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  1. There is a huge market for small trackable devices ,not only for valuables but for children valuable items etc, Sadly what is available has not a World wide tracking system, perhaps linked to a satellite is maybe the future answer. I am reminded of a sign outside a building site in Battersea London near to where I lived that said "THIEFS WILL BE DEALT WITH" and I am sure if any of us find a thief that has stolen our concertina they will be !! Al
  2. https://youtu.be/aWc6GxTO-_Y David was actually spot on with his comments on my playing different versions of the tune each time ,but in this case it is intentional. Here is a slower version for Jake as promised. Al
  3. Thank you David for your comments . Certainly playing by ear gives you freedom that strictly to the written music does not give you. I used to play trumpet in a Glen Miller type band and could not play a note without the music in front of me. When I took up the concertina I realised that playing for Morris Dancing outside a pub ,possibly in a howling gale meant that playing to music would be a no go,so that is why I have always played by ear. Only twice on a special project ,playing Anglo to a Duet arrangement have I used sheet music ., but even then I memorised it after I learnt it. I am happy Jake to do a slow version of this tune and a guide where possible if that would help. I am flattered that you want to play it so do not hesitate to ask. Al
  4. Anglo International is a 3CD collection of players from around the World (Archives and New recordings). The aim of the collection was to demonstrate the versatility of the instrument. It has been much acclaimed and hopefully it reached it's objective. English International followed this one and sadly as Duet could not be released a huge compilation is available here as a free download ,with the help of Daniel and Wes Williams. I hope you enjoy it
  5. Because of the light weight and size of these concertinas they were referred to as Ladies Instruments . I had one of these to restore and tune years ago and I was very impressed with the sound . It was eventually sold to a lovely lady friend who followed the Broadwood Morris and was Director of a local brewery. So how could I resist not letting her buy it.
  6. Some old concertinas are fitted with comedy squeakers and whistles ,normally one on the push and one on the pull. Although these are interesting and amusing my preference has been to replace them with reeds. The sound quality is not as good as a dovetail fitted reed ,but the extra reed is far more useful than a rarely used comedy accessory. Is this your preference ? Al
  7. I think you will find that a number of players have switched reeds around to suit their style of playing. I am one of them and all my Anglo concertinas are the same layout ,so that I can pick up any of my concertinas and the finger pattern is the same. I have a CG ,GD and BpFC . Al
  8. From the past postings regarding this book a number of you have been having a go at the music and exercises it would be great to have some recordings to go with the music. Al
  9. Beginners in general have problems with pull notes and play them much longer than push notes. It is well worth trying to practice short sharp push and pull notes. Al
  10. Hallo Dirge are you OK.

    I still have your recordings how do you feel about them being used here on the Duet page with all the greats

    Best wishes 


  11. I would like to add my thanks to Doug for the very professional way he and his staff treated me during the sales of Anglo and English Internationals. I had nothing but praise from anyone who had dealings with your company and it is a great loss to the Concertina World that you have decided to move on to pastures new. Good luck Alan .
  12. Recordings by the South African player Nico Langeveldt have now been added to the Duet Recordings collection. Al
  13. I remember watching Dave Brady play . He played with the concertina strapped to his leg. He was an inspiration to anyone who has a disability. He certainly played with a strong style and his playing was much admired. Al
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