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  1. Thank you I do like the way it looks this will give me plenty to work on for Christmas with family and friends . Thanks again for all your hard work Ron
  2. Thanks John and Peter I will certainly take your tips for the talk it's great fun trying to find out about the many free reed instruments . Ron
  3. Good morning all I have never given a talk before but have said I will talk on free reed instruments to my supper club about 30 members. I shall start with the Jaw harp then move on to harmonica concertina melodeon and melodica I have all these instruments so can display them on a table. Any advise please the talk will be in the new year so time to get it sorted. Thanks Ron
  4. Hi Gorwel yes I brought Feather 2 it was a bit of an effort to fit them so I made some stiff leather straps and fitted them to the screw that holds the thumb strap then attached the mic with the clips it worked but not really well I don't use the mic's any more . good luck with your's Ron
  5. Yes I'm all booked up for the English concertina day looking forward to it I used to go to Melodeons and more and that was great fun meeting like minded people . Ron
  6. Brilliant what are they called never seen one Ron
  7. Thank you that was very moving lovely playing by both Ron
  8. Good news took my concertina to Martyn White Essex www.melodeonrepairs.co.uk who had to replace the missing post under the thumb strap drilled it and replaced the long screw ,it plays so much better now I can highly recommend Martyn for repairs. Ron
  9. Thanks for posting I love the sound of Tango on the concertina and great playing Ron
  10. Thank's I have got someone to look at it not a job to do myself
  11. The strap on my concertina keeps working loose looks like the middle screw has sheared off at the bottom and cant be tightened just held on by the other two screws . Ron
  12. Just about to book the EC workshop looks a great day looking forward to it . Ron
  13. I also use ForScore plus Turbo scan on my 12.9 Ipad pro excellent to use it's a bit pricey but for me well worth it 4 in our band use ipad's Ron
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