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  1. I would be grateful if one of the older members could put down your memories of the yearly Concertina Competitions or Festival that took place in London The Royal Horticultural Hall was one venue. What were the catagories ,number of tunes to submit etc ?. I attended some of the meetings, but never from memory the Yearly competition. Thanks Al
  2. Thanks for your replies regarding the Annual competitions . I throw these ideas into the ring and if it would put off even one person from joining ,I am happy for it to be thrown back.. I hope you all have a better year this year. Al
  3. I think the basic idea is that if you have a competition to aim for and you are competing against other players it raises the standard of playing not only for you, but for the concertina world in general. Al
  4. I agree with Daniel and I have rejoined the ICA . I attended many of the early meetings when the likes of Tommy Williams used to attend and many of the players much admired today. Each year there were competitions for players to take part in and even a place in those days was worthwhile, I would like to see these competitions re started and made this suggestion some while ago. Each player could now submit their entry and be judged by the I ICA committee or appointed judges and an Email diploma sent to the winner / winners each year. Al
  5. Be careful of the cheap small hearing aids being sold on FB .Plastic over a period of time age hardens (like brass) and the one I tried disintegrated at the place that holds the battery in position, rendering them useless. Al
  6. This is an old recording played in Duet style on a Jeffries Anglo. The arrangement is by Iris Bishop.
  7. I can announce that with the help of Wes Williams and Daniel Hersh a number of new artists and additional recordings have been posted they include Ralphie Jordan, Reuben Shaw, The Derwent Trio, Michael Hebbert, Paul McCann and another three recordings from Leslie Heneker which includes her playing The Teddy Bears Picnic. This is for those of you who are daily walking in the countryside. Your comments are most welcome There are more recordings in the pipe line to follow. Thank you for your continuing support Al (The link is on my last posting )
  8. To carry on from Stephen's posting regarding Gregory Matusewitch success in American Music Hall . It was due to this success that Raphael went to America to have a very successful career playing English Concertina in American Music Hall. Both of these artists playing are included in English International Collection.
  9. Sorry Bazza i got my Footballers mixed up with my concertina players. Thanks Irene XX Al
  10. I still have this book and Julliette photographed each page and posted it on this site. I am considering donating it to the ICA . Al
  11. They wouldn't match my handbag Gazza. Al
  12. I purchased this at an Antiques Fair. I thought you might be interested to see it. Pure gold but only about 20 mm long. Anglo.
  13. Pleased you enjoyed the Anglo Set, thanks for your comments. I thought that these were down loadable from Amazon or possibly on Spotify but I have never checked it out. Al
  14. You could try searching for your person .Top right hand corner and a message sign should come up. There is a limit to the size of video you can send, a link maybe the better option and or to a Utube. links by cut and paste. That is about as complicated as I get, but it works for me. Al
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