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  1. Yes, apparently it had a white fabric fitted. Any idea where I could obtain some? I am trying to obtain some older pictures of said instrument
  2. Yes, sorry, when I say "baffles" this is a term the customer used, I do indeed mean the maroon grained paper trims that are referred to above. Only, in this case the papers were white. Does this help with suggestions of the correct material to use? (I cannot post photos of said instrument as it is with gentleman who purchased it and I am in the south of england without said instrument. If it helps, it was a rosewood ended 30 key Lachenal)
  3. Hi All I've got a customer who purchased a 30 key Lachenal Anglo concertina but it came without its baffles. I know a lot of people (myself included) play without baffles or remove the baffles, but this gentleman would like the concertina 100% original (or as close as can be if you see what i mean) Bearing in mind the original baffles have probably long disappeared, where can i get, and what is the correct material to make a realistic/authentic set of baffles from, or does any of the kind members out there have a set of baffles they would sell to me to help out? Any thoughts or help with
  4. Hi Everyone, I have put a 48 key brass reeded Lachenal English concertina up for sale on ebay. It's been fully restored, and the listing can be seen here: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=151081708078 I'd love to keep it, but I just can't play an english like I can play an Anglo, and I need to put the money from this one towards my next (G/D rather than C/G) Jeffries!
  5. You should also consider a Storm 2075 Case this one takes a standard size concertina quite comfortably and, apart from a custom made flight case, gives better protection than any other case I've seen. Oh aye............... thanks Theo, I'd completely forgotten about those. Alex Wade uses one, I should of thunk of that. Must be overworked playing all these instruments every day!!
  6. I know the old cases are harder on the instrument. The last old style case i had I always left on it's side, rather than it's end, as I know what that can do long term to the pads and valves. Ideally a proper, blocked, fitted, padded case is what i need I suppose. Might send Wally an email though to see if he'll make one
  7. Hi everyone, I'd like a hexagonal wooden concertina case for my new toy. I have a spare modern square case but it's a bit big! Normally there are some kicking around on ebay, but i can't find any. Condition is not important as I can re-line them, sort out woodwork issues/hinge/handle/catch faults. It's for a normal (6.25 inch) 30 key concertina. Anyone got anything laying around that they don't need? If so, email me at pip.ives.concertina@gmail.com let me know what you have..................................
  8. Hi Everyone, I had a customer enquiry the other day who is looking for a 'Squash box' South African concertina, by Stagi or one of the other makers (hohner etc). I have read the article by Harry Scurfield, and the button layout in that article is what we are looking for. I have attached that button layout to this post Has anyone got any ideas if or where I coudl get one? Even if someone has a 2nd hand one knocking about somewhere that they don't need it would be great!
  9. Hi Everyone I have a Hohner 48 key English concertina for sale on behalf of a good friend who doen't have internet access. It is literally as in as new condition with not a mark or scratch on it anywhere, and is in its original Hohner soft case. It plays perfectly. I have attached one picture, more can be asked for via email. If anyone wants more pictures or information PM me or email me at pip.ives.concertina@gmail.com Looking for £250 including postage.
  10. I would love one of the G/D's but all these items are well out of my price range having just finished uni and moved back to the south east! As to the prices, I'll leave these open to the rest of you to discuss. I don't think I ever met the owner of these, which is a shame as I'm originally from hastings!
  11. Hi Everyone, I have decided to put my Marcus D/A 30 key Anglo concertina up for sale as I hardly ever play it anymore. It was brand new in March 2008, and I bought it as all the fiddle players in the North East seem to like playing in A major and E major. I also sing in D major, so I used it for accompanying singing. However, I now have a 40 lachenal that I tend to use for everything, and with a new melodeon having just arrived it time this found it's way to someone who will use it. It's in absolutely perfect condition, apart from a tiny scratch on one metal end, and a couple of scratc
  12. I wish I could afford the Connor, but at themoment I cannot. I can vouch for the Jeffries as I played this at Dave's just after he had finished restoring it!
  13. Chris, They appear to be the same as the one I was shown in Miltown Malbay a few weeks ago, in which case they're pretty much a direct rip-off of an A.C.Norman inside, as they are outside too. They're also under discussion in the (stickied) Current makes of concertina thread. I had a VERY good look at one at Broadstairs folkweek. They are essentially a copy of an AC Norman standard model, inside and out. However- the quality is nowhere near a Norman. They are apparently built by the same company that are building the music rooms Sandpiper melodeons. The finished model of these is VE
  14. Would you have the sheet-music available for this, Alan? I might be daring enough to try it out. Cheers, Patrick The only dots that I know exist Patrick are in the Nick Barber English Session Tune Book. Al I have no music for it, (but it is definitely in Nick Barbers book), however I do have words to go with it. I learnt the tune from the playing of the catsfield steamers about 15 years ago, and their caller, Jane Downes, is a rather good singer/songwriter and came up with three verses of ratehr extraordinary words for this tune. I'm no singer though, so I doubt I'll b
  15. If this is possible, I will probably keep the Norman for now, as it is a lovely little box. I didn't realise Andrew could modify them that much. Pip
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