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  1. You can reduce the amount of strain by playing very quietly. Al
  2. I would say that if you turned up with a new tune every Month good enough for a session ,you are doing remarkably well. Lots of tunes have similar patterns and after much practice picking up tunes may be slightly easier for you. You may be some time. Al
  3. Very nice playing Jim and not the easiest of tunes.
  4. Wow 16000 Views on the Duet Page. FANTASTIC.
  5. My error here I forgot to tell Gary about the ICA link to my tutor. All sorted now. Many thanks to Gary, Don for the link to my Tutor, David and of course ICA. A great honour to have all my tunes in book form ,with a lovely racing green front cover . Gary has done a wonderful professional job as usual. Al
  6. Following some more excellent work by Wes we are pleased to announce the addition of Jean Megly recordings to the collection. I have always admired Jean's playing and fun personality. There are some more recordings to come ,but this represents a small part of his contribution to the concertina World ,sadly now lost due to his recent departure, RIP Al
  7. I would look forward to that Ryo. Great Show Riverdance I saw it live at Hammersmith (London) and as usual it got a standing ovation. Al
  8. Well played Ryo, have you any solo performances without the piano ? As brilliantly as she is playing the balance of sound from the piano is dominating your concertina. Al
  9. If of course the button is too high the the button pillar comes out of the pilot hole and the button jams up, or wears the sides of the hole away and eventually may need bushing. Button height adjustment can usually done by increasing, or decreasing the pad height. Bending the levers sounds a bit drastic to me unless they are clearly wrong. Sliding across the base notes on a run are easier if the buttons are lower. Al
  10. On this interesting discussion the difference between Anglo and English has been discussed. If you are playing a complicated piece of music on an Anglo - Three factors have to be taken into consideration. A)Running out of air B)Is the chord, or note you require on the push, or the pull. C)For very fast or complicated fingering do you require to use the accidentals or cross row playing. The Anglo can be played like a Duet if you have accidentals (Normally three rows). A full scale on the push and or, on the pull is possible with practice. In the same way an English System can be played to sound like an Anglo, but repeating what has already been said ,it takes practice. Each day you realise just how much time it takes to improve and master these instruments and never achieve it ,but it's a fun journey.
  11. Wes Williams has informed me that he has successfully adjusted the sound on the recordings by Kurt Braun and these have now been added to the Crane Duet Section of this Duet Collection. We have located some recordings of the playing of Jean Megly, since hearing about his sad loss to the Concertina World. Wes has a considerable amount of work to do on these old recordings mainly on cassette and these will be posted up on completion. Other players have promised recordings in the future, so we look forward to receiving them . Thank you for your support and thanks again to Wes and Daniel for their hard work. Al
  12. Best thing I ever did Geoff. It was not long after I had it that John Kirkpatrick had a play of it and told me what a pleasure it was to play a concertina so well in tune. Al
  13. Thanks for this Geoff , I have never ever seen one even in Antique shops and would not have known what it was if I saw it. By the way I still own and play the Jeffries CG I swapped for a Jones concertina in your shop. I thought my life might be in danger when I got home, £125 was a lot of money then. Such was the Sales ability of Neville. I met you and your Dad at the same time. WE have of course been friends ever since. Have a good year. Al
  14. Thanks for your comments Simon. Second tune title added. Al
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