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  1. I second the recommendation for a twenty button Lachenal. They are affordable and may serve to whet her appetite for a better instrument down the road. And if not then, you haven't spent a fortune. You can play a lot of tunes on a 20 button C/G.
  2. I have a student that is looking for a starter instrument. This would be perfect.
  3. Back in January of 2019 a wonderful little Lachenal miniature came up on eBay. Owning a mini and semi mini already, and being short on money at the time, I told myself it was selfish to want another, and that I couldn’t afford the buy it now price. I made a lower offer, and have regretted it ever since. The price was reasonable and of course it sold to someone else within the hour. These minis are so rare, I feel an obligation to document their existence and was wondering if by chance it was someone on here that bought it? Maybe it’s been fixed up?! If no one speaks up, at least maybe this little unicorn can be remembered and preserved in these photos? I had the wherewithal to take screen shots of the listing photos, but not enough to just buy the darn thing myself. Better luck next time I guess. Can anyone tell me what happened to… or anything about this little treasure?
  4. If only I could print money… I could have so much fun with this little gem. Would love to try it out. Someone will be very lucky.
  5. I bought a mini Lachenal in Eb/Bb that I shared in a post here years ago. After trying to rebuild a set of reeds recently (for a different miniature in C/G), I have theorized that perhaps Eb/Bb is the lowest key practical for such a small reed pan. I haven’t found the Eb/Bb key useful in any sessions though.
  6. I am interested in the 22, 24, and 26 key Lachenals. Could you share pics please?
  7. Oh me gaaaawd, I would love to own this. I have the same semi miniature box in a 20 button, in almost new condition… I could put a different set of reeds in it perhaps for a trade? I love this little guy. I’m in the states.
  8. In a couple weeks I’m going to reply to this post... seems strange right? Why am I posting about posting when I could just post? ?
  9. I would be stoked to find another true miniature Anglo!
  10. And wouldn’t you know... I managed to get my hands on another one. This one a semi miniature in C/G in almost brand new shape.
  11. Wow, Dowright I'm very interested in seeing your other miniatures! I posted my mini 20 button lachenal here in the history section and expected to get more response. Maybe these are pretty common?
  12. Lindsey I wish I could tell you something about it, other than it is precious and beautiful and I would love to hold and play it ? It is certainly a treasure, like mine, but difficult to get more information on. Would you be willing to take it apart very carefully and take pictures of the insides?
  13. Hello again everyone. I've just received this little mini back from Greg Jowaisas after he did some excellent work on it. He is recommending new bellows and I'm on board. I've had a brief email exchange with the Dippers and they have the proper jig to make a maximum seven fold bellows. I'm wondering if any of you have miniatures this size and can offer feedback as to whether I should consider trying to find someone who could make eight fold bellows or is there a reason seven is the max the Dippers use?
  14. The reeds on this little guy are stamped as if it were originally in D/A. The only other metal ended true miniature anglo lachenal in (online) history (that I can find) is the one referred to in volume 9 of the Papers of the International Concertina Association and is also in D/A. This makes sense to me from an engineering perspective because the lowest (biggest) reeds on the left hand side wouldn't fit in a reedpan of this size if they were in a lower key. The fact that mine is currently somewhere between Eb and E suggests maybe this was retuned to be played with another instrument in Bb. Just a guess. An interesting fact is that my serial number significantly predates the other lachenal mini by twenty years or so(?). Does this allow any conclusions? I'm really impressed with this powerful little instrument! Been playing it a lot. It makes my 38b Jeffries feel like a sherman tank when I switch back and forth
  15. Thanks for narrowing it down to issue number nine for me. I found that link online but didn't know where to go. It appears from this article that there is only one other Lachenal mentioned of these dimensions and it has 22 buttons. This is beginning to sound like one of a kind. I am totally in love with it. Surprised it only has six fold bellows, and no c# (equivalent). I'm guessing that's what the extra key is on the other one. I really would like to learn more about this thing. Thanks to anyone and everyone for your help.
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