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  1. Bill N


    If you ever go to Buenos Aires there are a number of young people there teaching themselves to play and I'm sure they would be happy to meet you. They can be reached through the La Plata Comhaltas Facebook page.
  2. By "original English-style makers" I meant Lachenal, Jeffries, etc. I referred to the Dippers as modern makers of traditionally constructed instruments. I've met the Dippers, and if they were part of the 1st wave of builders, they are remarkably well preserved 😎
  3. I'll leave aside the question of the differences between the 2 types of reeds except to say that there are many significant differences in construction, layout, attachment and behaviour. You should be able to search the archives for some in-depth discussion. The German style concertina has always used accordion style reeds. The Italian and East German instruments that you can find on eBay (Scholer, Silvetta, Stagi, Hohner, etc) are constructed more like an accordion than a traditional English-style concertina, and use accordion reeds. I have a German-style concertina made for the English retailer Henry Harley (my avatar pic) which was made in the 1870s using both individual and gang-mounted accordion style reeds. Traditional English-style concertinas (Anglo, English & Duet systems) have a more sophisticated button mechanism, and with very few exceptions used the traditional concertina reed for most of their history. There were some experiments in the 1950s and 60s with different reed construction to lower the price, and Wheatstone produced the Mayfair line, which used a hybrid of the English style construction and action, and accordion reeds, but these weren't popular and weren't in production for very long. Modern hybrids, which combine very high quality instrument construction and top grade accordion style reeds mounted parallel to the reed plates (Morse, Edgley, Herrington, Tedrow, etc.) are a pretty recent development, maybe making their appearance around 20 years ago? None of the original English-style makers are still in business (Wheatstone nominally continues as a one man operation with very low production) but there are a number of modern makers building instruments with traditional reeds ( Kensington, Dipper, Carroll, Edgley etc) And even more recent is the beginner hybrid like the Rochelle, which combines English-style design, accordion reeds and economical materials and labour to provide a budget, playable instrument. I'm sure others will chime in.
  4. If the bellows are intact and all the buttons sound on the push and pull and are relatively in tune then it shouldn't be too big a project. The buttons will either be glued to wooden levers and just require a re-gluing, or may be attached (or not) to metal levers- there is good info on this forum for repairing those as well. It looks like the ends are held on with friction fit pins. Carefully pull those pins straight out with pliers or a tack puller to see what you are dealing with. Be careful when disassembling- these are made from cheap materials, and it is easy to strip screws, split wood etc.
  5. Bill N

    Morse Ceili C/G Anglo for sale- 2nd Price Drop

    SOLD. Donation will follow. Donation made. Thanks Paul!
  6. Bill N

    Morse Ceili C/G Anglo for sale- 2nd Price Drop

    Yes, it's available, and happy to ship to the US. From past experience, I would say postage would be around $75.
  7. Bill N

    Beginner articulation question

    You have a number of options. You can hold down the button and push and pull. You can release the button between notes. You can change fingers with the bellow change. You can push the C, then push the left hand 2nd button in the G row for an alternate D. They all sound and feel different, and any one of the options can be the right one depending on how you want a tune to sound and feel. When I am learning a tune I try out the possibilities before I decide which version to commit to muscle memory. I wish I had done that right from the beginning, rather than always defaulting to the same patterns, as I think I would have more command of the keyboard now.
  8. Bill N

    Morse Ceili C/G Anglo for sale- 2nd Price Drop

    Bump with a price reduction.
  9. Bill N

    34 button anglo - Maker and date

    "Also, some of the leather valves are missing. I should have some suitably thin leather, so I might replace them." If, as it appears from the photos, the "missing" valves are for the highest notes, there likely never were valves. Any evidence of old glue or the limiting pins?
  10. Black Satin Finish, Upgraded Tipo a Mano reeds Modified Jeffries (Kensington) layout I bought this new in October, 2017 to play while recovering from an elbow injury because of its very light weight and easy action. I’m back to playing my traditionally reeded instrument and can’t afford to keep two C/Gs. It’s essentially like new, except that the bellows are nicely played in, and there is a bit of patina on the fretwork around the most commonly played buttons. Also, there are a pair of slight “dimples” on the fretwork where microphones were attached (see photo-just right of label). It comes with the Button Box hard case. This is a fast, responsive box, and the upgraded reeds are very “concertina-like” in tone. The Kensington layout http://www.kensingtonconcertinas.com/standard-layout/ is particularly well suited for ITM style playing, but I used it as an all rounder, playing English and Contra repertoire as well. For more info, including videos, visit the Button Box website. Note that the video is of the standard reed model, not the TAM reeds offered here. This was US $2745 (Can $3560) new, plus shipping and tax. I’m now asking US $2100 plus shipping. New price is US $1950 plus shipping. This would be a particularly good deal for a fellow Canadian because there would be no HST. I am in the Hamilton/Toronto area and could meet up locally for try-outs.
  11. Bill N

    Routine Maintenance

    Don't spill beer on it. Dust it off once in a while. Keep it in its case when you aren't holding it.
  12. Bill N

    Ring O' Bells, Morris Tune (Video)

    Very nice, and a lovely concertina! Brian Peters recorded it on his "Anglophilia" CD under the names "Farewell Manchester" and "Felton's Gavotte". Playing a 39 button Crabb C/G he takes it through the keys of G, F, D & C!
  13. Bill N


    A resonator concertina! The mind boggles! maybe a plate and cone that bears on the bellows side of the reed board, like on a resonator guitar?
  14. Haven't been able to find much complete and current information on-line. Does anyone know first hand of Irish trad sessions that would welcome an accomplished visiting session player? (not me, asking for a friend!)
  15. Bill N

    Wtb......38 Key Bb / F Jeffries

    Just got home from driving from Buffalo New York to Hamilton Ontario. Glad to be home safely, and playing a few tunes before bed!