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  1. Drive up to Alabama, I always have anglo and english concertinas in the shop. bob Http://hmi.homewood.net/
  2. Note from Homewood Music: perhaps this tutorial will help you. Regarding a Marcus concertina but the similarities make the disassembly process relevant. http://hmi.homewood.net/marcus/inspection/
  3. In the shop today 1937 Wheatstone Anglo badged “Wheatstone restored Made in England. Replacement bellows tight and nearly as new. Replated metal ends. Good original reeds $4500
  4. Note from Homewood Music: There is a good possibility that I will have three Clover 30 button Anglo concertinas available by years end. These are concertinas I’ve had on order for close to a year and may be the last available to me (or any other shop) as a dealer. I am open to pre-orders if you’d like to have one. I will resume building Tedrow concertinas in 2023 after I finish building a house and shop on my little gentleman’s farm in Alabama. “Stand by for news!” (Who said that? Free sticker in your mailbox if you can identify by tomorrow) Meanwhile please sign up on our mail list, we like the same stuff as you https://mailchi.mp/homewood/6hf4hkx9cb
  5. Of course I remember you and your visit to my shop! I hope you are well. we sold our home of 35 years and bought a “farm” in rural Alabama with 60 acres of woods and pasture to manage. About 3,000 feet of creek frontage to fish from We’re putting up a new house and shop so we’re busy as a one legged bricklayer. come see us. bob
  6. I have a few nice concertinas available http://hmi.homewood.net/concertinas Regards, Bob Tedrow Homewood Music
  7. consider signing up on my mail list.. https://mailchi.mp/homewood/6hf4hkx9cb
  8. I have a Morse “Geordie” baritone english In stock
  9. Dear Zalexander pm sent with my cogent observations on this subject. Bob
  10. I’ll take it. please call me Friday afternoon pm sent Bob Tedrow
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