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Found 63 results

  1. rickrussellpdx

    Lachenal 30 Button Anglo C/G for Sale

    Mahogany ended Lachenal, 30 Button, C/G, refurbished by Greg Jowaisas. Looks like serial number 195732, (the last digit is partially obscured). Includes case, which is old but probably not original since the case has a sticker, “C. Wheatstone & Co. ....” Price $1500 which is what I paid for it. You pay for shipping carrier of you choice.
  2. John Sylte

    Scored A Miniature Lachenal

    Check this little 20 button beauty out. Not quite 4" flat to flat. She is right in between Eb/Bb and E/B, and beautifully in tune with herself, but not as airtight as I would like. Serial number 48556 by one source appears to have been made 1876 ish? Is this a rare specimen or pretty common? It has amazing sound for such a small thing...
  3. duetconcertina

    Lachenal 74 Key Duet Concertina For Sale.

    Lachenal 74 Key Duet Concertina Serial number 1921 Condition is generally good, no leaks from the 8 fold bellows but one key on the right hand side only works in one direction.The box it is in is a Wheatstone box. Combined weight of the concertina + box = 5.3Kg (concertina = 3.3Kg, box = 2.0Kg). Please refer to the pictures for more information but by all means ask me questions. Price now reduced to £700 ono Update, now listed on eBay, "Buy It Now" or "Make An Offer" => https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/173174159048
  4. Lachenal 48 key English concertina for sale, 6 fold bellows and in original box. There is no serial number in evidence and two keys work in one direction only. £600 ono Update, now listed on eBay, "Buy It Now" or "Make An Offer" => https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/173173609724 Please see the pictures below:
  5. Bill the pumpkin thief

    What Concertina Is This?

    Dear all. My first post. I have just got hold of a Lachenal concertina. I play a Wheatstone English treble, and have a Jones anglo. But this Lachenal is different from those two types. Is it a duet? (never seen a duet in the wild). It has no air button, plays same note in and out, is same size as my English more or less, and has the looks, from a distance, of an anglo. I googled images of a duet, but they all seem to have more buttons than this one. I am very very grateful if some knowlegeable souls could tell me what it is, or in fact anything at all about it. The serial number is 1780, and the other side has the Lachenal logo of London. There is a worn thin kind of hessian inside the wooden ends. It came in the original box too, with a large metal ring on the lid. It leaks pretty badly through the reeds, although the bellows seem to be in fine shape. Thank-you much in advance, Bill.
  6. Price is £2,000 plus shipping (about £100). Lachenal, new six-fold bellows, new pads/springs. Metal ends on ebonized wood frame. Good action. 30 button C/G plus bird-song and cock crow novelty buttons. Recently tuned to A=440. Made around 1930. Excellent visual condition and plays well. It is in Hong Kong at present. Steel reeds. The serial number is 114088. Here is a sound sample: https://drive.google...iew?usp=sharing The original case is no longer suitable because of the change to six-fold bellows from five. The Lachenal paper label is not an original: I think the paper a copy. E instrument is genuine.
  7. Lachenal 74 Key Duet Concertina For Sale Please note that the serial number is 1921 and not 1923 as in the title of the post. Serial number 1921 One key on the right hand side only works in one direction and the box is a Wheatstone box. Combined weight of the concertina + box = 5.3Kg (Concertina = 3.3Kg, box = 2.0Kg) Please refer to the pictures for more information but by all means ask me questions. Price: £995 but open to sensible offers. Now listed on eBay but quite happy to sell on here as I have done previously. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/173131652519?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649
  8. It's there. In this "just received" cardboard package. Chris from Barleycorn has taken all precautions for the shipment, from "Fragile" tape outside to polystyrene chips inside. When opening, a small smell of antique things... or probably more likely shoe polish, perhaps because of new straps. The concertina is comfortably but tightly installed in its hexagonal wooden box. I dream of this since a year ! What a beautiful instrument. So tiny ! I must say I never held a concertina before, and am surprised by the size, the delicate fretwork, the small but protuding buttons. I carefully respect a warm up time of half an hour, "tasting" this moment, admiring the object without hearing it yet. I let it breathe a few times with the air button, and try some strap adjusting with these small flat screws. A bit afraid of any possible damage due to delivery conditions (not related to Barleycorn), I hesitate before pushing any "singing" button.... but wow ! What a sound ! "Clear", "bright", "without artifice yet so lovely and true" are some of the things which come up to my mind when playing a little. So close yet so different from my Castagnari 3 voices melodeon. I'm so happy to have chosen a vintage instrument with its "true" reeds (no offense meant here), helping me to clearly put a place in my heart "side by side" with my melodeon (but again that's personal). I'm surprised to find very fast a way to handle the air button (the right thumb can have its revenge on the left one), and already note that I must be careful about "bad habits" (well some that I guess, such as helping the push movement of a right hand melody with left fingers pushing the left end instead of resting on buttons). C/G melodeon playing helps sometimes, like the diatonic scale on right hand. But for the left hand used to "prepared" bass chords, it's another story. Well I am happy to already have a "strong" left little finger. The notes "spreading" among both sides is truly new and I'm loving it. Left and right ears are equally happy :-) Makes me think a little about the church organ. I've "played" concertina for half an hour so far, but I am truly happy with this instrument, and wrote this post to tell it to you :-) Good day to you all !
  9. wrong note Pete

    Lachenal Bass For Spares

    I plan to offer my Lachenal double acting bass for sale on e-bay in a few days. Unfortunately, this instrument has been mutilated by the attempt of a previous owner a long time ago to add some extra notes. I did have hopes of re-working it to original format but have finally concluded that the damage is too great to repair. It is short of quite a few lower note reeds and valve pads but the bellows are good and the main structure elements are useable. Accordingly, it is to be offered as spares rather than a restoration project and is mentioned on this forum to reach as wide an audience as possible for what is probably quite a rare instrument and consequent spares interest. Thanks for any interest.
  10. Hi I've already used this forum quite succesfully once, so now I need help again, let's see if it will be the same this time. I'm looking for one of these Lachenal anglos with inserted into ebony metal ends. I have the small size 26 buttons one, and I like it so much i decided to get myself 30+ buttons. You can see what I'm talking about on these pictures I don't want to buy full size (6 1/4''), something around 5 3/4 - 5 7/8 will be perfect. To give you an idea of what I'd like to buy - here's the one I've just missed http://www.irishmusik.com/lachenal-anglo-concertina So if you have one of those you're thinking of selling or if you know somebody who has one, please let me know. In fact, i'd be glad to hear from you even if you just have one and not going to sell it, just to share the info
  11. Hi All I've got a customer who purchased a 30 key Lachenal Anglo concertina but it came without its baffles. I know a lot of people (myself included) play without baffles or remove the baffles, but this gentleman would like the concertina 100% original (or as close as can be if you see what i mean) Bearing in mind the original baffles have probably long disappeared, where can i get, and what is the correct material to make a realistic/authentic set of baffles from, or does any of the kind members out there have a set of baffles they would sell to me to help out? Any thoughts or help with this greatly appreciated and if it helps, apparently the baffles that were in this concertina were white. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide
  12. accordions

    Lachenal Anglo Amboyna

    For sale, Lachenal anglo concertina, number 110899 (circa 1900), 30 keys + 2 "air buttons", bone buttons, G/C, perfect original condition, news valve and pads, tuned concert pitch. Price : 3500 euros, 3050 GBP, 3750 USD + shipping Located : France
  13. accordions

    Lachenal Baritone Amboyna

    For sale, baritone english concertina by Lachenal, amboyna, serial number 44284, (circa 1905/1910), perfect condition, valves, pads, concert pitch, original hand straps, bellow ok ! Price 4200 euros / 3600 GBP / 4500 USD + shipping. Located : France contact@laboitedaccordeon.fr
  14. Serial no. 2046 Hexagonal ends; six-fold bellows with green and gold decals; metal buttons Includes original box with label In the collection of the late Bob Webb since 1975 Refurbished by The Button Box, Sunderland, Massachusetts More photos are available. Asking $1,400.
  15. Lachenal 46 key Maccann wooden ended duet concertina s/n 4725, 6 fold bellows, steel reeds, no box. [serial number originally stated as 4785 which has been pointed out to me as being incorrect, now corrected to 4725] There are no straps fitted, 3 keys are sticking, 3 keys are silent in one direction, the bellows are basically sound but with a very small air leak I can feel on my face. All reeds need to be tuned. Can also be seen on eBay => http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/172493294540 Buy It Now Price £155.00 + postage and packing £15.00 Please see the pictures below:
  16. Lachenal 55 key Maccann duet concertina s/n 892 for sale. Approximate year of manufacture is 1890. The concertina has a 6 fold bellows, comes with a wooden box which has a Lachenal label in the lid. The serial number is lost from the outside of the concertina but is marked on the inside, please see the last two pictures below. One strap bar (right hand side) is marked "Trade Mark, English Made" and on the reverse is marked "Patent No. 4752" which is the Maccann patent of 1884. All keys work in both directions but some reeds need tuning. There is a very slight bellows leak, I can feel it, but otherwise the bellows are in good condition. If you would like high resolution pictures of any or all aspects of this concertina then please let me know. Offers around £250 + £20 postage and packing (Royal Mail 24hr tracked service) Now re-listed on eBay (Buy It Now or Make an Offer) => http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/172491850164
  17. GregMarquet

    Selling 2 Beautiful Concertinas

    Hello concertina lovers, I am selling two of my beloved concertinas! An amazing Wheatstone Miniature Maccann Duet that I bought from Barleycorn Concertinas. It plays beautifully and It is extremely rare. So powerful for the size. And an as amazing maybe a little bit less rare 48 keys Lachenal New Model English concertina. I bought this one from David Robertson, and he did a stunning work restoring it. You can check the auctions: 12 keys Wheatstone Miniature Maccann Duet: http://www.ebay.com/itm/302178528085?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 48 keys Lachenal New Model English concertina: http://www.ebay.com/itm/302178472053?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  18. A couple of months back I built a new bellows for an old Lachenal 48-button English concertina, and I think it came out rather well. I used the methods outline on the Homewood site, and my thanks goes out to Bob Tedrow for his excellent instructions. The bellows that were on my squeezebox were not originals, and they were functional but very ugly. Finding the papers was difficult, but the ones I got from Concertina Connection worked out fine. I'll attach a couple of pictures for your inspection. Ben
  19. duetconcertina

    Lachenal 68 Key Duet Concertina For Sale

    Lachenal Duet Concertina, 68 Keys Serial number 2184, probably manufactured between 1848 and 1851 Eight fold bellows in good condition, no leaks or damage. All keys need work to the actions, pads and reeds. There is no box. It can be seen here on eBay => http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Lachenal-68-Key-Duet-Concertina-/172433775625 Currently up for £900 Buy It Now but you can also Make An Offer on the eBay item listing. Happy looking, buying, offering etc Steve
  20. Maryhaddon

    Lachenal Concertina

    I have a concertina with a Lachenal sticker attached as well as a Wheatstone tag on the box. It came with my husband's grandfather from Scotland in 1917. It has 48 bone buttons. I have photos but could not upload them. Can someone advise me on the age of the concertina. The Wheatstone address places the age before 1915. There is also a serial #59055. Thanks for any info. Mary Haddon
  21. H Boyd Concertina

    Rare H Boyd Concertina For Sale

    Rare H Boyd Concertina with case for sale. Purchased in 1999 from Chris Algar of Barleycorn Concertinas. Have handwritten invoices and notes from Chris to Gene. Concertina has metal ends with H Boyd in the metal work on the end. Label says Lechenal & Co, Patent Concertina, Manufacturers, London. 48 metal buttons, metal ends, 5 folds. No professional work done on the concertina since purchase in 1999. Concertina played by Gene, my late husband until 2006. Serial # 45843 pictured. Gene understood it was made in 1890. Kept in case, in heated and airconditioned home. Listed on http://www.ebay.com/itm/191654066174?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649 PayPal payment only. See Post #48 for detailed description of instrument by Cnet member Lawrence Reeves.
  22. Will Moore

    Lachenal G/d Anglo Bargain!

    This is no longer available. Thanks Will
  23. Fumblefingers

    Lachenal Paragon 48 Key English For Sale

    For sale simply because it's not being played and needs a new home. Paragon model, rosewood ends, metal keys, steel reeds; in excellent condition and well tuned at concert pitch. The very clean interior would suggest that this instrument has not had a lot of use since it was made, probably around 1914, but Lachenals are not straightforward to date. Tuned and re-valved by Andrew Norman. Comes with original rosewood box, but don't keep it in this as it holds the instrument the wrong way up! Therefore, also comes with a modern hard case. A sweet instrument - looking for £1100. Photos are available by e-mail but too large to post here!
  24. danersen

    Lachenal Chidley Duet

    Hello, For details, please open the PDF, herewith, which includes a short summary, some photos, and a keyboard layout chart of this instrument. A previous thread about this concertina can be accessed here: http://www.concertina.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=13267 If interested, please contact me directly at danersen using gmail or via the messenger option here. Be Well, Dan Lachenal Chidley SM.pdf
  25. So, I have been talking a lot here and taking up much of your time with questions, which you very kindly answer! I thought it might interest some to know where I am at with things. After much deliberation and a little pain on the bank account, I now own a Lachenal rosewood ended G/D & an Edgley metal ended G/D - both of which I very much love, for different reasons. The Edgley was loud and brash at the start, but after 50+ hours of playing is now settling into itself and has a lovely tone, and incredible response. The Lachenal was a recent acquisition, and arrived in a not great state. I have spent many evenings this week putting things right with this lovely box. I have replaced pads and valves (hat tip to Mark at concertina spares, and Alex Holden for the help and supplies) and have cleaned up the reeds of corrosion and muck as well as resetting a couple of them (were too high and wheezy as a result) I have also treated all the woodwork with Danish oil, giving it a natural sheen and you can tell the wood was happy to have some nourishment! I used a spirit based cleaner to remove the years of accumulated dirt from the lever arms and similar and have cleaned and polished the buttons. So, here are a few sound samples of the two being played: https://soundcloud.com/clevercode/lachenal-rosewood-ended-gd-edgley-metal-ended-gd-comparison. On each tune you hear the Lachenal first, followed by the Edgley for comparison. Please forgive my playing! Each have a very different sound, and I'm glad to have both in my collection. Tunes are: Shepherds Hey The Beaver Bear Dance Below are a couple of images aforementioned concertinas Sorry - I took them under bad lighting, hence the yellow tone to both images! If you really want to see what I've been up to - check out my Instagram feed https://www.instagram.com/clevercode/ Thanks again for all the advice over these months - trust me when I say - the questions aren't over!