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  1. Is this for purchase interest or generalized research? I believe the numbers are on the reed pan and I don't have the proper size screwdriver to get it open. I might be able to get one tomorrow and have a look. Please don't ask me to do this unless you're seriously interested in buying the anglo.
  2. Classic Lachenal c/g anglo concertina w/ rosewood ends, bone buttons, 28 keys (with all the accidentals and repeat notes for irish or morris music), no cracks, new airtight bellows, seals and pads, new straps, no buzzing or out-of-tune notes and lightweight. Purchased from the Reed Lounge in the UK. Steel reeds... mellow tone but not at all quiet. Includes padded bag. $1550 (no lowball offers please). This is an excellent, highly playable instrument for a beginning/intermediate musician. Will only ship within the US.
  3. I'm not clear if you're specifically looking for a concertina instructor or a general teacher for ITM. If it's for the latter, I highly recommend Dan Compton who's primarily a fiddler and accordion player and lives near the Hawthorne area. Someone mentioned Junior Stevens (in Maine, not Oregon)... I believe he also teaches through Skype.
  4. Has anyone purchased a concertina from The Reed Lounge in York? Curious about anyone's experience, the quality of the instrument you purchased, how accurate was their description of it and how were the delivery times? many thanks, Gina
  5. Wondering if anyone has a direct knowledge of the McNeela Phoenix anglos? Yes, I have read some of the other threads on CN about issues this company has raised, but I'm interested in the Phoenix model since it's in a price range I can actually afford and I think has the speed to play Irish music. Questions: 1) Are they made in Ireland or Czechia or China? Are they part of a trend which seems to be Chinese-made but then replace the reed pan with better reeds? Are the buttons plastic or delrin? (in my experience, delrin feels more like bone and has a better grip). I've read about the Czech reeds which, in the one video I've seen, sound pretty good... at least as good as a Morse Ceili. It's listed as being 900 grms... which seems very light. wonder if anyone who's actually played one can confirm this? Many thanks!
  6. A video of the Concertina Connection Minstrel: https://vimeo.com/249717484
  7. Here's a video of the new Concertina Connection Minstrel being played: https://vimeo.com/249717484
  8. Florence, I love both your playing and your taste in Irish music. You let the tunes breathe and sing with no rushing and no distracting flourish. It's 100% concertina—not concertina trying to imitate other instruments. Brava!
  9. $1650 (plus shipping) for a mint condition Morse. That's a 1K less than a new one in virtually the same condition. Such a deal!
  10. It's in excellent condition... no buzzing on any notes. It's a very lightweight and fast responding instrument. I don't have a recording, but perhaps I can scrape something together in the next day or two.
  11. Still for sale. Let's try $1,650.
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