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    English concertina and DG melodeon plus anglo concertina
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  1. RonnyB

    iPad music score apps

    I also use ForScore plus Turbo scan on my 12.9 Ipad pro excellent to use it's a bit pricey but for me well worth it 4 in our band use ipad's Ron
  2. RonnyB


    I use Gorilla Tip's from Amazon if I have tender fingers but not all the time. Ron
  3. Thanks for the Tango I have been working from the Django Fake Book that someone recommended Ron
  4. RonnyB

    The Wexford Carol

    Very nice playing Ron
  5. RonnyB

    starting anglo concertina

    I would also recommend starting with The Concertina Diaries great book starts easy and plenty of tunes to get you started. Ron
  6. RonnyB

    Dc Ambiance Performing Sweet Sue

    Thanks for posting the concertina goes well Ron
  7. RonnyB

    Myers Pickups

    Thanks Mike It's not easy to find the right pickup this one looked good . Ron
  8. I am thinking of getting the Myers Feather 2 pickup for my concertina and melodeon any one got a Myers ? Ron
  9. Very clever I like it but seems a bit complicated for me to have ago Ron
  10. RonnyB

    Dc Ambiance - Gypsy Jazz

    Great just my kind of music the instruments go well together thanks for posting Ron
  11. RonnyB

    Contra Dance In Nyc Video

    Great playing wish I was there Ron
  12. Can any one guess what the tune could be I would like to play this at a party !!!!!!
  13. RonnyB

    Concertina Chest/stool

    Great job looks very professional Ron
  14. RonnyB

    English Layout Is Great!

    Thanks for the layout and chord structure layout will be very useful in my study of this great English concertina Ron
  15. RonnyB

    Something For Christmas

    Thanks Gary I will have a go ,had a look at the book and may buy it looks good. Ron