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  1. Nice work Christine. You made it easy to recognize him. Envious that you will be seeing him in concert
  2. Actually all of those places are quite far from me , about four hours of driving . But I might try to start one in Presque Isle or maybe right here in Fort Fairfield. Like your idea of a new thread. Not sure if I can find anyone near here that plays ITM
  3. This is such a helpful discussion. I am a real beginner, exactly two years with my first instrument ever. I also live in a very remote area with no teacher or sessions. I do try and play with recordings and it is more challenging even when I slow them down I am easily distracted. What do you think I might do if I wanted to start a “SLOW Session “ i have been thinking unless I take action , I will never know if there are others around me who want to play .
  4. I would encourage you to enjoy yourself at the sessions . You are lucky to have one. I am sure you will eventually conquer the blowouts. Consider how far ahead of me you are. I can’t play anything to session speed. But we will get there
  5. Thanks for the info. I may look at the software but it would have to run on my Windows laptop that I hardly ever use. I also looked ABC Easy Notes but could not really understand how to make it work. Many years ago I probably could have. Too bad someone doesn’t make an app to do this. I only use ABC notation but I think this would slowly have me reading music.
  6. I particularly like the way the music is written but I haven’t been able to find Easy Notes. Can you point me in the right direction
  7. Actually the Morse has moved on to another new student. It served me well
  8. Hi Jody, You may not remember me but we met two years ago at NESI. I was the old woman who couldn’t stop smiling because I had for the first time found the instrument I wanted to play. You and Doug Barr helped as I looked for an instrument to buy and were so kind all weekend. at the time I bought a Ceili. A few months later, I was lucky in life. I was able to get a Dipper at a gift price. After my family members I treasure it most. BUT you absolutely speak truth “ A beginner will still sound like a beginner regardless of concertina vs accordion reeds in the box.” But as Wolf has said my Dipper sure makes it easy to want to keep getting better.
  9. It is working for me now but I believe he is playing an English. I got quite excited since I will be in Quebec City soon
  10. I would also love to learn this. Once again, for me Abc notation is easiest although I can read html.
  11. I am also not really able to read regular dots. I find abc notation works the best for me.
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