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  1. Or you can use this contact form to John Dipper. As mathhag said, with the serial number I think they can provide details. http://www.johndipper.co.uk/concertinas/contact.htm 🐐
  2. Does it have "Louis Lachenal" label or "Lachenal & Co" label ? If the latter, it might be 114949 (leading 1 missing) or 14949X. I once saw the photo of 15130 (slightly later than yours) which had "Louis Lachenal" label and numbered keys. That was with 20 buttons though. 🐐
  3. Just FYI, about Mrs. O'Dwyer (The Irish German concertina project by Dan Worrall (archive.org)) and review of the resulting project CD ("Tripping to the Well" (mustrad.org.uk)) 🐐
  4. MP4 and PDF work fine here. Thank you. 🐐
  5. Same here. Returns Error code: 2S328/1.
  6. End grill is not an Edgley because Edgley instruments have end bolts on the corner. The instrument in the clip looks like Jeffries anglo to me but I may be wrong.
  7. I think some model of Lachenal and Wheatstone have such slots for air levers (bowing valve?). But I am not sure they only have slots or they have actual levers. For example (from buttonbox.com), Lachenal: https://www.buttonbox.com/images/ceu0558-02b.jpg Wheatstone: https://www.buttonbox.com/images/ceu0557-02b.jpg
  8. Number stamps reminds me of these pictures. So could it be a Tidder ?
  9. This reminds me of Wakker midi (archive.org), but it seems to be discontinued. 🐐
  10. I am curious about action improvement. The Button Box of Massachusetts also says (from some months ago) about Stagi W15-LN as "30-button model with new improved action." I am not sure the improvement is the same but would like to see the improved action photos. 🐐
  11. One example ...... https://www.instagram.com/p/BsCRTPtneL9/
  12. If I understand correctly, ESB is a baritone(1 octave below) and Cormac plays both baritone and bass(2 octaves below). I am not sure the one in the clip is a baritone or a bass. As far as I know, Dipper makes bass anglo. 🐐
  13. In my case, it was a C row with C# and F# accidental. But if it was in G and 3 buttons top and 2 or 3 buttons below, I think Dipper layout in fig.9 (of PICA vol.9) makes sense.
  14. I do not have an action photo, but here is a reedpan photo of Norman 13 button miniature (accordion reeded, treble side).
  15. In the PICA vol.9 http://www.concertina.org/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/PICA09-2012.pdf , fig A1.3 shows reedpans and an action board of a Jones miniature.
  16. I saw them for the first time. Thank you for sharing! 🐐
  17. I archived the copy of PDFs before angloconcertina.org had shut down, but I do not have enough space on this forum. Your e-mail address might help. Please PM if required. 🐐
  18. Thank you for the clarification. 🐐
  19. Thank you Theo. I had no idea about Schuster. Did they have English style actions (not wooden one)?
  20. I didn't think that far! Thank you for the input. 🐐
  21. Thank you for the input. 🐐
  22. https://www.ebay.com/itm/192886324872 The action (through the fretwork) looks like English, not German. The fretwork, at first glance, looks like Lachenal, Nicholds or Tidder but blank oval without maker's label is unusual to me. It seems to have woodscrews instead of end bolts. The buttons look whiter than bones (plastic?) but I might be wrong. Any comments to this one ? 🐐
  23. Ben Lennon and Tony O'Connell γ€ŽRossinver Braes』 https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=OLAK5uy_mcmV2WDKaV9-0FRvvwknYbwKg5Tq2ovMc
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