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  1. Thanks for your interest gents, the e-bay entry is now in place. I hope that somebody gets the pleasure from it that I had hoped to get myself. Best wishes, Peter
  2. Hello Edward, Yes but am not sure how to get them to you. Will put some on e-bay in a few days.
  3. I plan to offer my Lachenal double acting bass for sale on e-bay in a few days. Unfortunately, this instrument has been mutilated by the attempt of a previous owner a long time ago to add some extra notes. I did have hopes of re-working it to original format but have finally concluded that the damage is too great to repair. It is short of quite a few lower note reeds and valve pads but the bellows are good and the main structure elements are useable. Accordingly, it is to be offered as spares rather than a restoration project and is mentioned on this forum to reach as wide an audience as possible for what is probably quite a rare instrument and consequent spares interest. Thanks for any interest.
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