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I have:


Wheatstone 57-key Maccann Duet, old pitch, will be put in concert pitch and refurbed some time in future. I find the expanded range of this so useful I have not since touched my:


Lachenal 46-key Maccann Duet, concert pitch, 1920s, refurbed and improved, for sale when I get around to it (I did once post the serial number on this forum, but I can't find the post any more)



piano - Yamaha U1


treble recorder


shakuhachi - possibly the most difficult instrument on the planet even to get a note out of


voice - the instrument I play most, and the only one I am sufficiently accomplished in for public performance

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I have a 61 key Wheatstone Maccann Duet 1912 (which I love to bits).

61 key Lachenal Edeophone Maccann Duet 190? (which I love too, but not as much as the one above).

46 key Wheatstone Maccann Duet 190? (which was my first box).


I think Duets are the best thing since sliced bread. I was an Anglo player until I saw the light :lol:

I find something new about them every day - a fascinating instrument.




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I didn't. Could you explain it for me please?

I'm just guessing that the name 'randall' in post #87 means Randall C. Merris who is one of the contributing authors of Concertina Library.


shakuhachi - possibly the most difficult instrument on the planet even to get a note out of

It's difficult for us Japanese too ! :)

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Guest Old Leaky
One C/G Stagi for the Boat


Reminds me of someone (probably looks in here, so I'd better "watch my P's and Q's") I met in Halifax NS who had a Morse Ceili C/G, er, "for the beach". Must have too much money...

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I got my albion baritone about 3 weeks ago. I can say it is a very fine instrument. I was surprised at its build quality, it has a presence about it. This is the only concertina I have ever touched, but i can say it oozes some kind of timeless soul, or something. I'm starting to get her up and running.

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A Lachenal Crane duet, which has proved more tuneful, in the few weeks I have owned it, than the English which I had before. My brain just wasn't wired up for lefthand-right-hand-lefthand-righthand way of playing melodies. The duet just seems to make more sense.

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Wow! 100 replies and counting. Don't we like to brag, eh!


30 button Carroll (my main squeeze)

30 button Wakker Phoenix

30 button Tedrow Barritone

30 button standard Lachenal

20 button rosewood Lachenal

and, maybe jumping ship, a Hayden on order from Wym.

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Hey will you sell me a working Jeffries C/G 30 button? I only want 1 8-)


And. I'm not really picky. A Wheatstone or Dipper would do too!


But which is your favorite?




A quick compilation. To this point we have:


Bastari 2

Conner 1

Crabb 2

Dickenson Wheatstone 1

Dipper 2

Gremlin 1

Herrington 2

Hohner 2

Jeffries 8

Jones 1

Lachenal 15

Morse 3

Norman 3

Riccordi/Bastari 1

Scholer 3

Stagi 1

Suttner 1

Tedrow 1

Tedrow Stagi 1

Wheatstone 1

Un-named 4



Bastari 1

Dickinson Wheatstone 2

Lachenal 5

Wheatstone 1



Case 1

Crabb 2

Geuns-Wakker 1

Hohner?/Bastari 1

Jeffries 1

Lachenal 5

Morse 3

Rock Chidley? 1

Stagi 1

Trinity College? 1

Wheatstone 13




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D/G (1981) both are beautiful tinas.

Said 'tina didn't just spend the weekend in Bampton, did it? Or do a brief exchange with a Dipper-restored Jeffries?




No Chris


Didn't make Bampton this year..tho you might have seen me there with the tinas in previous years.

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