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  1. Just wondering if a REAL novice would be able to attend. I just returned from Boxwoods at Lunenburg Nova Scotia. It was a great experience with Mairaid Hurley. She was a wonderful teacher and can really shred a concertina when she performs. But the other players had at least 5 years experience. I started playing last September and it is my first instrument. I would love to attend more training since I live where I have no teacher but don’t want to be out of place as the slow one. Amazing that I am already thinking about next year
  2. What do people use for digital recorders?
  3. mathhag

    Help! banish Misfortune

    Thank you. That is wonderful
  4. mathhag

    Help! banish Misfortune

    Oh I am in the states where we have a an awful lot of misfortune to banish
  5. I am hoping someone would be willing to post a very simple version of Banish Misfortune. I am very new to any instrument and learn best when I know the tune well. Thanking you in advance
  6. mathhag

    Mairead Hurley with Benno Stephenson

    Going to Boxwoods this summer in Nova Scotia. I believe she will be my teacher
  7. mathhag

    New look web site

    Great. That seems to work
  8. mathhag

    New look web site

    So I used to hit the “new contents” buttons is there something like that now?
  9. When I was still teaching math this would have made an interesting problem. First I would have like some theoretical justifications as you have done. Then I would encourage the students to develop a system to actually measure the difference without any damage to the instruments.
  10. mathhag


    Dancing is my soul. I love it and do it daily. Seems like it should help
  11. mathhag


    I think it is some of both. I really don’t understand the beat notation and I probably need to play slower until I get it down pat.
  12. mathhag


    Help I have been playing since late September. On my own alas. I have been practicing many tunes using Gary Coovers books , abc notation,some tunes that Doug Barr gave me and OAIM . I think I am making progress BUT I am pretty sure I need to work on rhythm or cadence or whatever we want to call it. If I really know a tune I might be alright but I want to really develop a solid understanding. Any recommendations? I am trying to use a metronome . It is difficult but I will stick with it if that is the best way. This is my first instrument and I do not really read music.
  13. mathhag

    My Beginner Youtube Videos

    What do you use to make your videos?
  14. mathhag

    Crossing Borders

    Do you happen to have the email address of the person at US Fish and Wildlife that got back to you? I called once and the person I spoke with really did not know as much as you seem to know. I really need to get this straight because I would like to just keep the Dipper I recently got and sell my Morse. The Morse , by the way is quite nice. I just only need one.
  15. mathhag

    North America Workshops In 2018

    I just signed up today