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  1. Thanks for the information. I was not aware that the Crane instruments had a different numbering series. So now after nearly 60 years of playing exclusively English system I am looking forward to learning to play the duet instrument.
  2. I bought a 60 stud (plus bowing valve) Triumph Edeophone serial number 4362 from the Salvation Army shop in Melbourne, Australia in about 1965 but rarely played it as I have always preferred my English system instruments. The label on the right hand side is engraved "THE TRIUMPH Lachenal & co London WC". So now that I have decided to let it sing I am interested in discovering its history and age. That serial number is a bit of a mystery, did the Salvos have unique numbering for some of their instruments? I removed the left hand end yesterday for the first time and fixed the reed valves. It is still in the old tuning. In fact it seems as if it has never been serviced since new and is in remarkably good condition. There are no markings on the inside to indicate any service work or dates.
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