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  1. That's the problem. I don't have any places near me where I could try some out. As for the crane duet at barleycorn; I'm looking at buying from there shop but that being said they are the other end of the country from me. As for trying out the crane I'd much rather save the money and then spend on a duet or anglo Especially for only 35 notes. And that's if there is no overlap. I know that buying this would purely be just to try it out but 400£ is still 400£ Why does it seem that I like all the instruments that hardly anyone plays ughhhh..
  2. Well I like the bisonoric nature of the Anglo as well as the sound what I’m worrying is that I will finally find one of either and find that if I do end up buying a duet it won’t sound as good as an Anglo. I’m not near any shops or anyone that owns any to be able to try them out and see what I like either so it’s down to YouTube videos. The problem with that is though that the videos on YouTube don’t always sound that great depending on what they are recorded with. Eg. My accordion sounds great in real life but in video not so much. It doesn’t sound bad but a lot is lost. As well as getting what I’m looking for I spoke I might be able to say get a duet if I have to and if not what I’m looking for send to a shop and hopefully get a swap. just quite scary to be throwing thousands of pounds.
  3. I see its just I wondered due to seeing some videos showing them sounding like they have lost their oomph (duet). Like when you drink a squash drink and you don't put enough in you know what it is but it's lost all its flavour and is rubbish.
  4. As you all probably know I'm having trouble trying to get a anglo 40 button. I had a look and found some quite nice looking duets. Do sound any different to that of an anglo or is it the same reeds, tuned the same way etc. Thanks
  5. accordian

    Looking for 40 button anglo

    Well call me an idiot but I'm an accordion player mostly that being said I bought a scarlatti 30 button and it's great fun that being said I can do any sort of acompanyment with a lot of the songs I'm looking at playing. Eg grandfather clock. I'm looking at playing like toru Kato on YouTube. Besides that although a duet would probably better suit me I'd prefer a anglo due to the bisonoric changes of direction and the layout. As for 38 button anglo's I'm not sure.
  6. accordian

    Looking for 40 button anglo

    Hey guys as you know I'm looking for a 40 button anglo. That being said I'm not having much luck. I'm looking for a stagi ws 40 or heck any brand for that matter. Thanks guys.
  7. accordian

    Why Give Up

    Well I've come across another reason. Availability of the instrument.
  8. accordian

    Stagi ws-40

    Sent them an email today asking about it and they said that they haven't received their last shipment of concertina's from them yet. They said they are worried there (stagi) brand is going down the drain. P
  9. accordian

    Stagi ws-40

    Oh trust me I have for a couple months.
  10. accordian

    Reed making a rattling sound.

    if it makes any difference the reeds are made of brass
  11. accordian

    Stagi ws-40

    How comes these 40 button concertinas from stagi are no longer being sold?
  12. accordian

    40 button anglo concertina range.

    Thanks this helps a lot.
  13. Hello. I'm still looking abouts for a 40 button concertina and a question came to mind. How many octaves are on the right hand and as well as this which notes are available in each direction? I did look for a graph and found one however it only had the note names not which octave they came from as well.
  14. Thought Id have a go at repairing my old 1 row melodeon. One of The bass notes needed more Effort to get it to make a sound so I gently bent the reed back into its position so that the space between the reed and the air chamber is less. That worked however another problem with one of the reeds is that it make a rattling noise. The rattle sound is made on the opening of the bellows. What do you think? My guess is that the reed is hitting the reed frame if. This is what is happening what would be the correct method to fix it? Thanks
  15. accordian

    Why Give Up

    I definitely agree with your second answer I play a lot of scqueezeboxes but none more than concertina and accordion. And the accordion well I have a few.... 5 and that’s just the accordions lol. 5 accordions 1 bandonika / 2 row melodeon 1 bandoneon 1 anglo the only problem with me is I love all the old designs and art on them so I can’t ever resell them as it seems so one Elise other than me likes them. They were cheap out the factory but 50+ years later and they are 50 £ a pop