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  1. I have one for you Http://hmi.homewood.net/concertinas call the shop
  2. Available
  3. From C&S #13 some time in the previous century Product placement using cigarettes to sell concertinas? Reprinted with total disregard for social norms
  4. From the Way Back machine, C&S #20 summer 1989 Cogent comments from the bench of the celebrated Frank Edgley Reprinted with no regard for permission whatsoever.
  5. I’ve given you my 2¢ worth in a private message
  6. Before buying a “vintage” concertina with “real” concertina reeds. Be sure your seller knows what they have. In many instances and in complete innocence you may receive a pig in a poke.
  7. I have the ICC “Vintage” 30b c/g in stock now http://hmi.homewood.net/
  8. I have some likely suspects Http://hmi.homewood.net/concertinas
  9. My point is that there is little consensus on what comprises a Jeffries system
  10. From my experience,most people prefer the first button too RH to have a push C# rather than a pull C#
  11. I’ve added a draw C# to a modest ( though fully functional) Trinity College concertina on RH top row 2nd button. will that satisfy those who often hunger in vain for a modest concertina upon which to learn trad Irish concertina? https://www.facebook.com/groups/809436883276884/permalink/1085014015719168/?mibextid=cr9u03 let me know if this link fails. It’s just a hair too large to post directly on Cnet Bob
  12. This mod can be restored to the original without altering the original reed and profile
  13. There exists a redundancy of the RH “g” on most, maybe all Wheatstone layouts. I’ve repitched the top row “g” to “c#” to emulate the Jeffries layout. I’ve made a couple people happier doing so.
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