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  1. Julie Atkin sings On the Sunny Side of the Street, accompanied by my Jeffries duet concertina. The song was composed in 1930 by Jimmy McHugh, with lyrics by Dorothy Fields https://youtu.be/G2s1IQu24xY
  2. I see nothing obnoxious! Julie is my secret weapon, abd she's also an exacting musician! Gavin
  3. The classic 1950 hit for Edith Piaf, with lyrics by Piaf and the music by Marguerite Monnot, sung here by Julie Atkin with my Jeffries duet concertina. She is said to have written if for her lover, French boxer, Marcel Cerdan, who was killed in an air crash in October 1949. She recorded the song the following May. https://youtu.be/dW1ibKU8xco Gavin
  4. The classic I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter, composed by Fred E Ahlert with lyrics by Joe Young, made popular by the wonderful Fats Waller, and of course sung here by Julie Atkin. Making this video was a really cheering thing to do on a rainy pandemic Saturday, so I hope you enjoy it! Gavin PS... We made an album some years ago. After being unobtainable for some years now downloadable from Bandcamp, and it's as cheap as chips... https://gavinatkin.bandcamp.com/album/sentimental-journey
  5. Thanks very much. I'd say that it /is/ a useful approachable instrument, and it's a sadness that it seems so likely to disappear over time. G
  6. As we say au revoir to our European chums, Julie sings the beloved 1945 Edith Piaf-Louiguy hit La Vie en Rose with my accompaniment on the rarely heard Jeffries duet concertina. (Fixed... I hope it works for everyone now.) Gavin
  7. We've re-released our 2013 album of Julie's mainly Tin Pan Alley songs mostly accompanied by Gavin's Jeffries duet concertina. It's been unavailable for a long time, but now on download from Bandcamp, priced at £5. 'The voice of an angel' - local music enthusiast 'Sweet and earthy! A warm nostalgic blend of Julie's songs from between the wars. Julie's fine, clear voice is shown off by Swing-style chords on the Jeffries' - Valmai Goodyear, folk club and festival organiser 'I sang all the way home' - Dan Quinn, musician and singer 'An evening unlike any other... Songs from the Twenties and Thirties beautifully sung with a backing of consummate artistry on concertina or melodeon' - Bob Kenward, noted singer-songwriter We hope you enjoy it! Julie and Gavin Atkin https://gavinatkin.bandcamp.com/album/sentimental-journey
  8. Julie and Gav sing and play We'll Meet Again We felt we had to sing this just now. And like most people we're so looking forward to the company of friends and family again one day... Gavin
  9. I posted a link to a YouTube of our recording of The Teddy Bears' Picnic last night - but this morning we've decided to re-record it as we think we can improve on it. Sorry for the messing about... I'll post a new YouTube soon. Gavin
  10. Thanks for letting me know Joy, and for your kind words! Hopefully it's fixed now. Gavin
  11. A couple of amateur, back-bedroom recordings of two classic songs. I hope you enjoy them! Misty: https://youtu.be/E4q1OdLc764 Autumn Leaves: https://youtu.be/4o2spQnqOLk If anyone is like us and still learning, and would like me to explain how we made these, just ask... Gavin
  12. Entertaining ace Jeffries duet player Mike Hebbert - early recordings you may know include Kicking Up The Sawdust and The Ramping Cat - is playing at The Unicorn, Marden tonight at 8pm. It's a free event and will be great fun... Gavin
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CFw5Wv3VsEs Jeffries duets really are a great vehicle for nostalgia, aren't they? Gavin
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