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    My main squeeze is the English -- in various sizes, but principally the standard treble, -- but I also play some Crane duet and anglo, and a wee bit on the MacCann duet, which I hope soon to devote more time to. I'll try my Jeffries duet and Chemnitzer once I get them into playing condition, but that may be a while.
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  1. Last chance: Booking deadline extended to Wednesday, April 17, 2019. You can PM me here. Scandinavian Squeeze-In April 26-28, 2019 (last weekend in April) This will be our 20th annual SSI.  Not a school nor a festival, but a weekend of squeezers sharing with and learning from each other. Please see our web site -- http://www.nonce.dk/SSI/ -- for much more information,
  2. JimLucas

    Lachenal miniature anglo in auction

    "... is 13cm in diameter - according to the auctioneers. " No. The auction web site says "... the concertina measures 13cm wide." (My emphasis.) Can we be sure that 13cm isn't actually the distance between the outsides of the ends when the bellows is closed.
  3. Yes. Wheatstone used a single series of numbers for all instruments, so they were way beyond that before the first Maccann was produced. Lachenal had separate series for English, anglo, and duet (and I believe separate even for Maccann and Crane/Triumph, at least for a period). So that would have to be a Lachenal serial number.
  4. JimLucas

    Wheatstone Linota sn#27957

    I would guess from the size that it's a C/G, and since it was restored, the probability is pretty high that it's tuned to A440 with equal temperament... i.e., pretty standard. But if it was restored by the Button Box, I would ask them. I would expect that the details are in their records, hopefully cross-indexed by maker and serial number.
  5. JimLucas

    Wren oncertina sticking buttons

    Hugh, have you tried contacting McNeela? If not, why not? I would think they would want to protect their reputation by helping you.
  6. Plans for this year's SSI have been proceeding nicely. But did you email the SSI and not get a reply? I've been having erratic and inconsistent problems with my emails, both coming and going. E.g., of 10 emails sent to one friend, she received 6 of them, one was "rejected" by Gmail, and three disappeared without a trace. Meanwhile, another friend replied to two of my emails, but I never received those replies, nor did he receive any notice that they weren't delivered. And that's only the tip of the "iceberg". But so far, no cause has been identified. So I request that if anyone here has sent an email saying you intend/would like to join us and has not received a reply, please send me a Personal Message here on concertina.net. It could be that I didn't receive your email, or it could be that I replied and you didn't receive my reply.
  7. JimLucas

    Fully Restored George Jones 42-button

    It's more than a dozen years since I've had that instrument in my hands, so I can't say for sure from memory, but in looking at the patent illustration, I would say that you're right. Those directions are opposite to what would be expected in that position in the 20-button "core" of any anglo, which is something I'm sure I would have noticed, and I don't remember noticing such a thing. Also, if those directions were correct, there would be two push B's and two pull C's, but no pull B or push C in that octave anywhere on the instrument. Considering that a major feature of that layout is that as many notes as possible are available in both bellows directions, that would be a serious violation.
  8. JimLucas

    The Ballad of the Button Box

    Touché! And even simpler (one reed, one thumb or finger): the jews harp.
  9. JimLucas

    The Ballad of the Button Box

    "If you can type, then you can play the concertina." Taking a typing class in junior high school certainly hasn't hurt my concertina playing, but... How many folks these days are accomplished typists. Most of my friends with keyboard-equipped computers are "two-finger typists". Others only have phones... or maybe tablets. So... is anyone producing a concertina that can be played nicely with just two thumbs?
  10. JimLucas

    How many concertina songs are there?

    Yep, although I believe the reference in that song is to a Chemnitzer concertina. Don't forget "Hexagon Zombies". I have at least one more, involving a different "Lena", if I can find where I put it. I'll also point to this old thread.
  11. And in a book that I just fetched down from the shelf: THE FIRST WORLD WAR AN ILLUSTRATED HISTORY by A.J.P. Taylor
  12. Sigh! After the first couple of SSIs (2000 & 2001), it was decided that the SSI would always* be the last full weekend in April, and it has been consistently advertised as such ever since. Other weekends seem to move around, but we keep ours fixed so that if they want to avoid a conflict with us, they know how to do so. * Since 2002 there have been two exceptions to that rule: In 2006, the SSI was postponed so as not to conflict with one of our planners giving birth. The resulting confusion and conflicts convinced us that we should not again reschedule even for such a reason. In 2013 we were forced to reschedule to a week earlier because of a priority problem with booking our location. We are now assured that this problem won't recur.
  13. Scandinavian Squeeze-In April 26-28, 2019 (last weekend in April) This will be our 20th annual SSI.  Not a school nor a festival, but a weekend of squeezers sharing with and learning from each other. Once again in the main scout house at Gamlegård, in Torna Hällestad, Skåne (southern Sweden). All squeezers and would-be squeezers are invited. (In fact, non-squeezers and even non-musician accompanying persons are welcome if they don't mind our obsession.) Please see our web site -- http://www.nonce.dk/SSI/ -- for much more information, including and especially the pages What We Do and Practical Details You can book your place now. -------- (Spreading the word to other squeezers is welcome, of course. (The ICA and melodeon.net are covered, but I'm not yet a member of Facebook nor do I frequent other concertina or accordion/melodeon sites.)
  14. JimLucas

    Wheatstone EC on Shop Goodwill

    I, too, am unable to connect. Could it be that the web site refuses to connect to servers outside of North America... or maybe even outside Canada?
  15. The following link is to a political cartoon, but that's not the point of my posting it here. It contains a reasonably accurate depiction of a concertina.