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  1. mathhag

    Garys new (?) Wolverton: a comment

    Actually the Morse has moved on to another new student. It served me well
  2. mathhag

    Garys new (?) Wolverton: a comment

    Hi Jody, You may not remember me but we met two years ago at NESI. I was the old woman who couldn’t stop smiling because I had for the first time found the instrument I wanted to play. You and Doug Barr helped as I looked for an instrument to buy and were so kind all weekend. at the time I bought a Ceili. A few months later, I was lucky in life. I was able to get a Dipper at a gift price. After my family members I treasure it most. BUT you absolutely speak truth “ A beginner will still sound like a beginner regardless of concertina vs accordion reeds in the box.” But as Wolf has said my Dipper sure makes it easy to want to keep getting better.
  3. mathhag

    Quebec Concertinist

    It is working for me now but I believe he is playing an English. I got quite excited since I will be in Quebec City soon
  4. mathhag

    Help with a video game song arrangement?

    Thank you , Sebastian
  5. mathhag

    Help with a video game song arrangement?

    I would also love to learn this. Once again, for me Abc notation is easiest although I can read html.
  6. mathhag

    New to Concertina and music in general

    I am also not really able to read regular dots. I find abc notation works the best for me.
  7. mathhag


    I would recommend The Button Box
  8. mathhag

    My introduction and question.

    I am very lucky to own a fabulous Anglo CG made by Colin Dipper. Too glorious an instrument for someone of my talents but I treasure it. when I first decided to play something in the free reed family. I attended NESI and saw all my choices. I was just really drawn to the Anglo. So I bought Morse Ceili from the Button Box. It was very nice and really everything I needed but I had a chance for this Dipper and just couldn’t pass.
  9. mathhag

    My introduction and question.

    I am using Caitlín’s lessons and they are perfect for me
  10. mathhag

    My introduction and question.

    I am also retired with no musical experience but started playing 18 months ago. I love it. I went to both UF and Fla State and know Dunedin. I now in live in far far Northern Maine with no teachers or sessions. Enjoy
  11. mathhag


    Yeah this is not a big thing just slight discomfort after about an hour
  12. mathhag

    Ear training

    I would often try to get my students to copy problems, especially calculus. I am convinced that the act of writing helps our brains in ways we don’t really understand
  13. mathhag

    Ear training

    And Anglo-Irisman