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  1. Completely non-trad.....I'd thread in nylon (or delrin) setscrews and redrill them...I hate those wood fillers.......
  2. Gonna be moving about. Will try to remember to do it when I'm near the instrument, but I don't know how soon after that I'll have an internet connection. Don't forget to get a copy onto the MacCann ning site !
  3. a 30 button Tedrow Oooo nice ! You'll be a happy camper....
  4. Thanks Chris....that's set me to thinking (my arbor press is waaay too big, the drill press has to long an arm).......the mill might be just right and has a solid stop.... I have drilled a vertical #57 pilot hole for each pin to follow (the pins are .040" thick and .100" wide w/ a pointed tip). I'll be looking today to see if I have some type of tool holder I can adapt (?), otherwise it's making a special....
  5. Does anyone have any ideas for a tool to press Wheatstone riveted pivots back into a new action plate without damaging them? Possibly based on a vise grip pliers ???? Thanks, Jack
  6. Eek! You do know Alan is joking don't you folks! 4mbar is a bit less than 1oz per square inch! (By my reckoning) We know Alan is joking...but does Alan know Alan is joking ?
  7. Found the Concertina.net forums thru a Google link in the first place...so, I guess I can't complain...
  8. Jack Any updates on the photo diary of the rebuild? Steve Up to the gluing of the new action mounting plate (desk).... Pics are on the Ning site and on Facebook... EDIT: that last pic didn't make it on the first try...it's there now though...
  9. Good question... The 73 Edeophone I'm rebuilding has the same mod..... Any idea who would have been doing that ??
  10. The case for the Edeophone 73 that I just received from Northeast Cases cost $125 US. They said they are exporting batches of (scientific ?) cases to some place in the UK. I don't know the size though.... I added the brass corners for $5...although they said they would have added them if I knew to ask... http://maccann-mccann.ning.com/photo/p7200...?context=latest http://www.facebook.com/home.php?ref=home#...mp;id=733759251
  11. Stick on wool felt lining is available at most craft shops.....look for one w/ barrier film...
  12. Black & White Deluxe Plate Reed Stradivarius Concertina, Gold Trim, Like New, 5 Switch, Key of Db, Quad with Stereo Switch, ..$4500.00. Hmmpfff...check out EBay # 320401944128
  13. Bob, I thought your instruments weighed much less than a (full) six pack. Don't you need both, for a proper barbecue? Must be the beer..I could swear he's playing that concertina backwards...
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