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  1. Alan Day

    Quebec Concertinist

    This is Mark Douglas Evans who was featured on English International playing with his group "Obi's Boys". He lives in the USA, but often accompanies his Wife when she is singing in Opera. A famous lady called Dominique Labelle He is an excellent player and singer. Al
  2. Alan Day


    Please would you post this on Duet Recordings to add to the collection Al
  3. Alan Day

    Duet Recordings

    Lovely recordings ,just what we wanted Boney . Many thanks Al
  4. I have been speaking with Lesley Heneker regarding her old recordings and she is going to send them to me.So really good news I have an important message to tell you regarding the arrangements for Duet Concertina By David Cornell. Lesley has the copyright for all these arrangements and read out the details to me. We can use her tracks here (The old recordings are not necessarily his arrangements ) but nobody has the right to publish David,s arrangements for financial gain. Al.
  5. Alan Day

    Duet Recordings

    I have found an old CD of the Concertina Concert ECMW 2003 which features amongst others Mike Hebbert (I think) and two wonderful recordings by Iris Bishop. Was anybody there ? I will with some help post them here. Thank you all for your support so far. Many more recordings to come. Al
  6. Alan Day

    Duet Recordings

    No need to apologise to me ,I am still working on my steam driven computer.
  7. Alan Day

    Duet Recordings

    Many thanks. Mike Acott should be posting soon ,he was at the session tonight. Al
  8. Alan Day

    Duet Recordings

    Thanks Richard I assume that these are in addition to those posted by Jim Besser above. Your link does not appear to be working. Al
  9. Be very careful when you use foam it eventually breaks down into minute particles that would be a disaster inside a concertina and would block all your reeds. Al.
  10. I wonder if anyone can help me .I have an old recording on cassette from a Dave Townsend ,concertina weekend Of I think Jean Megly playing a Russian Tune. There is a lot of laughter on the recording so I suspect it is him , Was this recording on the ICA selection of him playing .If not I will get it posted on the Duet recordings page, Al
  11. When I lived in Crawley in Sussex a young lady knocked on my door and said that I understand you know all about concertinas .I have just purchased one what is it. It was Iris and she had just purchased a Duet. In no time at all people were raving about her playing.and have done so ever since. I have been in touch with Iris and hopefully she will be sending in some tracks. Al
  12. Thanks Richard -Jim Besser has kindly posted up some recordings of Nick in Duet Recordings where I hope to create this collection. Please have a listen,If your recordings can add to what Jim has posted please let me know. Al
  13. Hallo RAC I have been informed that with the help of Paul and Ken I am in control of the recordings situated on the page Duet Recordings (Concertina Videos and Music). It will be possible when many more recordings have come in to lump them all together to form a collection. The Maurice Harvey Duet Archive will be posted up in about two weeks which with about twenty tracks including two of the Kensington Concertina Band is a CD on it's own. If any of you know of a Duet player of ability, we require ideally 2/3 tracks- they can be either solo playing, with other musicians ,providing the concertina is dominant or singing accompaniment. Thank you all for your interest. Al
  14. There is a possibility that the recordings could be downloaded in CD format. If some people have technology problems regarding this option (I list myself in that group) we may be able to find a person out there to provide a CD (at cost) to provide this service. Al