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  1. Concert announcement: Alistair Anderson appears at Mystic Seaport Mystic Seaport presents Alistair Anderson, master English concertina and Northumbrian pipes player in concert at 7:00 p.m. on September 14, 2013. The performance will be held in the Tom Clagett Boat Shed on the Seaport grounds. Tickets are $20 ($15 Seaport members) and proceeds will benefit the 35th annual Sea Music Festival to be held on June 12 - 15, 2014. The concert will be followed by a chantey sing at Frohsinn Hall (aka the German Club) at 54 Greenmanville Avenue in Mystic, CT, just across the street from the main entrance of the museum. Libations are for sale by the German Club. If you haven’t seen Alistair play, he is a marvel to watch and hear. The concertina in his hands seems to take on a life of its own: Alistair Anderson is internationally recognized as the master of the English Concertina and a fine performer on the Northumbrian Pipes. "He is a treat to watch... His involvement and delight in the music are infectious... Beautiful music, played with skill, taste and affection.” fRoots This will be a night to remember. Call 860-572-0711, ext. 4210 for reservations and directions or go to https://tickets.mysticseaport.org/mainstore.asp?vid=1&cid=1102 for tickets online. Doors open at 6:00 and the Galley Restaurant will be open until concert time for your dining convenience.
  2. Cleaning house.... I have a VHS of A Lark in the Morning's "The Seaman's Concertina" with John Townley. I just watched it to make sure that it works, and it does. $15.00 US (includes shipping within the U.S.) If you are out of the States, please contact me so we can discuss shipping. Thanks!
  3. Elementary School for 20 years - currently grade 4, Library Media Specialist, 10 Years Motorcycle Safety
  4. One of my cats would come up and try to bite my hand to get me to stop - now that's bad! To comment on the last post - I don't know if it's the instrument, or the tune, but I know the higher the notes - the further away the current cat runs!
  5. Spring Cleaning Fever hit and I was cleaning out a closet. I came across a "Red Skelton's Clown Alley Story Coloring Book" and was about to pitch it, something made me open it up. Check out the pictures and the poem! - somebody needs to tell Red that it's an Anglo Concertina! Accordion Come, I'll play my accordion Pep up the place make the scene I'd play Chopin, Liszt and Pacelli But this darn thing pinches my belly. Pam
  6. It's Christmas Eve, and I just found out that my new Wakker Anglo is nearly ready to ship - Christmas just doesn't get any better than that! Happy, Healthy Holidays to everyone on C.net! Pam
  7. On January 3, 2009 Mystic Seaport is sponsoring a "Sea Music Festival Chantey Sing" Fundraiser to help support their summer sea music festival. Mystic Seaport chanteymen are the listed performers, but as always, I'm sure there will be others stopping by. Always a few concertinas too! More info at http://www.mysticseaport.org/index.cfm?fus...041AB6F8DCC623C
  8. FYI - My Wheatstone is sold. Thanks.
  9. I have an Stagi for sale on ebay. It would be good for a beginner. Here's the ebay link http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...3DLVI%26ps%3D54
  10. I have my Wheatstone Anglo for sale on ebay. It's in great shape. I would be happy to sell it to someone on Cnet and make a donation vs. paying ebay and paypal. E-mail me if you have any interest. Here's the link http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...E:IT&ih=002
  11. I have a friend who needs a way to record lessons and sessions, then play them back slowly, and archive them, without the use of a computer. (Yes, there are still people in the U.S. without them!) My suggestions is a Sony MD player - certain models have a digital pitch control for slowing down and speeding up, she could get a set of external speakers for practicing and she could use discs for archiving. I know it would work, but was wondering if anyone had any other suggestions. I did a forum search and read a lot of the previous posts, buy most of them referred back to a computer for the "slow down" feature or for archiving. Any thoughts are appreciated! Thanks!
  12. I would have to agree, though it's a very basic beginners concertina, if the price is right - it will give you a chance to get a feel for this type of instrument and decide if it's really something you want to invest in. I started out with a "child's instrument" had it just long enough to know I wanted to stick with it, had no trouble selling it and upgrading....upgrading...let's see, I think I've upgraded 5 times now - the great thing is your playing improves each time you get a better instrument! : ) Good luck and have fun, whatever you decide on. Pam
  13. I owned one for a short while. I found it akward to play because you have to use the full span of buttons all the time. I sold my to a collector who is very happy to have it. It sure is a novelty.
  14. Arrgh! You need to get a copy of The Book of Pirate Songs by Stuart M. Frank. ISBN: 0-937854-05-0 It's a great book with lots of songs and tunes, along with lots of history. Enjoy! Pam
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