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  1. Stephen Selby

    Jig for Bellows Repair?

    Ah! A job for bent coat-hangers, methinks!
  2. What do the pros use to hold (old) bellows open, to leave both hands free for internal repair? (p.s. 'Spouse' is not a useful answer.)
  3. Stephen Selby

    streamlined ASCII TAB for Anglo

    Does this work?
  4. I shall try it and let you know. The pads were replaced only five years ago. But where I live, the climate might have affected them. There's only a problem with three or four out of 81!
  5. Thank you for your advice, Geoff, which was spot-on, of course! On examining the action board, I find that it may have warped slightly, with the result that two or three key pegs have risen above the peg-holes so that they stick when pressed down. The solutions seem either (a) to build up the pad a bit, so that the key peg rests lower into the peg holes, or (b) to bend the lever arm to let the key down. Any advice would be welcome.
  6. Stephen Selby

    inking on Buttons

    I've ordered the wax from Stewmack and I'll let you see my test run. I have a lot of worn old EC buttons to test on.
  7. Stephen Selby

    streamlined ASCII TAB for Anglo

    I like to show the musical notation together with the tab. I find that printing out to a .pdf file is easy for me and students. Of course, I realise the advantage of ascii text; but it seems very prone to messing up by different displays and fonts. Please see file:///Users/srselby/Downloads/Lads of Alnwick.pdf .
  8. I need to access the action board of a 1910 Wheatstone McCann octagonal Duet with 81 buttons. From the back I can just see two medium screws securing the wrist block. So to access the action board, do I just unscrew the group of tiny screws on the metal ends? Any other advice from those who have done this?
  9. Stephen Selby

    Crane Brothers

    If it adds anything, my Lachenal Crane system duet has 48 steel buttons, flat ebonized ends, Lachenal's 'English Trade Mark' with reed shoe on one wrist block. The serial number is 576. Width across the ends is about 7".
  10. Stephen Selby

    Playing Standing

    I have a leather thong attached around the wrist blocks (Anglo concertina) and around my neck. Works well.
  11. Stephen Selby

    inking on Buttons

    Thanks for that advice. How do you think those letters were put on the buttons in the first place? Surely not carved? Pyrography (burned in with a brand)?
  12. Stephen Selby

    inking on Buttons

    I'm restoring an 1880s Lachenal concertina to mint condition. I've even done the gold blocking on the straps. It's only for historical accuracy: I already know where the notes are 😉
  13. Stephen Selby

    inking on Buttons

    Huh! No answers! So any suggestions? I don't want inks because they could leach into cracks in old buttons. It needs to be a paste that would set hard and be proof against sweat and wear.
  14. Stephen Selby

    SOLD: 12 button Mini Wheatstone English (Oregon USA)

    Did it get sold? I'm interested.