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  1. From the past postings regarding this book a number of you have been having a go at the music and exercises it would be great to have some recordings to go with the music. Al
  2. Beginners in general have problems with pull notes and play them much longer than push notes. It is well worth trying to practice short sharp push and pull notes. Al
  3. Hallo Dirge are you OK.

    I still have your recordings how do you feel about them being used here on the Duet page with all the greats

    Best wishes 


  4. I would like to add my thanks to Doug for the very professional way he and his staff treated me during the sales of Anglo and English Internationals. I had nothing but praise from anyone who had dealings with your company and it is a great loss to the Concertina World that you have decided to move on to pastures new. Good luck Alan .
  5. Recordings by the South African player Nico Langeveldt have now been added to the Duet Recordings collection. Al
  6. I remember watching Dave Brady play . He played with the concertina strapped to his leg. He was an inspiration to anyone who has a disability. He certainly played with a strong style and his playing was much admired. Al
  7. The danceable bit I play is in there somewhere . Al
  8. Well Done Paul .That will mean that there is another part to it. Al
  9. This is my box it is leather and is an old vanity case. It is much admired and can take two concertinas either laying flat or on end. It had an over powering smell of perfume when I got it in an auction and the mirror I removed from the lid. These do become available and polish up like new. Al
  10. Good advice from Dick T . I think it depends on how far you want to go with the instrument,my third concertina was and still is a Jeffries CG Anglo that I thought was very expensive at the time.I traded in my Jones Anglo for the Jeffries at £125 which I worried about. I have never regretted taking the plunge and the reasons have already been mentioned ,but mainly I had reached the limitations of the instrument. I was playing faster than the instrument could play. There is however a long way you can go with a cheaper concertina my first being a Hohner CG that cost me ten pounds. I learnt a lot from playing that instrument and enjoyed a few seasons with the Broadwood Morris Men playing it ,but there comes a time and you know when you get there that an upgrade will assist you to proceed to the next level. A larger investment, but there are few players that regret making the step up .Those that do regret it are not committed to the instrument and that is for the player to decide. Al
  11. Running out of air is a usual problem on the Anglo. There are a few ways to get over this .Is it possible for you to play one or two chords on the pull ,that you are currently playing on the push. The other method is to introduce a grace note in the opposite direction so that you can drag air into the bellows. Play the tune quieter this reduces the amount of air you are using and enabled the listener to hear your voice. Al
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