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  1. I would love to learn this piece in its entirety. Could somebody please play it for me or just say if it's worth trying? https://musescore.com/user/1198636/scores/5122742
  2. I found and stitched together something better- at least in the ight key. Still missing the whole score 😞 Godfather.pdf
  3. I would love to play this tune and I found a beautiful rendition in Youtube. Unfortunately I will never be able to reproduce it by ear, has anybody got a score to share? Thank you all in advance.
  4. Soundtrack from a beautiful slovene movie (1973). https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0069936/
  5. A perfect tune for my 100+ yo box.
  6. This reminds me a lot of the famous Slavonic BEČARAC (Unesco world heritage). Humorous verses, often sexual allusions.
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