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  1. Here's a video clip from worship at Wilshire Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas, 18 August 2019. The combination of EC with harp is lovely. These arrangements were originally for violin and harp - but I was able to play on it on my EC with no problem. I'm still not always happy with my bellows work (the key to the kingdom, eh?) but I'm getting there. And listening to this, I could afford to be more expressive with the phrasing (again, bellows work) - but we were pleased to share this with those gathered for worship. Thanks to Paul Hardy and Greg Jowa
  2. The Frances Wilkins is indeed a wonderful article. Here's the link: http://www.concertina.org/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/PICA09-2012.pdf
  3. I was not quite sure what to call this topic but I'd like to have some conversation about developing arrangements on the English concertina. For now some initial thoughts. I'll try to post an audio clip later today that will illustrate some of what I'm aiming for. 1. There may be nothing more beautiful than an unadorned melody expressively played. I've recently bought a vintage EC from Greg Jowaisas and I just love the sound of an old tune on this EC. 2. An arrangement in music may be similar to flower arranging in that you've got some flowers that are pr
  4. After playing English Concertina for about a year I decided I wanted to find a vintage instrument, that next level up from the entry level Jackie made by Concertina Connection (actually I've enjoyed playing it very much). It was on concertina.net that I ran across Greg Jowaisas' name and began corresponding with him. I live in Dallas, Texas, he lives in Kentucky. I inquired about what he might have to sell and he sent me a list of instruments (English, Anglo and Duet) with details and prices. I selected a few instruments in my price range and he subsequently sent me pictures and sound file
  5. Looks like a wonderful instrument. I would be tempted if I have not just bought a new vintage EC from Greg Jowaisas.
  6. Thanks to Greg Jowaisas, I've just purchased my first vintage English concertina. Wheatstone 48 buttons, brass reeds, rivet action, a warm and intimate sound that's going to be great for playing at home.
  7. Over several months I have read a number of threads advocating for Anglo or Duet or English concertinas with great interest. I had wondered after playing the EC for a year whether I ought to have chosen a different system. It has occurred to me recently that the chromatic nature of the English makes it ideal to play a wide range of keys and a broad range of music. Yes, I can play folk tunes in G and D easily. But when at Christmas the mandolin player of a group I played with wanted to play "Red Haired Boy" in A , well, no problem - I just made the adjustment.
  8. Rich CR I've been playing piano since I was eight so it is the instrument I'm most comfortable with although I also play or have played saxophone, guitar and bass. I asked this same question almost exactly a year ago before purchasing an English Concertina. I suppose I hoped by picking a system that was somehow analogous to the piano (in some way) it would help me advance more rapidly. (One might make the case a Duet is a better analog: LH vs. RH). But here's the thing I've realized. I learned to play piano and guitar and saxophone at different times in life. Ea
  9. Gary, Thanks. It's great to see a list like this. Thanks so much! McDouglas
  10. As I was thinking about the "sighting" in the Dickens Movie, an Image popped into my head of another Xmas appearance.  Rather than re-watch the whole thing, I googled " Nightmare before Christmas" jazz band, and there it was!  Because I'm stuck in "archaic tech"  mode and have yet to grasp how to post pics.,  I thought I'd pass it along to you before putting it up.  If you're tech savvy perhaps you'd post it?  If not I'll put it up later this evening.  I've no Idea if it's been posted before.


    Happy holidays 


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