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  1. All by ear Gregor. Very glad however that you like it. Lots of fun to play Al
  2. I get free (I hope) on Friday so still Wig Wogging Leonard. Wiggling Friday night.
  3. I saw a few players in the early days that were natural players ,being able to split their brains in half and play lovely tunes with the right hand with lovely base runs rolling chords on the left . To be able to hear and appreciate Anglo Duet and English concertinas played to perfection was something to practice towards and emulate. With practice you get better but many would say that you are always reaching for perfection all your playing career.
  4. When I started to learn the concertina I enjoyed watching certain players using their left hand ,with the appearance of walking, or a crab walking across the buttons .It was mainly where they played the base note of a chord, or base run followed by the chord note by note. John Watcham was a master at it and was just lovely to listen to and watch. Timing of course is a major factor. So instead of a full chord it was almost dissected. Most awkward to describe and even more awkward to perform. Al
  5. The idea of changing a drone button is to provide another option when playing chords /base runs etc for the music style I play. Your post Ruairi is interesting because you like to emulate a drone instrument and for your style concentrating on drone playing changing the drone is not a good idea. I rarely play with a drone , but the option is there if I want it . As Clive mentions it can be difficult without a lot of practice to achieve a smooth flow. Al
  6. Richard I have C on the push on my GD Concertina Drone button. (F on the CG) Very useful. Al
  7. I realised some time ago that because I have an identical push note to the drone. The drone push note is a wasted note that could be changed to something more useful like F on the push. It is certainly worth considering. Al
  8. Here we go then, God save the Queen Folk style. Please allow for my finger being out of action due to a broken tendon. I think my Knighthood may be in jeopardy Al
  9. I had hoped you would like it Jim. Al
  10. Wonderful David as usual and thanks for doing it so quickly. Al
  11. Hallo Paul Very pleased for you to adopt my tune, sorry no written music available but if we both ask nicely someone may be kind enough to write it out. One of the problems caused by playing by ear. Al
  12. Thanks David . First try on this new tune and I may re record it when my finger is better. Al
  13. https://studio.youtube.com/video/SuyC8XouM1c/edit Played on a CG Jeffries Anglo with one finger out of action
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