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    Advice on selling a 1922 Wheatstone concertina

    We are in Nelson which is a about 500 km away from him . There is a place here in Nelson which is going to have a look at it , but they are not specialists , its just a " School of music " . They are very keen to have a look at it . I doubt it needs anything 'fixed 'on it , possibly a tune , how ever thats done . Its been very well looked after , thats for sure and it has been in the same family since arrival from England and was only played by one guy , possibly the chap who bought it back in England before he immigrated here . Thanks for the help so far . I'm getting more of an idea as we go along , regards possible value . Thanks again Steve
  2. fernleighkid

    Advice on selling a 1922 Wheatstone concertina

    Thats brilliant to read and get an indication of how expensive they were back then , But gets me a bit confused , when combining the ledger with the sales pricelist . As on the pricelist the octagonal are 40 and 41 and the ledger says 39 ( is that the model numer on the ledger ? ) http://www.horniman.info/DKNSARC/SD01/PAGES/D1P1690S.HTM And this has 68 note keys ( Unless I have to put my glasses on do a recount ) Would this have been specially made for someone . All very intriguing , its a real shame that I am not able to play this but am in search of a local who can ( we live in a relatively small town . )
  3. fernleighkid

    Advice on selling a 1922 Wheatstone concertina

    Thanks for the feedback and info. The ledgers are very interesting , ( As a big fan of old ephemera and old books as well ) , I think its fantastic to be able to go back and look through these ledgers and confirm certain things like the dates and info on items like this . ( I love old machinery and manufacturing books from the 1800's as well )
  4. fernleighkid

    Advice on selling a 1922 Wheatstone concertina

    I have just realised I can add some pics in a new message . As you see it has the case .
  5. Morning from New Zealand We are after some advice on the best place to sell a 1922 Wheatstone . This is from the estate of an elderly couple , I have been asked to find a buyer or sell it somewhere After the investigation from the serial number which is 29205 we find its a model 39 , made on the 22nd of may 1922 . 8 sided , metal one end , wood the other . it has a total of 69 keys , but we see one is for the air intake , so its possibly called a 68 key , and But our main question is . It it better to just put a listing on eBay for this or is there a better place a concertina of this quality should be sold . If anyone wants more information and pics or is willing to make an offer , we can discuss it here or if you email me and I will send more pictures . I can be emailed directly on fernleighbooks@gmail.com