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  1. Wayhay! Sorted ? Thanks Steve - Much appreciated.
  2. Thanks, Steve. Let me make sure I have this right though. By the chamois do you mean the covering at the end of the bellows? Presumably from around the hole where I can see the end of the broken bolt and not from the bellows end. Is that right? Cheers Dave
  3. Hi. Sorry if this is a repeat but I couldn't find another similar. One of the brass end bolts holding the right hand side to the bellows has snapped on my anglo 30 key Lachenal. The end is a fraction below the lever of the belows so I cannot get at it with pliers. I have tried superglueing the top of the bolt on and unscrewing it but that does not do the trick. If I could somehow cut a small slot in it I could get a fine screwdriver in and extract it that way. Any ideas?
  4. Thanks to all who equired about this but it is now sold.
  5. Before I put it on ebay I thought I would try here. Rosewood ends. Bone buttons. Recently restored by Roy Whitely of Cheshire and plays beautifully. I have had it around 15 years and am getting rid of it because I have got an almost identical one and don't need 2! £1200 ONO.
  6. Just noticed your proper name at the end of the post - Sorry John. Mea Culpa :-(
  7. That is brilliant - Thanks ever so much Anglo-Irishman :-) I did notice that the reeds played a double sound. The straps are doubled up too which I would guess either allow for different sized hands or make then extra safe! It was decidedly out of tune and there is one button missing but I think I may be able to do a bit of restoration for him and get it at least partially playable. Have you any idea of when it may have been made? Thanks again. Dave
  8. Bellows (Lots of folds and oddly enough, no leaks!
  9. Sorry - It says I can only upload 3.9Mb and while these files are only about 400Kb I can only upload 1 at a time :-S
  10. Hi All I am sure this has been asked before but I do not know how to look up a picture! A friend has asked me to see if I can find out about a concertina he has been given. I am pretty sure it is German made and low value but it is quite pretty and seems to have some age behind it. The bellows are good. The reeds are brass accordion reeds and it has 'sound holes' on the ends that you can see in the pictures. As I said, I am pretty sure it is of little value but if anyone can put a make an and age to it I would appreciate it. Photos attached. Cheers Dave (Lachenal C/G Anglo. Not a good player :-( )
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