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    1) Maintain the Concertina FAQ.
    2) Play anglo and sing close harmony with my wife Anne Gregson who plays English.
    3) Between us we own an uncomfortably large number of concertinas.

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  1. Chris Timson

    Concertina Meet-ups in Stockholm?

    Your best bet is to talk to Eken Morris Dancers. They are a morris side based in Stockholm and at least one of their number is a concertina player. They do have a regular English music session in a pub in Stockholm too. If anyone could help in Stockholm I'd guess it would be them. Their website is here. Chris
  2. Chris Timson


    [sigh] That's AI for you. Such a small selection of options when a simple call of Turnham Green would have blown the whole progression out of the water. I agree the diagonals were handled correctly but for such a small set of alternates Stovold would be spinning in his grave.[/sigh] Chris
  3. Sadly it rings no bells with me either. Word is spreading, though. I maintain a mailing list of people who come to our sessions in Bath and Bradford on Avon and one of the members has already posted a message about this. Chris
  4. Chris Timson

    Wolverton Is My Delight

    Aren't they just! Here's a link - Click Me - to my review of a couple of Jake's concertinas for anyone teetering on the edge of buying one and not yet seized of my conviction that these are probably the best value concertinas around right now. Chris
  5. Chris Timson

    Duet Baffle

    I had a teacher called Miss Pronouncing once. Ah, happy days ... Chris
  6. Chris Timson

    Duet Baffle

    Exactly so. Chris
  7. Chris Timson

    Duet Baffle

    When Ron Copper (of the Copper family) was teaching himself to play the English his wife objected to the noise, so he invented the trouser baffle. He put each of his arms up one leg of a pair of trousers (i.e. from the bottom not the top) and wrapped the concertina in the top of the trousers. This, apparently, worked well. I have to say, though, that I haven't yet seen any evidence of the trouser baffle ever being used on stage or in a session. Chris
  8. Chris Timson

    Duet Baffle

    Aye, there's nowt so strange as concertina players, sithee. Chris
  9. Chris Timson

    Duet Baffle

    Ad that, of course, is the correct answer. If that's what you want baffles will do it a treat. A good example of when you might want to do this is if you want to accompany singing. If you try to control the volume of the left hand using a baffle then you'll have a concertina whose ends sound different, which is not ideal. Chris
  10. Chris Timson

    Koot Brits - R.i.p.

    I handled one of his instruments once also, quite innovative as I recall, as well as fine to play and to listen to. A real loss. Chris
  11. Chris Timson

    Duet Baffle

    I wouldn't get too fussed about the leather. Any soft leather that won't shed bits will very likely be fine. The thing with baffles (using the method that I originally worked out with Colin Dipper's help and which Bob then took forward) is that they're easy to fit and replace. Try something and if it works you're quids in. If not then try something else, using the first set as your template. Chris PS it's a shame that Bob is no longer as involved in the concertina world as he used to be. He's a nice chap and has proved helpful on a number of occasions, as when he snagged the concertina.org domain for the ICA back in the days when I was their first webmaster.
  12. Chris Timson

    Uk Visit Next Week; Meet Ups?

    Not this time sadly, maybe next time. Say hello to Frank and Corrie for us when you're in the Eden Valley. Chris
  13. Chris Timson

    Wolverton Concertinas: Full Review

    David's right on that. Also, if you look inside the big MacCanns and other instruments with lots of reeds you'll find reeds all over the place. And for my pièce de résistance may I refer you to the Lachenal Accordiaphone:-
  14. Chris Timson

    Wolverton Concertinas: Full Review

    Null concept. A reed pan detached from its instrument is unplayable and hence right side / wrong side up are irrelevant. I chose the side which seemed to me gave a good clear idea of what is going on. That's my story and I'm sticking to it ... Chris
  15. Hi all. As promised, you will find my full review of Jake Middleton-Metcalfe's new concertinas here. As you will see I like them a lot and consider them to be excellent value for money, Have a listen to the recordings; the sound comes through well. These instruments deserve to do well. Chris