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  1. I wondered about that. I was under the impression that the "English" (i.e. not German) instruments there were all Wheatstones, but found an earlier thread here that talks about Lachenals pre-1900. Those bellows look like original factory equipment- was Lachenal doing this sort of custom/export work? Had the Boer style of playing evolved to the degree that there would have been a market for extended bellows?
  2. This is currently listed on a local on-line auction. The only description is "Civil War era Squeeze Box". Maybe a bodged Lachenal? But 11 fold bellows?
  3. I have just corrected an error in the original listing. This is of course a Treble, not a Tenor instrument. Can you tell I'm a non-music reading Anglo player? My apologies.
  4. BOVEDA UPDATE: I received the Boveda starter kit and a new, digital hygrometer and have experimented with a few scenarios. We've been in the deep freeze for a few weeks, the forced air gas furnace is running almost continuously, and the household RH is about 24%. I started by putting the new kit into a double, hard shell Fallon case with my old Morse and a 20 button Lachenal. After 5 days there was no difference between the ambient RH and the micro-climate inside the case. Possibly the Fallon isn't very air-tight, or the case and instruments are so dry that they have
  5. SOLD- Donation made to Concertina Net 30 buttons. G/D tuning. Wheatstone layout. Selling this for a friend who can no longer play, and who is downsizing. This is an older Professional Model, but has been played very little and is in excellent shape. All reeds are in tune and speaking properly. Straps, bellows, pads and wood work are in nearly new condition. The action is remarkable. Button pressure is light, and the action is smooth, fast and crisp. Reed response is quick, and the balance between left and right hand notes is very nice. Nice d
  6. SOLD- Donation made to this site. Trebel range. 37 buttons plus air key. Selling for a friend who is downsizing. All reeds in tune, and speaking properly. Straps, bellows, pads and bushings in excellent condition. Not cosmetically perfect-some minor dings and the ebonized finish is worn through in a few spots (see photos), but overall in excellent playing condition. Comes with a hard, blocked case in nearly new condition. $1500 US plus shipping from Canada. https://soundcloud.com/user-160057414/albion-sound-samplemp3
  7. I've never paid HST on insurance value when I've sent/received something for repair. Both I and the repairer were careful to note on the customs declaration form the nature of the shipment. No way around HST on a purchase coming into Canada though*. I think it's state-by-state in the US, depending on each state's sales tax situation. ** edited to add: I always ask vendors to use USPS/Can Post if possible. Often, especially with lower value packages, they don't bother collecting the HST upon delivery. Never had that happen with a courier.
  8. I have successfully sent concertinas in the other direction for repair, and did 2 things: *indicated on the customs form that the item was being shipped for repair, and *used the Harmonized Tariff Code (HTS) 92005.90.1800 This code lets US/Canada customs know that the contents are from a classification for which no duty is payable. I also use the Canadian/US Postal service rather than a private courier company. Although concertinas are duty-free, the private companies will still sometimes levy a customs brokerage fee. Having said that, I recently sent a con
  9. I am just now remembering a conversation with a relative whose entire household plays ice hockey (I live in Canada after all!). Each family member has a duffle bag filled with gear, and it gets pretty rank after a season of sweating into it. They take it all to a business that provides ozone cleaning and deodorizing for athletic equipment. The business has some kind of ozone chamber (SaniSport is the brand name). Doing a local search, I see that there are even mobile providers who do house calls. You live in a hockey playing part of the world (yay Bruins!)- maybe there's one in your area!
  10. I had a look at that, and that scene looks to have been filmed in Newfoundland. I didn't recognize any of the "musicians", and there are only a literal handful of concertina players on the island. In any case, the tunes are from a recording by a Newfoundland band called the Dardanelles. They have a great accordion player, but no concertina.
  11. It looked so neatly done that I hadn't considered that, but I think you both might be right. In any event, I wasn't planning on duplicating it on the new gussets!
  12. I'm doing some repairs to the original 100 + year old bellows on a Wheatstone Duet, including replacing some gussets. After carefully removing a gusset I noticed what looks like a 5 or 6 mm notch or cut on each side of the gusset in the "point" that nestles into the valley. (they look more like holes in the photo, but the slit is open at the point end) It looks like this might have been done to allow the gusset to lay flatter around the opening. Has anyone else noticed this? Was this a standard technique, or an individual piece-worker making life less difficult for her/his self?
  13. Lee Valley Tools (Canadian, but I'm sure they ship internationally) sell a volcanic rock deodorizer. It's a plastic net bag filled with something that looks like a cross between kitty litter and fine gravel. Their small size can be tucked inside the bellows and left there for a week or two, and should absorb a good portion of the odor. The bags are reusable- they can be recharged by soaking in salt water and drying in the sun.
  14. Does anyone have experience/recommendations regarding the in-case humidity control packs made by Boveda? This system was recommended to me by a violinist friend. It's a sealed pack that fits inside a fabric pouch, and either absorbs or gives off moisture to keep the humidity in the case in the 45-55 % RH range. Where I live in Canada we have very humid summers, and very dry indoor air once the furnace comes on the the winter. I'm thinking of trying it in a double case where I keep my Morse and Wally Carroll. Previously I have used a unit which needs to be filled with water, but had a near
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