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  1. Enjoy the Muse for as long as she stops to visit! When you think of a tune: While you make some tea, that’s an infuse muse. When you’re feeling sad, that’s a blues muse. In the grocery forgetting to pick up milk, that’s a confuse muse. And then think of the tune that follows, that’s an ensues muse. After drinking some whiskey, that’s a booze-abuse muse.
  2. If you liked the feeling and sound of the Morse, go for it. Have the Button Box fix her up just like new. I second that they know what they're doing and It's worth it. Those are good instruments; built to last.
  3. I think you've hit the nail on the head, Susan. I think it's an endurance problem. I need to crosstrain for the concertina, lol.
  4. It's a good instrument, but you may be onto something, as it's often a very loud session.
  5. It might limit my repetoire too much if I limit my playing to "pull" days and "push" days, lol!
  6. They might be a little stiff as the machine isn't so very old. I've been warned not to treat the leather at all, and wouldn't want to damage the beautiful papers, so I guess the cure is just more playing.
  7. Fair questions. I play seated on a wooden pub chair with the concertina sitting on my left leg. I try to have reasonable posture, but yeah, sometimes I hunch a bit so I can hear over the other session instruments. It might be an endurance problem. I do try to keep my posture as neutral as possible.
  8. I'm a reasonably strong and capable woman. Recently, I've started to turn a corner in my playing and can lead a set in our local session. And I don't know if it's because I used to play tunes twice over and now do it thrice or even four times (if the situation calls for it), but my upper arms (deltoids/triceps) feel like overcooked spaghetti noodles at the end of an exuberant set. Muscle fatigue via polkas, I guess. Any suggestions on excercises to strenghthen the pushing and pulling muscles?
  9. In support of the Ozone treatment, many house inspectors have ozone fans designed to de-stink houses. We recently hired one to get rid of the mouldy smell in our car after we had a drain repaired. The inspector guy said he usually uses the machine to de-stink houses before a sale (cigaretts) or after a fire (smoke).
  10. That's a great photo, Peter Laban!
  11. Congratulations! Also, I'm impressed with your patience.
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