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  1. I would like to thank you publicly for the help you gave me on cleaning up ABC notation for my needs. It works really well and I started exploring doing more then i saw the option you have for making the PDF of the music with the note names. This is really perfect for me.
  2. Love your name. Would like to know the same
  3. What a wonderful way to start my day! Just glorious
  4. So I also do something like this but when necessary I cheat a little. I use Transcribe+ which is the app for iPads and import the tune then if I am having trouble figuring out a part by ear I send the tune to T TE tuner app which does all kinds of things. What I do with it is have the tune play and while the screen is telling me the note I run a screen video that I send back into Transcribe+. Now I can slow it down and figure out the pesky notes that were eluding me and can even transcribe the ABC if needed.
  5. So how do we access them if we already own the book?
  6. Here is the simplest form T: The Jingle Bells R: polka M: 2/4 L: 1/8 K: Gmaj |: BB B2 | BB B2 | Bd GA | B4 |cc c>c | cB B>B |[1 BA AB | A2 d2 😐 9[2 dd cA | G2- G2 || DB AG | D2- DD/D/ | DB AG | E2- EE/E/ | Ec BA | F2- FA/A/ | dd c/B/A | B2- BG | DB AG | D2- D2 | DB AG | E2- E2 | Ec BA | dd/d/ d^c/d/ | ed c/B/A | G2- G2 |] But actually if you can send me the dots I can translate it. I don’t read music well enough to play from it Please don’t spend too much energy on it unless it interest you. Many Thanks , Susan
  7. That was great! Would you be willing to share the ABC notation on that
  8. So I don’t believe I ever posted my Dipper but now that the family has grown I will show you both. I have had The Dipper a little over 4 years. It was built in 1981. It is 5 1/2 inches across the flats and weighs 1025 grams. It is a glorious instrument in almost every way. But I had a few concerns. First I worried about traveling with it and I worried about the excessive dryness in my house in the winter even with a humidifier. I have been fascinated by what Edward Jay has done with his 3D printed instruments. So I got my new instrument from him this week. It is 6 1/2 inches across the flats and weighs 1187 grams. I am very happy with it. It plays easily and sounds great. Since I am not great player you should visit has website to hear professionals playing it. Makes a great second instrument for me.
  9. I do not know who purchased them. Would love to know what keys they were in
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