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    My main squeeze is the English -- in various sizes, but principally the standard treble, -- but I also play some Crane duet and anglo, and a wee bit on the MacCann duet, which I hope soon to devote more time to. I'll try my Jeffries duet and Chemnitzer once I get them into playing condition, but that may be a while.
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  1. JimLucas

    Quebec Concertinist

    I wish it were much longer. 8^)
  2. JimLucas

    Jeffries and Wheatstone layouts

    Ken Coles is the one who can do that, and since he contributed in the other thread, I've asked there for him to do it.
  3. JimLucas

    Jeffries and Wheatstone layouts

    Ken, there are two parallel threads on this same topic, which should be merged. The thread under Forum Questions, Suggestions, Help has the more replies, but here in General Concertina Discussion -- or maybe even under Teaching and Learning -- would be a more appropriate location for the merged result. You're the one who can do that. 8^)
  4. JimLucas


    To me, that suggests another question: How often do you -- or others -- change the adjustment of your straps? Most folks I know find their "best" adjustment and then leave it there "forever".
  5. Jeff is great! An old friend, though I haven't seen him since I moved to Denmark. A quarter-century later, he can only be better than ever. And the material from the Warner collection is wonderful stuff. And this is sufficient advance notice that I might even be able to plan ahead and be there in Lewes. I sure hope so!
  6. JimLucas

    Jeffries and Wheatstone layouts

    I'd say that this is just a particular example of the more general issue of switching between layouts... e.g., English vs. anglo or different duet systems. And I think it's been well established over the years that this turns out to be something very individual. For some, any sort of switching back and forth can be next to impossible, while for others it's "no problem", i.e., more like flipping a switch and suddenly everything is "reset" to be entirely oriented to the "next" arrangement. What's more, some folks may have no problem switching between massively different systems (e.g., anglo vs. English) but have serious problems if the differences are minor (e.g., Wheatstone vs. Jeffries anglos), while for others the reverse may be true. So in the end, I think it's something you yourself will have to experiment with, to discover what your personal parameters are. But I will add that as with most things, the more you practice switching, the easier it will become. (No guarantee that it will ever become "easy", but also no guarantee that it won't.)
  7. JimLucas

    Jeffries and Wheatstone layouts

    This is the far more complete thread, though it should probably be moved to replace the one in General Discussion. Replace, because nothing would be lost by doing so.
  8. JimLucas

    position while playing effecting tuning

    It seems contrary to physics itself that a change in the positioning/orientation of the instrument could cause a change in the physical pitch. However, interference from other factors -- background noise, local reflection and absorption, possibly other things -- can affect the human perception of pitch. In particular, while playing tin whistle on a NYCity subway platform, I have experienced the roar of an approaching train to cause an apparent change in pitch of as much as a half tone. Though I know that such a change in actual, physical pitch is impossible, something in the processing by my ear and brain made it seem so. So although I can't say definitely whether such a perception might be expected in the situation you describe, I wouldn't say definitely that it can't. 8^)
  9. I see tanker ships, but they're sharing perceptual space with English-engineered concertina reeds. 8^) As for "been playing concertina too long"... not possible in my world.
  10. JimLucas

    WTB: Jeffries Duet

    I'd say yes, that's the way to categorize, since two adjacent rows are essentially the push and pull notes of the buttons of a single-row/single-key anglo. The additional buttons provide the notes missing from that key, distributed not entirely randomly, but much less "regularly"... conceptually not all that different from the additional row on a 30-button anglo and additional buttons on anglos with more than 30 buttons. My own small Jeffries duet has a central key of Bb.
  11. JimLucas

    High jacking threads..etiquette

    I believe this is, in a sense, two issues: 1. Interfering with a thread which has a specific purpose. 2. General topic drift. 1. I believe the Buy and Sell forum has two well-defined but distinct purposes. a) The first is the actual sale and purchase of individual items. b) The second is discussion of more general issues relating to sale and purchase, e.g., general pricing, protected species, international shipping, insurance, etc. a) Any post in an actual buy-sell thread which is not specifically about the listed item(s) is functionally no different from spam. Instead, it can and should be given its own Topic, though still in the Buy-Sell forum, if it has buy-sell relevance. b) This includes, of course, the Topics/threads which would be created by following my advice regarding 1.a). Even here, if a comment is a significant digression from the initial/main topic of a thread, it should really be given its own Topic, with its own "title". Otherwise, someone searching for information on a particular subject may fail to find it in their search, so the the person who posted it will fail in their purpose. If the person who originates a divergent Topic feels that it's important to link it to the original thread from which it diverges, then they should do just that. I.e., they should post a link in the original thread pointing to the new Topic and explaining the intended relevance. I have actually done this myself in more than one instance. 2. My advice here is the same as for 1.b). No need to repeat myself.
  12. JimLucas

    A rare Crabb Crane

    Oops! That link just gave me multiple duckduckgo pages of links referencing Cranes. I can't tell which one you meant.
  13. JimLucas

    A rare Crabb Crane

    Looks to me exactly like the arc on my 48-button Crane & Sons. I might guess that it was requested by a seasoned player who was used to that configuration.
  14. JimLucas

    A rare Crabb Crane

    Interesting to me is that the keyboard layout appears to have the "standard" Lachenal/Wheatstone/Crane&Sons gentle arc rather than the "chevron" rows that I thought were typical of Crabb-made Cranes... and found also on my own 59-button Crane by "C. Jeffries".
  15. JimLucas

    MacCann 46 button

    Hi folks. Not the thread I was looking for, but click here for one that includes two photos of #1874, showing both the raised end and the "cutouts" that PeterH posted about his #2133.