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  1. mathhag

    Elastic band

    Not sure what you mean by other way around but I put the soft side toward the concertina. I may look for some pretty ribbon and sew Velcro closings.
  2. mathhag

    Elastic band

    So here is what I ended up doing. Works great.
  3. mathhag

    Elastic band

    When I first got a Concertina I was at NESI . The gentleman from the Button Box explained I should not leave my Concertina just out on the table. He said it was important to leave the bellows closed. So he said I should leave it in the case or get a band to keep it closed. At the time I figured I would always keep it in the case. But now it want to practice more shorter sessions during the day so having it out would keep encouraging me to pick it back up. Could anyone describe what a “band” should look like, how it is made? A picture?
  4. mathhag

    Why Give Up

    So I am not sure how much you will find out about why people quit on this forum since most of us have not. I know I belong to the group that simply loves my concertina. I am 67 years old and it is the first instrument I have ever been able to play. Now I am a very poor player but I get better every day. I have no one to play with but I enjoy the music I play. It is the highlight of each day. On Monday I had a hiatal hernia repaired and just got out of the hospital on Wednesday. Everyday even in the hospital I thought about playing. I am quite sore and pretty groggy from pain meds but I am going to give her a go right after I finish this message
  5. mathhag

    Jeffries Bros 31 button C/G for sale

    That is a beauty. Wish I needed another concertina. You might check with The Button Box for an appraisal that is what I did. If your financial issues allow you to keep it and you play, I would come down from the County sometime to play with you. I am really a very poor player but I love playing and would so like to find someone to play with
  6. mathhag

    Niall Vallely

    Thanks Bruce. I would love to see him live also. Unfortunately even if he gets to the east coast it will be a journey. But I believe I would try. and I will take a listen to Childsplay.
  7. mathhag

    Niall Vallely

    Great resource. I was lucky enough to get the Cd from Jim Burke. But I will say the old technology, including my slow computer has made it a challenge to use. I might try this. Thanks
  8. mathhag

    New British £50 note.

    So I have always been a big fan of Ada. But I had never heard of Rosalind Franklin. Although I always considered a highlight of my life when I was 17 and walking by the University’s Of Chicago Presidents home and who should come out but James Watson . He invited me in for tea with his wife.
  9. mathhag

    Irish Trad in Venice

    So you were in Venice while I was in Spain and Morocco. I found a few accordions but no concertinas. Still a wonderful experience. BUT today I finally played my Concertina for the first time in weeks. It was a joy
  10. mathhag

    Unlikely event

    Not really looking for anything just thought it would be fun to find something. I did leave mine at home so maybe I could find one to travel with. Also it would be the challenge of finding one where you don’t expect it. Have fun in Venice
  11. So I am currently in Southern Spain and soon to be in Marrakech and Essaouira. Anyone know of places to shop for Anglos? I know it is not likely but never hurts to ask
  12. mathhag

    Concertina care

    So I do have very dry heat in my house. Forced air and sometimes a wood stove. I will be turning it down when we are away and I think I will leave the concertina in the basement . In the future I may get a small room humidifier for when I am playing also. Since it is a Dipper , I always try to follow any advice from Colin and Rosalie. Thank you all for these great suggestions.
  13. I know I sometimes obsess i will be away for almost a month. My house will be heated. What should I do to be sure my Concertina is not too dry? i use a tool that tells me the humidity it I will not be here to adjust. if I just put it in a plastic bag I’ll that be enough?
  14. mathhag

    Irish Concertina Lessons

    Hi Bruce, i am looking forward to the lessons. I tried the sample today and I think it is just want I need. Hope to see your book soon susan