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  1. Many thanks for all your comments on this tutor. I have had messages of thanks Worldwide Initially I sent out free CDs, but it was costing me a fortune. This tutor was originally posted to a friend on this site and has been offered FOC ever since. It is really just a description of how I learnt the Anglo Concertina Thanks to Don Taylor for giving it a home.for anyone who wants a copy . Al
  2. I am happy for any of my tunes to be used for this book but I cannot offer them in written music format. Al
  3. These are lovely instruments. The things you have to consider is the condition, is it in modern pitch and what key is it in . finally how many buttons .These all affect the value of the instrument. Al
  4. I mentioned stick on condenser mikes and the first problem with them is that you get massive sound volumes from reeds close to the mike huge gasps of air if it is near to the air valve. The other thing is when playing an Anglo or Jeffries duet standing up, some of the valves are being baffled by the hand .(not confused). The English and other duets are held differently . Another theory. to a thought provoking subject. Al
  5. Interesting discussion I found that using two mikes, but with a large gap between the mikes and the bellows evened out the sound of the bellows at full stretch and closed. I did many experiments with condenser mikes .Inside the box ,taped to my hand ,screwed onto the face plate under my hand and the condenser mike on adjustable foot long spring arms ,similar to reading lamps. It did not work. Accordion reeds are usually in blocks on a plate and not equally spaced around the box as a standard construction concertina, it may be that there is more of an equal spread of sound with accordion reed construction. Only a guess Jim not a fact. Al
  6. I tried many systems and I came back to two stands with Shore Mikes set about 18 inches from the concertina to allow for bellows movement ,either sitting down or standing up.You cannot move around the stage, but that was the best for me. Al
  7. I always found that I had to turn up the base and take out the treble in large halls to create a better sound.Not really answering you question but worth a try. Al
  8. https://imslp.org/wiki/Category:Bach%2C_Anna_Magdalena
  9. Very nice Tona is there any chance you could put this on the duet recordings page (and others) for the collection . Thanks Al
  10. These are wonderful instruments. Al
  11. Three tunes from Heather Minnion will be posted this week others to follow. Al
  12. I do not play much Irish Music but I have learnt from Kate and Mary the technique of bellows control for double and triple note playing. Al
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