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    Selling my long-neglected French Horn. Buying a concertina so I can play Irish trad.
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  1. Halifax

    Deposit Sent!

    Congratulations, Lefty52! I'm on the waitlist for a Carroll, so I understand the anticipation you feel!
  2. Halifax

    Outch - sore pinky finger and swollen joint

    CZ, I have to second Ken's advice. A physical therapist can tell you if it's developing arthritis or an overuse strain. Bring your concertina to your appointment; it's likely the PT won't know what a concertina is, and less likely that he or she will know how playing it could cause physical stress. A quick web search turned up this PT in Tuscon who used to be a musician: http://www.performingartspt.org/for-musicians.html (Please note that I have no affiliation at all with the above, and I can neither recommend her services nor caution you against them) Good luck. Christine
  3. Halifax

    Help! banish Misfortune

    Oh we are on the same wavelength! I've been listening (on repeat) to Noel Hill's version on his new album: The Irish Concertina 3: Live in New York. You can buy the track directly from the publisher (Jack Talty's Raelach Records) or just listen a few times here: https://raelachrecords.bandcamp.com/album/the-irish-concertina-3-live-in-new-york Christine
  4. Halifax

    Injurous session

    That's excellent information, Myrtle's Cook. Thanks very much. I think this technique could help reduce stress levels is so many aspects of life. Best, Christine
  5. Halifax

    Injurous session

    Myrtle's cook, I play a Wheatstone-layout Anglo. It's a good little box, but as I'm learning more tunes, I'm using that pinkie f# on the left more and more. And, like many of us, I am working on my laptop for hours a day. I think I need to remember to stretch throughout the day, do some hand yoga, and importantly, I need to relax when I'm playing. What are some tips you use to get into a zen-like relaxed playing stance? Thanks, Christine
  6. Halifax

    Injurous session

    Mdarnton: Thanks for your reply. Yes, I do tend to play tense and have to remind myself to bring my shoulders down from my ears from time to time. But now that I think of it, the only real difference last night was that the button accordionist who usually plays next to me (covers me) was away, so I was perhaps feeling a bit exposed. Christine
  7. Halifax

    Injurous session

    Great session last night. I was, as they say in Nova Scotia, givin'er. After one set, a dull pain started in the palm of my left hand, just left of centre. Felt like a pinched nerve or something, I iced it (lucky we were at a bar), took an Advil, and the pain dissipated, but left behind a faint bruise. Today the hand feels mostly fine---the bruise is a bit tender. Weird, hey? Any amateur diagnosticians out there? Christine
  8. Halifax

    WANTED - Suttner / Wally Carroll concertina

    As of last March, Wally Carroll's wait time was a mere 1.5 years. That's only 18 months, it'll go by in a blink.
  9. Halifax

    Tricks To Cover Up Mistakes

    Smile beatifically. Like it was an inside joke and whoever noticed is in on it. Nobody's keeping score. (I hope.) cdm
  10. Halifax

    Pop Up Ads

    Google has some misinformation on me. I'm getting ads for cute clothes for women (okay, makes sense) and cute Asian women for dating (erm, no thanks...).
  11. Halifax

    Routine Maintenance

    I asked the same question when I got my Morse. I was told NOT to not oil the leather bellows because the oil could seep into and destroy the card stock that gives the leather shape. Do use one of those soft cleaning cloths (chamois?) to wipe the dust out of the bellows once in a while. Don't play and eat Doritos or anything else that will affect the finish on the wood. (Also because, ew. Doritos.)
  12. Halifax

    Aisling Ghear - Noel Hill

    Thanks for the url, Bill. Watched it last night; it's a beautiful film.
  13. Halifax

    A Touch Of Clare

    Thanks for the tip, Peter, I will certainly check out the library! Christine
  14. Halifax

    A Touch Of Clare

    I think it was you, Peter, who introduced me to the ITMA and the music files they have available. Do you have any insight on why they might not acquire out-of-print albums? Is it a matter of copyright? Or perhaps they have such albums in their collection, but just not available for listening online? Apologies if I'm going too far off topic. Christine
  15. Halifax

    Irish Music On Wheatstone System?

    I am not anywhere near being a top player, but I play on the Wheatstone system and I've considered having a few keys changed out to make playing tunes in D maj easier. My next concertina will have a Jeffries layout. Christine