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  1. Please would Members recommend me a site for mutual support for people learning to play the piano accordion.
  2. It's a McCann Duet by Lachenal. Lachenal got the right to use McCann's patent, as the inventor was a performer rather than a manufacturer. To decide on a price to ask, you would need to check whether it's in modern pitch and whether it works properly. The exterior looks in ok condition, and the remains of the original gold stamped straps are there, and should be retained.
  3. I have this thing I do with a notepad app (Evernote) on my phone. I have the names of tunes with dots for the first four bars. Without that, when someone just calls out the name of a tune, I could never remember it.
  4. I have one. The two mics are very directional. When you connect them to a computer, a combination of key presses turns them into a USB drive and you just move the files as you wish. They only allow you to listen to your recordings in a minimal way directly on the device. You may need some time to find out how to position them to record satisfactorily. I have done a few recordings of groups playing, only to find that some instruments were inaudible. A small recording device with an omnidirectional mic might be better.
  5. In another current discussion, I just noticed this... http://www.concertinamuseum.com/CM00297.htm It seems to say that the square shoes ended with Lachenal's improvements in 1848. Can anyone throw further light on that?
  6. I'm bumping this in case there is any interest. Price reduction to 1,300 pounds sterling.
  7. One of my older concertinas - a William Dove (?) around mid-1850s - has square-ended reed shoes and square-cut valves. All other concertinas I have seen have rounded shoes and valves. Is there a technical reason for the rounding? Rounded valves seem more difficult to make.
  8. I was looking at this video of Simon Thoumire: When he plays, his fingers seem to be moving horizontally along the 'columns' of buttons. Is this a special technique? Do you have to move the thumb straps for it?
  9. I replaced he valves both sides, adjusted the alignment, and the only thing that worked in the end (problem now solved) was removing the valve for the affected reed altogether.
  10. On an English concertina, one note sounds weak on the pull until I pull harder, then it comes up with a 'snap' to a normal sound. (Recording attached.) What is the cause and the remedy? Valve
  11. Not Altenburg, South Africa right? I was looking at the SA.
  12. I have one. Don't play it much, but occasionally it's been useful. Because the pitch is high, it's a bit breathy.
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