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  1. One way of not catching the virus is to play every thing on the push 🙂 Al
  2. Exactly Clive ,one tune I play I used the same chord in the opposite direction purely to drag air into the bellows. Al
  3. I remember quite clearly when I first started to play the Anglo that I was breathing in and out to the bellows movement . The only problem was that on a long run push or pull I would be gasping for breath. Certain tunes I would be absolutely exhausted by the time I finished. I managed to solve it by not playing the instrument at all . Taking deep breaths in and out and imagining that I was playing ,but keeping regular breathing. After some time I managed to cure myself of the habit ,which is just as well as I may have died from exhaustion. Al
  4. You have been given great advice and using the air button whilst playing a note to drag in or lose air takes practice. I would however recommend that you list all the notes push and pull on the LH and RH and you will notice that in many cases you have the same note on the push or on the pull ,this will not only increase your ability to play some chords against a note that does not occur in the direction you are playing ,but also gives you a chance to have more air .With a number of accidentals it is possible to play a scale in both directions. This sometimes opens up the key to playing that you did not think was possible. Al
  5. Site now updated . More to follow. Thanks to Wes Williams and Daniel Hersh for their assistance. http://www.concertinas.org.uk/DuetAudio.htm Al
  6. I looked recently on Amazon and both Anglo and English Internationals were still available. Button Box used to be stockists and may possible have some left. Duet is gradually taking shape ,give it a week or so and four new artists will be on there. The link is available on my last posting but the new players are going up soon. Al
  7. You have a superb instrument and you have obviously master playing Irish Music on it, but you have a vast range of music available to you ,certainly if you start using the incidentals to create a Duet /Anglo style. If you get a chance listen to Anglo International which demonstrates the various styles available to you on the Anglo. Al
  8. I have the updated recordings (including your's David) It is just waiting our comments before it is posted ,So sorry I have been a bit too quick I will let you know as soon as the page is amended. Al
  9. I will investigate It is the right page Al
  10. Four new players have been added to this most comprehensive Duet players page. Thomas Restoin Gary Coover Marien Lina John Thornton There are more recordings to follow Thanks to Wes Wesley for his hard work and to Daniel Hersh for his help with this project. Regards Alan
  11. With the help of Daniel Hersh and Wes Williams, there is a lot going on behind the scenes of this Duet page. Lots more recordings to come and look forward to. Al
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