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  1. Thank you for the replies. Yes the concertina is still for sale. I have not prepared any sound clips but can put something together. Please pm me if you’re interested.
  2. Edgley C/G #395. Professional model (hybrid) with angled reed pans, Wheatstone layout. With case. I ordered this from Frank and have been the only owner/player. It has seen very light use over the years and is in essentially new condition. I paid $3040 on invoice dated 11/25/2013 and will consider all reasonable offers. Prefer shipping within the US - buyer pays shipping. Located near Seattle WA. Donation to cnet.
  3. A small group of us recently put this together - it’s a crankie! The tune is interpreted for anglo concertina from Eyesofsea by Matthias Loibner (with permission) You can learn more about crankies at http://www.thecrankiefactory.com
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