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  1. Has anyone bought one of those kits from ebay? Is it any good?
  2. Hmmm, thanks for the ideas. It bothers me to watch videos of guys pounding their foot as they play. I do find that tapping my foot or toes does help keep my timing tight.
  3. Just a curious thing but I hold it on my rt. leg, tap my rt. foot and work the bellows with my lt. hand. I find that my foot follows what I do on the bellows and that messes up the timing and also shakes the bellows sometimes. I'm now working on moving it to my lt. leg and tap my rt. foot. I've seen u-tubes of guys doing it every way possible so I guess it's just up to the individual player.
  4. Hey Bob. Remember me? Fred, I made the Victor capos 30 years ago. I'm still playing concertina!!
  5. I never heard of it either until today. They use the Anglo tina for playing South African dance music. Nice sound.
  6. Is he still doing these? I don't seem to be able to log on any more.
  7. Thanks for all the ideas. Alex had the one that worked for me. Using my wet tongue. I found 3 little leaks on the outer corners or points of the hex. Looks like maybe paper was used there rather than leather. The leaks aren't bad and don't interfere with playing but It did seem to fall open faster than my other one.
  8. Thanks. I think the under water trick would nail it for certain!!
  9. What is a good way to find just where the leak is? I can push on the bellows and can detect an air flow but can't find just where it's coming from. Fred
  10. I finally got around to fixing this. I had some thin leather laying about so I cut 2 strips and used Barge Cement to glue the strips to the inside of the existing strap. Barge is just a contact cement but is the absolute best brand I have found. The white strip is exposed cement that I covered with a paper strip. I've been playing for about a month with this fix and it's perfect!!!
  11. A BIG part of the value is how well in tune it is. Re-tuning one of these is very expensive.
  12. No one mentioned that this is a beginners instrument. It had the note names on the keys and the C notes are in red. The value is therefore much lower than the higher quality instruments. It does appear to be in vary nice condition. One question related to value is if it is in tune.
  13. My thumb straps are replacements and they have a nice soft feel to them but as I play they stretch and my thumbs slide in too far. Is there anything I can do to keep this from happening?
  14. Are you pulling and pushing straight out and in? I rock my left hand up and down and I can play all night without getting tired. Read this article: http://www.concertinaconnection.com/bellows technique.htm
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