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    My main squeeze is the English -- in various sizes, but principally the standard treble, -- but I also play some Crane duet and anglo, and a wee bit on the MacCann duet, which I hope soon to devote more time to. I'll try my Jeffries duet and Chemnitzer once I get them into playing condition, but that may be a while.
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  1. Aha. Thanks to problems with my internet connection, you beat me to posting about this one. Well done. 8^)
  2. I play mostly English, though a bit with duets (mostly Crane). I have some instruments with air buttons or levers and some without. The only times I use the air buttons are to "silently" open the bellows before I start playing or to "silently" close the bellows when I'm finished. I don't experience any problem on those instruments without such an air "button". I just move the bellows gently and slowly,, with many buttons depressed, so that much air flows quickly and relatively quietly. One could conceivably use an air button to regulate the timingg of bellows reversals, but I find that unnecessary. By simply paying attention to the movement of the bellows, I can select proper timing. After all, using an air button while playing notes just shortens the time before a bellows reversal is needed, but the same effect can be achieved by simply reversing the bellows before maximum extension or compression.
  3. I do it mostly by playing English. 8^) Though I do occasionally play in F on a c/G anglo (especially for song accompaniment) or Crane duet
  4. Are such groups really "destroying" concertina.net... or even having significant negative impact. I don't do Facebook (or Twitter, etc.) at all. But I wonder whether very many of those who do are abandoning concertina.net. Meanwhile, if folks post events or other information only on Facebook, how many different "groups" would I have to be aware of in order to keep informed? Which leads me to a suggestion about which I have mixed feelings: Should we start a special Topic here to list all the current web sites, discussion groups, etc. dedicated to concertinas of one sort or many? After all, we already have similar Topics for "Current makers of concertina" and "What our concertinas look like?".
  5. A "statement" from whom? Since it's an Aeola, its date of origin should be in the Wheatstone ledgers, so you could print out a copy of the relevant page. (And have the web site information with you, in case they want to check that it really is a public document, not some sort of forgery.) Unless it's from the "missing" period? Then print out pages from before and after (especially after) that period, to show that it was made before the middle of 1910.
  6. Personally, I've never had anyone from Customs even ask about my concertina, not even when I'm carrying it separately. And they've never asked to examine my bags, not even when I listed that I was carrying foodstuffs (though on the "allowed" list; e.g., smoked salmon). I don't list that I'm carrying CITES-restricted stuff, because I'm not. And all my items are "personal property", not for sale. That sounds to me like the Security check, not Customs. FWIW, I've never been asked to open my instrument, though I've occasionally received a "yes" answer when I've offered to play it. The result has always been appreciation. 8^) Again, that's a Security issue, not a Customs issue. Yep. Keep it out of your carry-on. I once forgot and had my toolkit in my carry-on. Copenhagen to Stansted, no problem. Stansted to Glasgow, no problem. Glasgow to Stansted, no problem. (Didn't use it in Scotland and had forgotten it was there.) Stansted to Copenhagen... oops! "You can't carry that on board." The Security guy was nice, though. He let me go buy an envelope and stamps and post it home to myself. But I wouldn't expect that generosity. Why do they make you remove stuff from your carry-on after you've checked your other bags? Have a great trip!
  7. Same here. I'm pretty sure I've seen posts of concertinas in art between 2006 and 2017, and maybe even since 2017, but this is the most recent thread that came up in my search. Anyway, here's a link to a cartoon with a concertina. (The comic strip is usually political, but I don't think there's anything obviously partisan in this particular image.)
  8. Chris Algar is promoting this instrument on his web site? Color me impressed! I look forward to eventually seeing it and trying it. (I'm very sorry I wasn't at Whitby, but I was at a Polish maritime festival, and my training as a physicist didn't allow me to be in two places at once.)
  9. I know that there are players in the Newcastle area (I've met them in sessions on rare visits), though I don't know who, if any of them, teach. I'm surprised at what you say about Sage. Aren't they involved with Folkworks, which was started by Alistair Anderson? Even if that's only during the summer and for "youth" (I don't really know, though I get that impression from a quick internet search), I would think that someone associated with Folkworks would know about individuals who could tutor you, even if there are no group classes. Or maybe Theo Gibb, of The Box Place, would know someone he'd be willing to recommend?
  10. Enough for how many early birds?
  11. Indeed! I have seen an Aeola where the lack of the long screw (a result of a former "repair") resulted in the fretworked end being pulled apart. The man who did the repair created a whole new end -- copying the original fretwork -- rather than try to put back together the pieces of the original end.
  12. I've never used -- nor heard used -- the word "operate" for playing a concertina... nor any other musical instrument. However, I have many times "operated on" my concertina, when something needed to be adjusted or fixed. 8^)
  13. A few "hours"? If he were constantly checking his email, he wouldn't have time to make any concertinas. If I sent an inquiry to a maker, I'd be pleased if I got a reply within a week.
  14. I agree with Mike. Both of those words are commonly used, and I can't think of any other term that's common.
  15. Oops! With Firefox as my browser, all I get is a totally black page, and the label at the top of my browser says "Lightroom Gallery". Reloading the browser didn't help. But then I tried a couple of other browsers, and in both I did get the gallery of photos, with descriptions and prices. I wonder what's causing the difference.
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