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  1. Alan Day

    Gold and Silver by Franz Lehar

    Very nice Tona is there any chance you could put this on the duet recordings page (and others) for the collection . Thanks Al
  2. Alan Day

    Wheatstone Linota sn#27957

    These are wonderful instruments. Al
  3. Alan Day

    Duet Recordings

    Three tunes from Heather Minnion will be posted this week others to follow. Al
  4. Alan Day

    Bradfield Traditional Music Weekend 2019

    Did anyone record it ?
  5. Alan Day

    Kate McNamara

    I do not play much Irish Music but I have learnt from Kate and Mary the technique of bellows control for double and triple note playing. Al
  6. Alan Day

    Stagi Concertinas

    Good luck with these Steve ,I learnt to play the Anglo on a ten pound Hohner with large white buttons and moved to a better instrument when I was ready. An affordable concertina Anglo ,English and Duet systems at a reasonable price lends itself not only to beginners but to introducing the instrument to schools. Al
  7. Alan Day

    Duet Recordings

    Wes is changing that Jeff. Thanks for your support Dee. Al
  8. Alan Day

    Duet Recordings

    Please go to page one where all the duet recordings have been put together by Wes Williams The pages continue for your comments and recordings which will be added to the collection ,the first post on page one. My thanks to Wes for a lot of very hard work. I hope you enjoy the playing which can be downloaded free. Al
  9. Alan Day

    2Many Buttons

    I would like to have been there with two superb players. Al
  10. Alan Day


    Thanks for your message. Wes Williams is doing a marvellous job putting together a great collection of recordings old and new that can easily be downloaded and he sent me a copy to approve last night. Very professional .At the moment it is just recordings not videos and the site will be on going so players can add their recordings in the future.Please give detail;s of your concertina when you send it in. Duet Recordings page. I look forward to hearing them All the best Al
  11. Alan Day

    Quebec Concertinist

    This is Mark Douglas Evans who was featured on English International playing with his group "Obi's Boys". He lives in the USA, but often accompanies his Wife when she is singing in Opera. A famous lady called Dominique Labelle He is an excellent player and singer. Al
  12. Alan Day


    Please would you post this on Duet Recordings to add to the collection Al
  13. Alan Day

    Duet Recordings

    Lovely recordings ,just what we wanted Boney . Many thanks Al
  14. I have been speaking with Lesley Heneker regarding her old recordings and she is going to send them to me.So really good news I have an important message to tell you regarding the arrangements for Duet Concertina By David Cornell. Lesley has the copyright for all these arrangements and read out the details to me. We can use her tracks here (The old recordings are not necessarily his arrangements ) but nobody has the right to publish David,s arrangements for financial gain. Al.