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I have: 1) Bb/F Tedrow Anglo 30 button concertina.

2) Two (2) Willie van Wyk "Wifra" C/G 40 button Anglo concertinas with the perspex reedpans.


3) A Bob Tedrow custom anglo miniature in G on order.

4) A Koot Brits 40 button anglo on order

5) A Koot Brits miniature concertina on order

6) A Willie van Wyk English miniature on order.


7) A Colin Dipper 40 button C/G aeola anglo on order. (3 year wait actually 2 years and 11 months,two days etc.) ;)

8) A Steve Dickinson 40 button C/G Wheatstone Aeola on order. (5 years wait, actually 4 years and 11 months). ;)




Selling two 30 button Wheatstone Linotas :(




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We have:


- 20b C/G Lachenal Anglo (number are registered with Chris Algar)

- 30b Rochelle from Wim and enjoying it and think the engineering is awesome


Non concertina free reed

- 2 Hohner Silver harmonica for fun with my Son

- 2 Blue Danube plastic wonders harmonicas that the Son takes on travel (Son is going on 4 yrs old this December)


Waiting on

- 30b knock off English

- A Harmonium that we just acquired and are having shipped up to us with 13 stops and 3 couplers with a 5 octave spread


Non free reed

- 2 student grade Violins that have been modified and tuned, with more tuning to be done when time and money permits

- 1 Yamaha plastic Sopranino (for teaching the Son on)

- 1 Yamaha plastic recorder (Treble)


In the works plans for building a 36b C/G Anglo



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'The concert grand' Wheatstone Aeola Maccan, 71 key, dural reed frames and ends; the main instrument.

'The pub piano' Wheatstone Maccan, 56key, metal buttons, rosewood ends, rather loud.

(I keep threatening to trade it in for an 81 but it's nice to play.)


That's it, after a successful reduction plan. Nice and focussed. I may have to get an 81 key one day, I could use the bass notes; but that's it.


Oh and I've the end plates off another 71 aeola and dream about scratch building enough of it to send off to be made into a midi. One day....

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The concertinas:

My parlor instruments:Wheatstone Baritone EC from 1849 roughly (Nickel silver reeds, square end reed shoes) and Wheatstone treble EC from 1851 (Brass reeds)

My session squeeze: Wheatstone model 21 EC from 1913

A recent experiment: Wheatstone Crane Duet from 1942

My early purchasing mistake: a Scholer 20 button


I also play a fiddle I inherited from my grandfather. Played less often are a mandolin, an octave mandolin, and a viola d'amore My collection also includes a lute, a variety of whistles and tabor pipes, and a cornemuse.

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so many players, so many boxes!


My arsenal:


Lachenal Crane Duet 48K, ~1920

Lachenal McCaan Duet 46K, ~ 1930


Unkown German Anglo C/G 20K (the imitation English fretwork style), unknown date


Castagnari Giordy Button accordion: 2007


With all 4 of these boxes I can make a merry noise, though my focus and study is now on my Crane, it ousted the MaCcaan as my favorite box, but it still ranks #2, with Giordy coming in 3rd.

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30 button edgley concertina and a 30b stagi. i just opened the latter for the second time and it was a treat! i have a carroll on order.


i forget who said we wouldnt care about their hohner, but i think anything that you put so much time and energy into is a very worthwhile piece of machinery.

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Lachenal (Murdoch) C/G 30 key mahogany (restored by A. C. Norman)

Lachenal C/G 22 key mahogany

Lachenal 30 key G/D mahogany


Connor Lachenal rebuild C/G 31 key metal end


Geuns-Wakker C/G 30 key amboyna

Edgley C/G 24 key metal end


on loan: Lachenal 32 key C/G rosewood


do you have any serial numbers for the lachenals? randall is trying to collect 'em!

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do you have any serial numbers for the lachenals? randall is trying to collect 'em!


I do.


Lachenal C/G 22 key mahogany #185877

Lachenal G/D ( originally Ab/Eb ) 30 key mahogany #155862


If memory serves me correctly, my Lachenal (Murdoch) C/G 30 key have different serial numbers in left and right reed pans. ( Merged from 2 instruments ?? )

I would not like to open this one frequently. So I remember to check serials when I open it next time.


.. Sorry, who is randall ? Just curious, the collected serials are open somewhere?




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Ah, the difference is between expensive and valuable. To most reading this forum a musical instrument that is one is expected to be the other.


To the typical thief deciding what to carry off, these two qualities may not be the same.


Dan Madden



I agree: thieves usaully want somethign they can turn over quickly and easily with as little questions as possible. Musical instruments can raise an eyebrow. I live in California: people will get in your car for spare change they see on the seat!


(edited to be less verbose...)

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However your real threat is a knowledable thief: I go to a local music store, the turn over of employees at this store is high (new face evreytime I go), they keep a database of customers, well, in the data base I bought 2 mic stands, implies I have 2 mics (which I do), which further indicates I have a PA or recording equipment, pre-amps etc.


To me, that is a bad situation, not paranoid about it, but lets face it, an equipment summary and an address not to far away, that makes things real easy.


Part of the reason we use a post office box instead of the household address--it is hard to steal an instrument out of the PO box. When your instruments are pretty much all your wordly wealth, you do what you can to protect them.



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