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  1. mathhag


    I have been working on Irish Concertina Lessons with Caitlin Nic Gabhann. They seem to fit exactly to what I need right now . But I have been mildly distracted by a clicking noise as she plays . Almost like a ring hitting the side of the instrument. It is definitely in time to the playing. This morning I was listening to Irish Concertina Ensemble and I heard that same clicking. Can anyone tell me what it might be?
  2. mathhag

    Name of this tune from the Hebrides?

    Someone, I think Halifax, mentioned an app called TunePal. It will “listen” to a tune and try to give you the name
  3. mathhag

    Does this case need work

    Thank you all. I think it probably doesn’t need anything immediately. I may try to glue the hinge areas and look for some velvet to fix the small area if I can find a match. A new hard case may be more protective but I will be keeping this one. The concertina fits very snuggly and then I carry the case in a bigger bag that is easier to carry .
  4. mathhag

    Does this case need work

    So as I have looked at this more closely, it appears that the problems were the top of the case hinges to the bottom but be remedied with a small drop,of glue . Any thoughts on that? Would anyone know where I might get some of the green flocking ( not sure of the is the correct name) that lines the case
  5. So here are many pictures of my treasure and her case. The case is a work of art but has developed some problems as you can see. I am looking for advice. Should this be restored in some way or is it ok the way it is? If so who does this kind of work?
  6. mathhag

    Brenda Stubbert's Reel

    Great article. Of course I still play everything at dirge speed.
  7. mathhag

    Concertina Tattoo

    I love this. It will help me to remember My husband says he will put This Side up on his forehead
  8. mathhag

    Upcoming concertinas for sale

    I definitely only need my one lovely but I still got very excited to see what you will be selling.
  9. Thanks for a reminder. I use this forum everyday so it is just right to make a donation.
  10. If it is New Brunswick maybe we could get together and I could let you try mine
  11. mathhag

    Heroes gone missing?...

    I do Facebook a lot but it is no substitute for this forum
  12. Only connection to concertinas is that we play them. My husband took this and I thought it captures my environment well. I live in far northern Maine right on the Canadian border. Actually the ridge on the far right is Canada What does it look like where you are?
  13. mathhag

    Buttrey manuscript

    Wow Don
  14. mathhag

    What's on your Christmas list?

    Season’s Greetings to all. I have gotten several early Concertina related presents. My oldest son sent me Bertram Levy’s The Anglo Concertina Demystified . Then my husband got me a humidifier and a six month subscription to Caitlín Nic Gabhann Irish Concertina Lessons. Pretty happy