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  1. I was looking at this video of Simon Thoumire: When he plays, his fingers seem to be moving horizontally along the 'columns' of buttons. Is this a special technique? Do you have to move the thumb straps for it?
  2. I replaced he valves both sides, adjusted the alignment, and the only thing that worked in the end (problem now solved) was removing the valve for the affected reed altogether.
  3. On an English concertina, one note sounds weak on the pull until I pull harder, then it comes up with a 'snap' to a normal sound. (Recording attached.) What is the cause and the remedy? Valve
  4. Stephen Selby

    German EC

    Not Altenburg, South Africa right? I was looking at the SA.
  5. I have one. Don't play it much, but occasionally it's been useful. Because the pitch is high, it's a bit breathy.
  6. Bavarian beer festival. Maybe Annfest. Most of the men have traditional pipes.
  7. This is quite funny social commentary. The old biddy outside the door is about to spoil everybody's fun.
  8. Bandoneon reeds are tuned in perfect octaves, except for the highest notes. The instrument is made from very light wood with a big sounding chamber. The left hand (base) side has baffles.
  9. Fair enough. I have a 48 button MacCann from Lachenal dated 1896 available, restored and in modern concert pitch. But the price would be US$1,900. (The date is on a badge on the concertina end showing the date that it was given as a prize.)
  10. I can sell you a Stagi Hayden for US$850 plus cost of shipping from Hong Kong. It was set up by Button Box and sold new in 2010 for US$995. But the case is no longer available. The instrument is in original condition. The Stagi Hayden implementation is not a full one, but it has most of the notes you need. It is still rather stiff to play. Not a great instrument, but ok for a beginner. Discussion here: .
  11. Mr Francis paid 12/6 (twelve shillings and sixpence) in 1905 (around 76 pounds now). Same for the leather box for his concertina. It came in a hexagonal box like a concertina box.
  12. It's a bit pricy, considering that it needs new bellows.
  13. I paid US1,100 for my Rheinische Tonlage ELA bandoneon three years ago. It had been serviced and re-tuned. But it does not go below C in the right hand, so it's not fully Argentinian.
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