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  1. SqueezEast have some that we hire out. Contact details on web site http://www.squeezeast.org.uk/index.php
  2. Another vote for SPN. If you want to avoid ambiguity when, for example, ordering an instrument.
  3. Here's the layout of my 39 key CG Wolverton. The extra 'crossover' buttons on the right hand give even more options; and although I've lost my drone C to get the bass D it's been worth it. https://anglopiano.com/?_30_eFHnJKNMmn_170_QPPQsSVtTv._15_cGGIijkLMNnJ_80_rMoOqpSRuTwURq.IHjlMNOopqLm_110_poSrUTvuYwts._145_lk_125_dd_170_ONXx&title=Andrew%20Collins'%2039b%20CG%20Wolverton
  4. It's the same for me. If it's a piece I like then I'll play it lots and I'll memorise the unusual fingering, but if it's one I don't play much then those few extra characters in the score make all the difference when I next have to sight read it.
  5. Yes, I only use this occasionally. I find it helpful for reminding myself of good-but-not-obvious fingerings I may have worked out for a semi-forgotten tune !
  6. I occasionally want to write a reminder of which bellows direction I want a note in - and I use "<>" for pull ( bellows opening ) or "><" for push. If I want to record the finger number as well - then I use the finger number ( 2 - 5 ). So for example <4> under a note is a reminder to go for a pulled note with my ring finger.
  7. Having done a number of lessons with John, I can highly recommend these. It has made a huge difference to my ability.
  8. Spotted this in a book of old photos about Sheringham ( Norfolk, UK )
  9. Spotted this print in a pub the other night - titled Magpie Carnival by an artist named Mavis Harris ; dated 1986. Sorry it's not a very good image.
  10. Did the first one of these last year and it was great, very informative & helpful as well as being a good fun weekend. I'd definitely recommend it - I'm booked on the "More ..." weekend for October
  11. I'm surprised at how little difference there is there. I think the higher notes sound brighter with the metal ; but some of that could just be that I'm expecting that. Might have to arrange a "blind" listen to be certain
  12. I can thoroughly recommend John's lessons. I've found that one to one lessons are definitely more effective than group lessons ; and zoom works much better between two people than it does for a larger group.
  13. Here's my case - made by https://5star-cases.com/ that Mike mentions above. I've been very pleased with it. It's pretty heavy, especially with two concertinas in it ; but is sturdy enough to double as a seat on end.
  14. I've now had some positive experience with JamKazam as well .... a couple of very good sessions with a friend in west Norfolk ( some 50 miles away ) - latency around 22mSec which is pretty good. One of the weak points of the software seems to be it's ability to find other people to connect to ( I'm not really up for joining in with random jams with people ) .... but reading the forum posts from their developers I get the feeling they are struggling to keep up with the recent massive demand on the software ! Andrew
  15. It's more involved than just "install-and-go" - but certainly not massively complex. The instructions here https://thesession.org/discussions/44856 are really helpful. If you have a computer with a wired network connection ( ie not using wifi ), a microphone and some headphones - plus a bit of time - then it's worth a go ; as you can get it installed, configure your audio gear and check your latency. I got it working a couple of days ago to a friend who lives 50ish miles away and we had a play. We had a 20ms latency - which was very workable.
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