We had a long chat and played darts before his performance. He was amazing live, although he didn’t do well enough to make me change from English to Anglo... Steve
  2. Lofty

    Wheatstone Model 24 English Concertina For Sale

    I have owned one of these for a very long time (28,000 serial number) and can vouch for their qualities. I have swapped to try out a few friend's Aeolas: they have all been amazed by its fast response and clear tone. If you are hoping for an Aeola, consider this instead! Steve
  3. Wonderful! When I saw the length I thought I would have to watch it in stages. I was so interested, however, that I watched it all in one sitting. Steve
  4. I had one roll down a hill (or was it pushed?) towards a bonfire.... I got there in time. Steve
  5. Lofty

    English Baritone Wanted

    Have you seen this one on eBay?http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Wheatstone-48-key-English-Baritone-Concertina-/252669175185?hash=item3ad441a591:g:hboAAOSw4GVYRaQs If I had the cash to spare, I would be very keen as I have owned serial number 28614 for many years and it would tickle me to bring them together again. I would also like to play it, of course.... Steve Someone seems to have bought it for £2500. Anybody from here? Steve
  6. Lofty

    The Stretched "hex"

    What a shame! It looks as though somebody has driven over it, then driven over it again to put it out of its misery. Steve.
  7. Lofty

    Beware Of Scams!

    There doesn't seem to be anything to suggest it isn't genuine. It is a very 'late period' Wheatstone, however, and quality is generally held to be variable from later instruments. It might be very good, of course, but I would want to try before buying! Steve
  8. Lofty

    English Baritone Wanted

    Have you seen this one on eBay? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Wheatstone-48-key-English-Baritone-Concertina-/252669175185?hash=item3ad441a591:g:hboAAOSw4GVYRaQs If I had the cash to spare, I would be very keen as I have owned serial number 28614 for many years and it would tickle me to bring them together again. I would also like to play it, of course.... Steve
  9. Lofty

    Concertina Biscuit Tin

    A couple of the pictures show that there is an inner tin which slides in and out. This would move air through the reeds. Steve
  10. There has been much talk in the media lately about the board game 'Go'. This has included claims that Go is the most complex board game there is. Clearly, these people have never seen this thread. Players not only have a virtually infinite number of moves which are possible: the board is virtual, so players have to hold this in their memories at the same time. Go also has simple rules: Mornington Crescent (in any of its numerous variations) has a truly labarynthine set of rules. Steve
  11. Lofty

    Nice Lachenal On Ebay

    While it has 48 keys, which suggests an English system concertina, it doesn't look much like any of the ones I have. Any theories? Steve
  12. Lofty

    Mean Tone For An Ec

    I have made this suggestion before, but it won't harm to repeat it. Many sophisticated midi keyboards and Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) allow the temperament of their scales to be changed. This means you can experiment with different tuning systems by pressing a few buttons or making a few mouse clicks. This seems a good thing to try before metal is filed off reeds. Of course, it won't sound like a real concertina, but it will give you some idea of what differences different tunings will make. You might already have a suitable DAW or keyboard, or know somebody who can lend you a keyboard. There might even be free DAWs you could download to experiment. I hope this helps, Steve
  13. Interesting you should bring up the "Mayfair" concertinas, since last night I also happened upon http://www.ebay.com/itm/WHEATSTONE-MAY-FAIR-36E-ENGLISH-CONCERTINA-PAPER-WORK-INCLUDED-CASE-/381414557056?hash=item58ce144580. It's described as a 36 key EC with serial number 1174. When I saw the serial number I was sure he must have it wrong, but he provides photos of both ends, and the usual location for a serial number just has "The Mayfair English Concertina" stamped into the metal. But in one photo of the edge of one end, the number 1174 is stamped into the wood. If "everybody was wanting to play concertinas" by 1963, it must have taken a while for the word to get out to the owners of old instruments. I remember reading an article by Fred Oster (owner of Vintage Instruments in Philly) in which he talked about traveling to England in the early 1970s and being able to pick up high quality Wheatstones and Lachenals for next to nothing because nobody wanted them. Later in the 1970s that was no longer possible. Unfortunately I saw the article on the web a few years ago, and I neglected to archive it, so I have no idea where I read it. I have one of these and the serial number (1084) is marked in the same place. As for quality, I bought it (for a lot less than the asking price for the one on eBay, but more than a Jeffries in the early 1970s) to use for playing outdoors in inclement weather. I can't say I like it, but it is very light, quite loud and meets its intended purpose. My main dislike of it is the finger rests, which seem to have been designed for maximum discomfort. Steve
  14. Lofty

    Recent Concertina Video On Youtube

    There is an extra "." at the end of the second URL: it should be Steve
  15. The seller has a similarly restored EC for sale as well! See http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/WHEATSTONE-48-KEY-TREBLE-CONCERTINA-LEATHER-CASE-/171723081885?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item27fb7e489d Steve