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    My main squeeze is the English -- in various sizes, but principally the standard treble, -- but I also play some Crane duet and anglo, and a wee bit on the MacCann duet, which I hope soon to devote more time to. I'll try my Jeffries duet and Chemnitzer once I get them into playing condition, but that may be a while.
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  1. Hmm. I've never been in an "educational setting" with my concertinas, but I always view (think about) the keyboards "face on", not "from behind" (from inside the bellows?). But for those trying to interpret the keyboard from a face-on point of view, I believe you just need to flip (mirror) them: top to bottom in his diagrams (right to left in the "conventional" way of looking at them).
  2. So if you're interested in buying this instrument, why not forget eBay and negotiate with Justice via PM here? Better all round.
  3. FWIW, your link brings me to a page with a photo and an "arrow" button like YouTube uses to start a video, but clicking on the button has no effect whatsoever. Could that be because I'm not a Facebook member?
  4. I'll try to make this my last post in this Topic, therefore bound and gagged.
  5. I avoid "likes" where I can't say why I like something. Well, I'm not trying to restart the debate, just noting that I don't participate. Cheers.
  6. Ah, now that you mention it, I see something I can interpret that way. A little heart in the lower right, with the text " Wolf Molkentin reacted to this ". Very small and unobtrusive, and I probably wouldn't have noticed it if you hadn't told me. I wonder if there have been others in the past that I overlooked in the same way that I look past other things I don't use, such as "Insert other media" and "Drag files here...". And I still don't know how I would add one of my own... not that I would want to. I avoid "likes" where I can't say why I like something.
  7. For what it's worth -- which is probably not much, -- I don't even know what you all are talking about. It doesn't seem to be anything in my experience here. It sounds like social media "likes", but I don't recall seeing anything like that. Is it something that can be turned off by individuals, which I might have done when it first appeared and have since forgotten? Just wondering.
  8. Unfortunately, no. I clicked, then waited for more than 20 minutes, but nothing at all happened, so I gave up. The YouTube video you linked to did work, though, so that was nice. By the way, if it weren't for the title to this Topic, I wouldn't have identified the concertina player as a "pirate". Is that how he styles himself?
  9. And since I believe I have such things disabled, I get the notification without learning why. Interesting. Meanwhile, I did get notified of your response. Specifically:
  10. I've received a Notification that "Somebody reacted to a post in a topic...", but when I click on the notification and view the topic, there is nothing after my own post (which is my only one in that topic). So exactly what does "reacted to" mean?
  11. "Another Pirate Concertina Sighting" Outtasight! Literally. Since I'm not connected to Instagram.
  12. I've always wondered why people keep peeves as pets. They're generally far more trouble than they're worth.
  13. No. I was hoping someone had recorded that information before or just after it was sold.
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