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  1. Here's a pretty easy way to find all of Judy's tutorials. Copy and paste "Hayden Tutorial (WHEEEEEE!)" into the search box at the upper right hand corner of this page. The quotation marks are helpful, otherwise you'll get a ton of search results. That search will give you the link to the first tutorial from 2013. Open that link and you'll see the first tutorial, and if you click on her avatar to the left of the tutorial you'll get Judy's profile which has links to the whole series of tutorials. Good luck
  2. Very nice - just visited your Youtube channel and saw you also uploaded some other goodies today. Really enjoyed them.
  3. Very cool, Jody. The scenery is lovely, as is the playing as usual. Thank you.
  4. Guitarist Guy Van Duser came up with this arrangement in the 1970's, and it was later covered by Chet Atkins (and quite a few others on Youtube). It was amazing to see in concert: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-HmRKfX_jmQ&list=RD-HmRKfX_jmQ
  5. Stuart, Thank you for introducing me to this song, and thank you for your other recordings. I find the blend of your vocals, your phrasing and playing very compelling.
  6. Hi voyager, I had an Elise from the Button Box and I found it to be an excellent beginner concertina. In fact, Judy Hawkins from that establishment posted a number of beginner Hayden tutorials in 2013 on this site under Teaching and Learning which I found very helpful. I did sell mine on because of arthritis problems, not because of the Eiise. I'm now squeezing on a 22 button anglo thanks to Greg Jowaisas. It might be worth it to email the Button Box - at www.buttonbox.com - to see what the details on ordering from them might be. They're very friendly and helpful. The manufacturer, also in the U.S., is www.concertinaconnection.com for similar details, or maybe a lead on someone who stocks the Elise in the U.K. Good luck, Frank Edit: Just saw Geoff's post. That may be quicker and less expensive, so you might try that first.
  7. I love your vocals. Beautifully delivered. Of course, the anglo playing is delightful. I look forward to hearing more! Kudos.
  8. Just listened back to the CD Ken kindly sent me of the 10th anniversary show of Acoustic Blend - the public radio folk program that Ken did for a long time at Purdue. Ken included that performance by Chris Layer on the Scottish Smallpipes. Great stuff! Ken did a wonderful job on that show, and they just celebrated their 20th anniversary. Pretty cool. The squeezer's festival in Indianapolis looks intriguing. I'll keep my eyes open for that.
  9. That was lovely. I really enjoyed that. I'm another Boys of the Lough fan from way back.
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