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  1. rickrussellpdx

    Lachenal 30 Button Anglo C/G for Sale

    Mahogany ended Lachenal, 30 Button, C/G, refurbished by Greg Jowaisas. Looks like serial number 195732, (the last digit is partially obscured). Includes case, which is old but probably not original since the case has a sticker, “C. Wheatstone & Co. ....” Price $1500 which is what I paid for it. You pay for shipping carrier of you choice.
  2. rickrussellpdx

    Concertina related calluses?

    I think Kennead’s explanation is on the mark. Great photo illustrating the point btw! Before I retired, I would get calluses on the thumb side of my index and middle fingers especially in the right hand. When they cracked it was very irritating. I assumed it was from holding my pencil while doing engineering calcs. But that didn’t explain the left hand nor the index fingers since the pencil was not on those spots. But thinking about kennead’s photo, I handled lots of paper and blueprints, holding them between the thumb and index finger! When blueprints where developed with ammonia, the calluses were really bad. Probable some reside on the paper from the printer irritated the skin causing calluses. I play my concertina daily and often but no calluses now from that.
  3. rickrussellpdx

    Irish Concertina Legend, Noel Hill House Concert

    Sorry, probably not any YouTube clips. Noel did release a new CD, last Spring, "Irish Concertina 3, Live in New York".
  4. Greetings fellow music lovers - Portland Oregon, USA House of Doolescu is delighted to host Irish concertina legend Noel Hill for a night of incandescent music on Friday, August 11, from 7:00 - 9:00pm. Noel is a prolific recording artist and consumate performer, as well as a dedicated teacher. Hell be performing here at house of Doolescu at the conclusion of a week of teaching concertina classes in Newberg, Oregon. We ask that you pay in advance, which guarantees you a seat for the concert. You may do this by going to our PayPal link http://www.houseofdoolescu.com/fun/NoelHill.html. Or by sending us a check, or paying with cash in advance. When we receive your payment, we will send you our address. Those who wish to send us a check should contact Nancy in advance at concerts@nancyconescu.com so that she can give you the mailing address. Those who prefer to pay at the door will be seated on a first come, first serve basis after those with reservations have been seated. Please contact me in advance so that we can make arrangements. Hope to see you on . This should be a truly magical show!
  5. Richard, I completely agree! When I first took up concertina I should have gone to the workshop at the first chance, in 2013. It would have greatly boosted my start with the concertina! Last February, I also attended Noel's workshop in Ireland. There was the same welcoming camaraderie and helpfulness. It certainly was the highlight of my 3 week visit there. I too recommend Noel Hill Irish Concertina School, NHICS for Irish traditional music on the Anglo. Rick