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  1. Ann Sanders

    Hand Position

    Thank you everybody.
  2. Ann Sanders

    Hand Position

    Thank you Jim, that is what I meant actually.Being an ex violinist, out of habit I aim to land the tip of my finger on the button but I call that part of my finger the pad.It's the part just behind the nail.
  3. Ann Sanders

    Hand Position

    Hi Perhaps someone might be so kind as to offer thoughts and opinions on the following? I am learning to play Anglo concertina 30 button. I have longish fingers and am struggling to land the pads of my fingers on the G row because I suppose of the length of my fingers and the way I have to bend them back in, if that makes sense? On the plus side I can reach the accidental row no problem. When needing to play the G row I can manage it a bit better by retreating or moving my hands back slightly mid tune so that the strap is not so much centred across the back of my hands but more towards the knuckle, again if that makes sense? This however gives me a slight feeling of losing control as the concertina feels like it’s out in front?? So I suppose my question is, is this needing to move or slide my hands in and out, albeit marginally, ‘ normal’ or do others have to do the same? I hope someone recognises this description or I am bound to sound quite mad. Thank you in advance