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  1. This is my box it is leather and is an old vanity case. It is much admired and can take two concertinas either laying flat or on end. It had an over powering smell of perfume when I got it in an auction and the mirror I removed from the lid. These do become available and polish up like new. Al
  2. Good advice from Dick T . I think it depends on how far you want to go with the instrument,my third concertina was and still is a Jeffries CG Anglo that I thought was very expensive at the time.I traded in my Jones Anglo for the Jeffries at £125 which I worried about. I have never regretted taking the plunge and the reasons have already been mentioned ,but mainly I had reached the limitations of the instrument. I was playing faster than the instrument could play. There is however a long way you can go with a cheaper concertina my first being a Hohner CG that cost me ten pounds. I learnt a
  3. Running out of air is a usual problem on the Anglo. There are a few ways to get over this .Is it possible for you to play one or two chords on the pull ,that you are currently playing on the push. The other method is to introduce a grace note in the opposite direction so that you can drag air into the bellows. Play the tune quieter this reduces the amount of air you are using and enabled the listener to hear your voice. Al
  4. http://www.concertinas.org.uk/DuetAudio.htm More excellent recordings added to this comprehensive collection . It includes Irene Shettle singing to Ralphie accompaniment and the Iris Bishop collection. More recordings imminent. Al
  5. The strap tightening is an important factor with this subject. The ideal is that the straps should not be so tight you cannot reach the buttons, but tight enough that if you arch your hand it pushes the strap hard against the back of the hand, thus holding the concertina in position tightly. The other useful tip is that if you hold the concertina in the praying position (obviously with the hands apart to hold the concertina) it is usual the the corner of the concertina hexagon fits neatly into the ridge at the bottom of the hand almost digging in. Notice how tight the blind player
  6. Firstly I must thank Daniel for bringing to my attention that the ICA had one third of the book missing ,I remember that Juliette had copied the pages up to a certain point and circumstances prevented her from finishing it. I copied the remainder but it appears these copies never reached the ICA. Luckily these missing pages were still on my computer and it was an easy job to pass them over to Colin Whyles. I must compliment Colin on the presentation of the book on the link supplied ,each page can be turned as if it is being read. I still have the book (actually by my side at the moment)
  7. It can be found in the Music Library Archives where there is a link.
  8. After all this time the ICA have informed me that the download they have is incomplete . I checked this out and indeed they were missing the last 70 pages, which included Prince Alberts tune written for Victoria. I can now confirm that the ICA have now received these missing pages and they will be updating the book in their archives. Please note that this book has been put together by Mr Hayman as his favourite concertina pieces of music , practice scales etc. and some of the listed music is not included. Al
  9. I would be grateful if one of the older members could put down your memories of the yearly Concertina Competitions or Festival that took place in London The Royal Horticultural Hall was one venue. What were the catagories ,number of tunes to submit etc ?. I attended some of the meetings, but never from memory the Yearly competition. Thanks Al
  10. Thanks for your replies regarding the Annual competitions . I throw these ideas into the ring and if it would put off even one person from joining ,I am happy for it to be thrown back.. I hope you all have a better year this year. Al
  11. I think the basic idea is that if you have a competition to aim for and you are competing against other players it raises the standard of playing not only for you, but for the concertina world in general. Al
  12. I agree with Daniel and I have rejoined the ICA . I attended many of the early meetings when the likes of Tommy Williams used to attend and many of the players much admired today. Each year there were competitions for players to take part in and even a place in those days was worthwhile, I would like to see these competitions re started and made this suggestion some while ago. Each player could now submit their entry and be judged by the I ICA committee or appointed judges and an Email diploma sent to the winner / winners each year. Al
  13. Be careful of the cheap small hearing aids being sold on FB .Plastic over a period of time age hardens (like brass) and the one I tried disintegrated at the place that holds the battery in position, rendering them useless. Al
  14. This is an old recording played in Duet style on a Jeffries Anglo. The arrangement is by Iris Bishop.
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