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  1. mathhag

    Help with a video game song arrangement?

    Thank you , Sebastian
  2. mathhag

    Help with a video game song arrangement?

    I would also love to learn this. Once again, for me Abc notation is easiest although I can read html.
  3. mathhag

    New to Concertina and music in general

    I am also not really able to read regular dots. I find abc notation works the best for me.
  4. mathhag


    I would recommend The Button Box
  5. mathhag

    My introduction and question.

    I am very lucky to own a fabulous Anglo CG made by Colin Dipper. Too glorious an instrument for someone of my talents but I treasure it. when I first decided to play something in the free reed family. I attended NESI and saw all my choices. I was just really drawn to the Anglo. So I bought Morse Ceili from the Button Box. It was very nice and really everything I needed but I had a chance for this Dipper and just couldn’t pass.
  6. mathhag

    My introduction and question.

    I am using Caitlín’s lessons and they are perfect for me
  7. mathhag

    My introduction and question.

    I am also retired with no musical experience but started playing 18 months ago. I love it. I went to both UF and Fla State and know Dunedin. I now in live in far far Northern Maine with no teachers or sessions. Enjoy
  8. mathhag


    Yeah this is not a big thing just slight discomfort after about an hour
  9. mathhag

    Ear training

    I would often try to get my students to copy problems, especially calculus. I am convinced that the act of writing helps our brains in ways we don’t really understand
  10. mathhag

    Ear training

    And Anglo-Irisman
  11. mathhag

    Ear training

    Thank you to all, Halifax, Don Taylor, wunks. I guess I am just trying to move ahead faster. I do try to listen, listen , listen. Especially since many Irish Trad tunes are not familiar to me. I am getting better and continue to get great joy when I play.
  12. mathhag

    Ear training

    Don Taylor, Thank you so much for that explanation. I really didn’t understand about intervals.now I think I do
  13. mathhag

    Ear training

    Hi John, That is what I am doing . In fact I have made a playlist of the tunes I am working on that I use when I ride my exercise bike. I also listen, then play alone , then try to,play with the tune and so on. In fact as I fall asleep I often hear a tune over and over in my head. I am getting better. I am hoping there is a little more I can do so I have an idea of what note I am hearing. Thanks so much, Susan