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    Playing mainly English traditional music on Anglo concertina and melodeon in two bands and a lot of pub sessions.
    Also play for the local mens and ladies morris sides.
    My day job is tuning, repairing and restoring melodeons. www.melodeonrepairs.co.uk
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    Essex, England.

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  1. Ok thanks Wes, that's really good to know. Martyn
  2. I'm selling my Lachenal Edeophone Crane Duet (Triumph) Concertina. Ebony ends, nickle buttons, steel reeds. 55 - keys Serial number 3850 which I think dates it to early 1930s Revalved, re padded and tuned by Mike Acott about 15 years ago and hasn't really been played much since. Has just been sat in cupboard. (I'm an anglo player) Comes with original case which needs strap and clasp repaired. It looks nicer in the flesh than it does in the photos due to reflections. For any more information please text or WhatsApp 07885 265925 PRICE £2500
  3. I've just added some new instruments to the 'For Sale' page of my website. The concertina is the third item down. http://www.melodeonrepairs.co.uk/Instruments-For-Sale.html Sorry but uk shipping only. Martyn
  4. The long awaited, much talked about Chelmsford Morris 40th Anniversary CD is now available. 'A Right Old Song and Dance' comprises music and song from members past and present of Chelmsford Morris. This is not just a compilation of morris tunes (in fact there are only three on it), the 21 tracks are a mixture of studio and live recordings old and new from the last 40 years. To buy your copy email Celia Kemp at cakemp@hotmail.com Price £10 + £1.50 postage. Thanks Martyn
  5. Hi All, I have just put a restored Lachenal 30-key C/G Anglo on my website, which is being sold on behalf of a customer. http://www.melodeonrepairs.co.uk/Instruments-For-Sale.html Martyn
  6. I hope to be there on the Saturday Al Al, I hope we can get a few tunes together on the Saturday at last. Just look out for the red and white VW campervan (Lucky Lady). See you there. Martyn
  7. That very same concertina was also listed on Craigslist London in early October and has just reappeared there again. I too have been in contact with the seller, who claims the concertina is in Aberdeen. I actually managed to get a mobile number from him, which of course proved to be unobtainable. I have also sent many emails, which have remained unanswered. If this is a scam, and I'm pretty sure it is, what is the point if the 'seller' doesn't follow it through? Martyn
  8. I'll be there and very much looking forward to it. Martyn
  9. Thanks for sharing this Dan. Great website. I couldn't find the concertina tunes though. Martyn
  10. It's Alan Day's Manor Royal played as a march. I think the second one is Polka D'avron, or something like that. Martyn
  11. Up until now I've had my instruments insured on my household policy and it was costing me a fortune for which probably wasn't a particularly good cover. After many phonecalls to insurance companies I've just taken out insurance for my concertinas and melodeons with New Moon. I phoned them and spoke to Joe who was most knowlegeable, helpful and is himself a very experienced musician. It was a very easy process. I just listed all the instruments and their individual values, seperating those that I play in the band etc. from those that stay at home and was given a quote immediately. No photos or proof of purchase required, although obviously if you need to make a claim you would almost certainly need some proof of ownership, photos etc. The cover I chose even includes theft from a locked car (not that I would ever leave my beloved Jeffries in a car). Another attractive feature of this policy is there is no excess. In all I think they offer a very good cover for a reasonable price. Martyn
  12. I've just found this Youtube clip of Anahata and Mary Humphreys playing a brilliant arrangement of A Northern Lass and A Northern Frisk http://www.youtube.com/user/anahatamelodeon#p/a/u/1/03BOQjgSfUc Wonderful.
  13. I'm on there under my full name Martyn White. I find it really handy for finding out about festivals, sessions etc. and just keeping in touch with friends old and new. Martyn
  14. Looking at the posts there seems to be a lot of Wheatstones around from 1851. I wonder if that would be anything to do with the Great Exhibition being that year. Martyn
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