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  1. Morris dance tunes- what else? That is funny...
  2. Lep, Last time I checked the local instrument tool supply they were out of stock of concertina lever crimpers and rivets. ;-) So here is what I did to fix the broken lever on a Jonesy I have: Bought some bronze flat guage strips from a local artists supply; Cut them to length spec; measured, marked and drilled them where the rivet should go; used a small piece of hard bronze wire; held the wire in a vice while I hammered one end flat; removed the wire from the vice and sanded it smooth; cut the rivet to be to length; sanded again; assembled the mess; set it up on a small anvil and hammered the open end of the rivet. Hammer too hard and the lever won't lever. I bought the hammer and anvil at the same artist supply I got the bronze parts from. The drill I used was just a Dremel tool set up in a small $40 Dremel tool drill press/jig (nb - 20 yeara old price). Have fun, go slow, budget enough material for a practice rivet kit or 2, it was easy! Dan
  3. Ed, Is it the same size as a Dipper Clare? And was that an Auction or Set Price sale? Dan
  4. LDT, Forget wisdom, your design is cool. Life is short. Have some fun and Go for it! Dan
  5. M, Here don't you really mean 'tinkerer' as in the noun usage of the word tinker? Also defined here.. If Lisa wants to sell her concertina for a mere $275 by all means let her do it. This thread was started in the Buy & Sell section of the forum wasn't it? Good luck Lisa, Dan
  6. Tom, Buy an old lachenal with Brass reeds. (Or a Jeffries with Brass reeds for that matter). Then you don't have to worry about your reeds rusting. Dan
  7. If my car is an unnecessary luxury - how am I supposed to get around? And why is it different for the yanks? Hey Woody, It is different for the (us Yanks because you have efficient, fast, modern rail systems. We let ours go. But our corridors are vastly larger than yours... So it cost us a bit more to keep them up. Instead of maintaining rail - we chose to build the Interstate system - Eisenhower. Our dense national highway system. Some cities maintain large metro rail systems (Chicago, NY, San Francisco). But those are really few. I take the L every day to work on Chicago. Fast, inexpensive and predictably unpredictable. Dan
  8. m, Great photos! (even if they are not yours) Dan http://img221.imageshack.us/img221/2095/marketstreetau6.jpg Good and orderly public transportation in San Francisco. Who needs a car? http://img223.imageshack.us/img223/9613/ch...o19098bely9.jpg not so orderly, but still, who needs a car?
  9. God talk about pushing buttons - OK OK OK Quality has nothing to do with it either!!! That should add another 22 posts to this thread - LOL! Sorry, this was meant as a reply to a PM from topic starter. Probably doesn't belong here. Please pardon my newbie enthusiasm (and technical ineptitude) Hey thanks for the update - No Problem - and nothing personal, its all in a days fun.
  10. Scott, Perhaps you could post a sound file - some scales and a tune or 2 either up to a post here or on YouTube? It might help to get people hearing it. Dan
  11. God talk about pushing buttons - OK OK OK Quality has nothing to do with it either!!! That should add another 22 posts to this thread - LOL!
  12. Vintage instruments have vintage parts. And IMHO - they may lack the speed, tightness and sensitivity of a new (built in the last 20 years) instrument. I have a whole pile of concertinas 1/2 new 1/2 old and what the old ones have in honk the new ones beat them out in tightness and sensitivity. My favorite 'new' instrument is the Tedrow Zephyr. Its the size of a Jeffries 30 key, very loud, very sensitive and fast.
  13. Bob, A friend of mine builds them. He lives in the Chicago area. Everyone around here buys them. Check out his website: Mike Quinlan Drums Best build quality. He lays up the shells himself. Tell him Cusick sent you. Oh and he made a Square Concertina. Gave it to me to finish. I'll post some pics - eventually. He made it years ago - Dan
  14. The upper concertina has some color, finish and condition differences between the various pieces of wood used in it. Almost like the top piece of fretwork was replaced by a 'new' piece of rosewood which has not yet aged to the darkness of the rest of the piece. In the lower photo the condition, color and finish of the materials look consistent. Even if it Is a Jeffries - looks to me like the fretwork has been replaced.
  15. John T, If you are still 'on the line' - who taught you how to make a concertina? Beyond the padding, valving and tuning? Ie - how did you figure out processes like the jig configuration for the reed pans? Was it trial and error or did you have someone show you around a shop and tools required to get the job done? Thanks for sharing your experiences with us. The pictures of your instrument are very sharp looking. Dan
  16. Terry, After reading the posts I couldn't help checking out the youtube clips of Nick playing the duets. He looks like lots of fun and the instruments produced a beautiful sound. I am sorry I never met him. Deepest sympathies on your loss. Best wishes on your sales. If you post the instruments on ebay - place another post on concertina.net to let people know. Dan
  17. For that kind of money in the states you would be much better off with a new standard Tedrow.
  18. Box Bling! My guess is 8 hours / end. 8 hours is a long time - breaks not included. How many blades did you go through? And will you burnish it up to a high polish?
  19. I am staying out of this thread. BTW - I love Irish music on the Concertina. It is the single reason I own concertinas and am studying ITM with the anglo. Goodnight!, Dan
  20. Bob, That is da[r|m]n cool. How does this sound compared to the Zephyr? And how does it compare size wise to the Standard Tedrow? Dan
  21. It looks like a nice instrument that could probably use a professional 'tune-up' including tuning some of the rusty reeds. How did you come onto this instrument? Do you have any interest in playing it?
  22. Hey Ross, If he asked me not to share the materials I would not - but I would want to. With my children.... I never said Noel was unreasonable and I don't think it is a Release I think it is a Non-Disclosure. And fyi - I am not nearly a good enough musician to open up my school. I'd barely call myself a good student. I am very sorry to hear this. I would pay for an authorized copy of such a tutor. Yes I do not like Non Disclosures. Do you? It is fantastic that Noel is taking care of his family. I do the same for mine every day. And I do not disagree that he has a right to make money from his teaching sessions. Griping is part of a discussion forum. Get over it. Dan
  23. I completely agree. And he has my respect and I have purchased his CDs. My family is large (4 kids). 3 Studying music soon to be 4. 1 is meddling with concertina. I'd like to take the class with him but I am challenged by my work sched and family life to peel away for a week with 1 of the kids. So his model does not fit me and I am frustrated with it and the paperwork. I represent a market that this artist is not tapping by not publishing a tutor.
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