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OK, just to bump up the count:


1 Stagi 20-b

1 Bastari 30-b

1 "cute little" 20-b (probably a Scholar) from the former GDR

1 Tedrow 30-b Standard (Lovely voice!)


1 Hohner Erica 2-row ( a most cherished box- a tremendous euphony)


25 or 30 diatonic harmonicas in various states of ruin


2 octave Hohner Melodica


1 Scanelli PA-student model :ph34r:


Let's just keep it to the free-reed family!



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OK, here we go


I have got a couple of wannabee anglo's

a German noname with 20 buttons in G/D

a Viceroy 30 button E/B

a leaky Lachenal 20 button Bes/F


and some anglo´s

Gremlin 30 button (Norman) G/D

Lachenal 28 buttons C/G

Lachenal 30 buttons C/G


Then I have a German 32 button bandoneon A/E,

a lachenal 48b english concertina (RE, MB)

a lachenal MacCann Duet (46b)

and a Lachenal Crane duet (55b)

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Lets partake in this exhibitionism/voyeurism game:

I presently own three metal-ended English concertinas:

48 b treble Lachenal (ca. 1920)

Wheatsone 56 b extented treble Aeola (1929/1930)

Lachenal (Boyd) 56 b extented treble (ca. 1905)


Have also D wooden flute, a C wooden flute to come (> 10 years in the making!).

Numerous whistles (including low ones)

Several bombardes and binious (for those who know Breton music, and love to make noise)



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Just thinking….while reading about all the wonderful instruments that the Cnet group own and play, I noticed that many of the birth dates of these instruments put them harms way through two world wars. Watching the latest documentaries of WW II, the loss of life and property is almost beyond comprehension for me. In many ways these instruments are the survivors both musically and physically. While watching the California forest fires I wondered which items I would grab from my house if I had only 5 minutes to evacuate. Two of my concertinas are about 100 years old and it amazes me to see how well they work even after a hundred years, with many more years to go. Mike

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I've only got 2 :( a Lachenal Inimitable and a Joseph Scates Amboyna, both English.

My friend has 3 a Nickolds, a Lachenal, and a Wheatstone :ph34r:

chris (looking for more: especially a baritone english, behind my wifes back ;) )

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Hi to everyone - I'm sorry I don't usually get around to posting or the forum board, hopefully this'll change gradually...

I have one tina, a Dipper Clare - it's got a few extra buttons, in slightly bizzare yet useful places and has just been completely re-buttoned (by Colin) using bone simulation ones that are wider and lighter than the old metal ones. there're about 33 odd in total. I'm very fortunate to own this instrument - I love it though tiffs are had between me and it now and then! (I play other instrument too, principally harmonica, guitar.)

I'm playing up here in Orkney - Northern Isles, Scotland and am preparing to record a cd on tig the tina some time next year with guitarist Gavin Firth, it will have some Ork stuff new and old on it, Thanks for reading cheers Mike Fairbairn.

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Lachenal 30k, C/G with mahogany ends. Described as a "basic concertina" by Chris Algar, but I love it all the same. ;)


Hohner Corona II A/D/G box that I've had since I was 13 or 14. It's a big beast, still in good nick despite being hammered indoors & out for longsword & garland dance, plus ceilidhs -- wouldn't part with it.


Hohner Cajun 4-stop in C. Good for song accompaniment, & nice & fast for a newish Hohner.

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I think Duets are the best thing since sliced bread. I was an Anglo player until I saw the light :lol:

I love concertinas of all kinds, though my favorites (for what I'm able to do with them) are still the Englishes.


On the other hand, I prefer breads that I slice myself. :D Sometimes I even bake my own. :)

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