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  1. Alan Day

    Bad Habits

    Find a quiet room to practice in. At a recent session a woman sang "Don't play to me your concertina !! The truth is I have never loved it.!! Al
  2. Alan Day

    Suggestion For Experiment

    The other thought which comes to mind is the spring steel hardness which Wheatstone used to temper down to blue, but there was never any colours on Jeffries reeds which were very hard to file perhaps not tempered at all. Al
  3. Alan Day

    Bad Habits

    Practice short note playing on both push and pull.Pull notes are more difficult.Pull notes should equal the push. When playing notes in one direction, contnue to practice them as short notes .It is very easy to slur one into the other . The worse bad habit one poor player had, when I did a beginners workshop, was that she was playing her instrument upside down,with the air button out of reach on the left hand. Sadly for two years.and she was playing tunes. Al
  4. Alan Day

    Large Anglo Keyboard Numbering System

    Thanks for your reply Adrian I did realise that using it as an example. Thinking further on this subject ,a more complicated Anglo has accidentals not only on the top row, but on the middle and bottom rows,in fact there are specials (not only converted Jeffries Duets) that have almost four rows. It all becomes very complicated to try and work a straightforward numbering system to cover all the models. Al
  5. Alan Day

    Large Anglo Keyboard Numbering System

    I was just thinking Adrian about 7C it could be a squeeker or a whistle as some old instruments had.( not to be taken seriously) I can roughly see the point you are making, but I should think it would rarely be used ,but stick with it if you like the idea. I have always advised that with an Anglo with more than twenty buttons that you get two large pieces of paper ,one for the left hand and one for the right and put down every note you have and ii's location to the concertina layout you have. A perfect reference for future work. Al
  6. Alan Day

    Large Anglo Keyboard Numbering System

    I have never numbered the accidentals as almost every concertina I have played has a different arrangement.My layout is different now to how they were when I received them.Many makers have different layouts. Sadly I think apart from a twenty button standard layout ,it may create some confusion. Al
  7. Are you talking about Evostick Wes, or a different type of glue? Al
  8. I thought that this video was the one where a group had a big finish, The concertna player on the final chord throws his concertina in the air fails to catch it and it hits one of the band members on the head on the way down. Now that was funny. Al
  9. Hallo Dakota M Thanks for your interest in the tutor. The answer lies in the almost first lesson Ignoring the first note which introduces the tune try initialy 1 & 3 (from the thumb) Only on the push notes nothing on the pull. Then try 1 & 345 or 1 & 5 This is to get your left hand working with your right. The first lessons are important ,many get bored and try and advance to the tunes too early .I spent hours with just 1 & 3 so I could play it without even thinking about it. It is how I started learning the Anglo and full chords, or base runs came much later for me. Good luck Al
  10. I must admit Wolf that I did not listen to her playing, but the fanning action of the bellows reminded me of her. Perhaps she has learnt the style from Edel's tutors.
  11. Just from the way she is holding her concertina I would think it is Edel Fox. A lovely player and a lovely lady that I met at Lewes Folk Club. Al
  12. Alan Day

    Free Tutor Missing

    Many thanks for your posting and good luck.The early excersizes are the important ones ,try not to rush through and on to the tunes before you have mastered the left with right combination.It has been pointed out that there are many ways to play music not just my style ,but it will do you no harm.The Tutor (originally recorded for a friend and not for distribution) has found it's way around the World.I did originally burn CD copies and send them out but it proved too expensive so i owe a great favour to those kind enough to host this on their site. Your posting and many others have made it worthwhile. Al
  13. I'm currently very stressed for time, so I'll save my comments on the actual topic for a bit later, but I'll mention that about 1½ weeks ago I spent a pleasant afternoon with Göran (with an "n"), and we discussed various technical issues, including and especially the fact that different "solutions" seem to work "best" for different individuals. Jim thanks for popping in to see Goran. How is he now ?,Not too good the last Email I had from him. Al
  14. Alan Day

    Free Tutor Missing

    Thanks David for your continuing support for this project.Also of course for your initial work writing out all the dots for the tunes,which I hope is still available on the new download. Thanks Etan for hosting this Tutor all these years,much appreciated by me and many who have learnt a bit from your generosity. Al
  15. Alan Day

    Free Tutor Missing

    Thank you very much for this Don I will pass this on to a player who wanted to use the Tutor. Al