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  1. Many thanks for your replies . Very Much appreciated . Kindest Regards..Alan.
  2. I have a Jones 26 Button anglo concertina . I believe its a Wheatstone layout . I have the button layout diagram for the main rows , however I am missing the upper row ( three buttons either side L / R on the diagram . Is there a Wheatstone / Jones diagram that shows the full 26 button layout . Thanks for reading.
  3. Just spent 45 minutes of the best Auditory sensations ever . Sublime playing and Juliette's playing of Bach is outstanding .The Concertina is a super instrument for transposing Bach.!!!!!
  4. Many thanks for your reply..but it is now sold. i
  5. Selling my Lachenal 48 key concertina as I have moved onto a McCann Duet. Its with its original box .Address inside the concertina is , 8 little Street , Grays Inn road, London. It plays well and in very good condition. Bought from Hobgoblin music 2 years since . Asking price £ 550 including P & P........NOW SOLD.
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