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  1. mathhag

    Unlikely event

    Not really looking for anything just thought it would be fun to find something. I did leave mine at home so maybe I could find one to travel with. Also it would be the challenge of finding one where you don’t expect it. Have fun in Venice
  2. So I am currently in Southern Spain and soon to be in Marrakech and Essaouira. Anyone know of places to shop for Anglos? I know it is not likely but never hurts to ask
  3. mathhag

    Concertina care

    So I do have very dry heat in my house. Forced air and sometimes a wood stove. I will be turning it down when we are away and I think I will leave the concertina in the basement . In the future I may get a small room humidifier for when I am playing also. Since it is a Dipper , I always try to follow any advice from Colin and Rosalie. Thank you all for these great suggestions.
  4. I know I sometimes obsess i will be away for almost a month. My house will be heated. What should I do to be sure my Concertina is not too dry? i use a tool that tells me the humidity it I will not be here to adjust. if I just put it in a plastic bag I’ll that be enough?
  5. mathhag

    Irish Concertina Lessons

    Hi Bruce, i am looking forward to the lessons. I tried the sample today and I think it is just want I need. Hope to see your book soon susan
  6. mathhag

    Niall Vallely

    Wonderful! I sent you an email. Thank you so much
  7. mathhag

    Niall Vallely

    I just finished an eight hour drive. Most of the time I was enjoying the three CD set ANGLO INTERNATIONAL. What a joy! Best purchase. Since I was driving i didn’t have the liner notes but a certain set on the third CD just captured my heart. When I got home I found the artist is Niall Vallely. I was particularly taken with track six. Amazingly it is The Mathematician (that’s me at heart), The Independent (so I have been called) and Sean McGuire’s reel ( my mother’s maiden name is McGuire). Coincidences are such fun. Anyway I have now found out that once upon a time he made a cd tutorial. None of the links to find it work. If anyone owns a copy and would part with it please contact me. or if you can direct me to a source many thanks, susan
  8. mathhag

    Concertina Bow Arm

    Hi Bruce, Where can I find this?
  9. Just received mine. I am in heaven. Such wonderful tunes and musician. So glad I purchased it.
  10. mathhag

    Deposit Sent!

    Congratulations, I know how excited you must be. But I also used a Ceili and she served me well.
  11. Just wondering if a REAL novice would be able to attend. I just returned from Boxwoods at Lunenburg Nova Scotia. It was a great experience with Mairaid Hurley. She was a wonderful teacher and can really shred a concertina when she performs. But the other players had at least 5 years experience. I started playing last September and it is my first instrument. I would love to attend more training since I live where I have no teacher but don’t want to be out of place as the slow one. Amazing that I am already thinking about next year
  12. What do people use for digital recorders?
  13. mathhag

    Help! banish Misfortune

    Thank you. That is wonderful
  14. mathhag

    Help! banish Misfortune

    Oh I am in the states where we have a an awful lot of misfortune to banish
  15. I am hoping someone would be willing to post a very simple version of Banish Misfortune. I am very new to any instrument and learn best when I know the tune well. Thanking you in advance