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  1. Well, let's see: Johnny Todd is always good,Bob Webb's "The Schooner" is kinda neat, Send me an email gcsalley@va.metrocast.net Cheers, Geo
  2. Neil, You cannot imagine my surprise to see and hear the Dipper! Congratulations. You might try adding a 3rd or 5th now and then. The box can take it. Cheers, Geo
  3. Bertram Levy's are as good as any. John Townley had a decent one for Shantymen, but it is probably no longer available. Cheers, Geo P.s. My Cat hated the Jeffries, and preferred the Dipper.
  4. You have to understand. The F/C Dipper was designed and built, not as just another Anglo, but as the "Shantyman" for accompanying my performances. Cheers, Geo
  5. If you are looking for a Dipper, try The Button Box. http://www.buttonbox.com/instruments-in-stock.html
  6. Well, I'll offer to post the C&S magazine in PDF if someone will provide a place and instructions. Cheers, Geo Salley (C&S Producer)
  7. The Button Box has a 45 C/G, asking $10,900. Cheers, Geo
  8. Here is the Shantyman http://www.buttonbox.com/cac0401.html
  9. Well, My wooden ended 38 C/F Dipper, and 38 G/D Jeffries, will soon be available at The Button Box, after thorough renovations. Cheers, Geo
  10. Well, Off the top of my head I offer: Bob Hope in the Paleface Bing Crosby in High Society Desi Arnez in Forever Darling Stan Laurel in The Big Noise ? in The Milagro Beanfield War But Ken Coles has copies of older threads. Cheers, Geo
  11. Also, early Stealth Technology, guarenteed not to give your position away when playing.
  12. I should have posted a picture of the box.. I have always maintained this was an armoured Anglo-German made during WWII for use on the Eastern Front.
  13. I feel sure the "Wayback machine" has a version of this thread, so forgive me of bringing it up again. What brought this up is that in getting rid of my boxes, I came upon my "silent" concertina. Many years ago I got a casting call from a producer who was putting on "Carnival". The show opens with an actor, alone on stage, playing the theme song "Love makes the World Go 'Round" on a concertina. The producer said he had tried an accordion in the pit, but it didn't sound right. So I did an audition, and got the position. Now, the next thing was to provide the actor with a concertina. So I took an old 20-button Anglo and gutted it. Then, during rehersals I had a spotlight trained on my hands so the actor could copy the moves. Mostly, they just pump away! Bob Hope in the Paleface Bing Crosby in High Society Desi Arnez in Forever Darling Stan Laurel in The Big Noise ? in The Milagro Beanfield War Alf Edwards in Moby Dick? Cheers,
  14. Many years ago I had Colin make an Anglo in F/C with wooden ends, specifically for singing accompaniment. It became the "Shantyman" Cheers, Geo
  15. How well I remember when players first sent in tapes. The tunes & styles opened new vistas. As far as Joel & John are concerned; I recall an old tune "The Erie Canal", and "I'm the only SOB left to tell the Tale". Cheers All, Geo
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