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  1. Well, I like my hand straps pretty snug. I have friends who's straps are looser, but they have to brace their hands with their pinky fingers and I need my pinkies available --- especially on the left for that f#. They aren't so tight that they restrict my range of motion, and I'll be honest, I'm not at the point where I'm using many of the buttons on the third row or on the very low or very high end, but when I do, it seems to work okay. When I say snug, I mean I used a nail set to punch another two holes in the wrist straps that came with the Morse. Also, my hands are smallish. Can anyone think of any reason why snug straps are not a great idea over the long term? Christine
  2. Halifax

    Irish Trad in Venice

    One of these days, we'll be in the same country at the same time, Susan. And we'll play together!
  3. Halifax

    Irish Trad in Venice

    We did get to the Irish pub, but there football trumped music. And we didn't find any music shops to speak of. Still, a good trip!
  4. Hello All! My Dad just turned 80, so I wanted to go on a trip with him and suggested that we go to Ireland to hear some tunes and he said: "Meh, howsabout Venice!" So I'm off to Venice today. Any recommendations? Any sessions I should seek out or music shops I should make it a point to get to? Thanks. Christine
  5. Halifax

    Unlikely event

    Good luck hunting and safe travels! cdm
  6. Halifax

    Unlikely event

    Oh, but you've got the bug! Are you looking for a concertina keyed differently than your current one? I get it, though. I'm off to Venice next week and am wondering if there are any little shops I should check out... Safe travels! Christine
  7. I couldn't miss Canadian Thanksgiving. Plus, Halifax is quiet a trek from WDC. Sorry to have missed it.
  8. Whoops! I put this in the wrong spot.
  9. Tonight - 4th of October Tickets available from: martyfrye@gmail.com House concert: 7.30pm The Public Option, 1601 Rhode Island Avenue NE, Washington, D.C. Friday 5th of October Workshops: Concertina: 4 - 5.30pm All instruments workshop: 5.30 - 7pm House concert: 8pm Please do register/buy tickets in advance @ http://shannondunnedance.com
  10. Halifax

    Fingers slipping

    Don and Alex: You two are cute! But while I think your suggestions of finger cots would certainly solve the slipping problem, I do have my dignity to think of! Thanks all who've illuminated this discussion. I am in the queue for a new concertina that has brass buttons. It will be interesting to compare the delrin to the brass to see if the slipping is more of a finger problem and less of a button issue. Thank you, Dana, for the thoughtful post on what makers have to consider when creating buttons. This week, while practicing, I'll try to make a mental note of when my fingers slip. When I'm tired? When I'm not confident of the choreography of the buttons in a tune? When I'm reaching with my pinkie? Again, I've very much enjoyed reading everyone's thoughts, opinions, and suggestions. Y'all are the best. Christine
  11. Halifax

    Fingers slipping

    Thanks for your reply, Ken. It occurs to me that I might be playing into the trope: 'tis a poor carpenter who blames her tools.
  12. Hey, All: My concertina has Delrin buttons and sometimes they seem a little slippery. Or maybe it's my fingertips that are smooth and worn from all the typing I do on the computer? Anyone ever consider using a tiny bit of rosin or something to keep fingers from slipping off buttons during the fast bits? Or is it just me? Are bone and brass also slippery? Thanks. Christine
  13. Halifax

    Deposit Sent!

    Congratulations, Lefty52! I'm on the waitlist for a Carroll, so I understand the anticipation you feel!
  14. Halifax

    Outch - sore pinky finger and swollen joint

    CZ, I have to second Ken's advice. A physical therapist can tell you if it's developing arthritis or an overuse strain. Bring your concertina to your appointment; it's likely the PT won't know what a concertina is, and less likely that he or she will know how playing it could cause physical stress. A quick web search turned up this PT in Tuscon who used to be a musician: http://www.performingartspt.org/for-musicians.html (Please note that I have no affiliation at all with the above, and I can neither recommend her services nor caution you against them) Good luck. Christine
  15. Halifax

    Help! banish Misfortune

    Oh we are on the same wavelength! I've been listening (on repeat) to Noel Hill's version on his new album: The Irish Concertina 3: Live in New York. You can buy the track directly from the publisher (Jack Talty's Raelach Records) or just listen a few times here: https://raelachrecords.bandcamp.com/album/the-irish-concertina-3-live-in-new-york Christine