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  1. Hello are any of these Baritones?
  2. Hi Connie. Looks like a lovely Concertina! could you give me a call sometime so we could talk a bit more about this instrument? Grae O’Higgins 208 263 7647
  3. Thanks! I will have a look today ✌️
  4. Anyone out there have a nice 48 key English Baritone for sale? Only interested in something restored and playing good without issues let me know ✌️✌️
  5. Hello i am interested in this concertina as i am looking for a rebuild project to learn from. Please email or call me so we can talk more about this. entsforpeace@gmail.com 208 263 7647
  6. Hello Johanna I wonder if you would want to send me your e--mail address so i could talk to you more in depth of this concertina? Ent
  7. Hello again would you mind giving me your phone # so i could talk to you more in depth about this concertina? Thanks
  8. Hello What model of Morse is it? Please tell me If you are the original owner and what year it was purchased.
  9. Hello i would be interested in the price you would need. Am looking for a backup concertina.
  10. Hello i know this was posted awhile ago but is the Morse still available? I have a nice Little Wonder tenor banjo for a partial trade if you might be interested. Peace Ent
  11. Hello i have a Jackie concertina in excellent condition with the case and book. Played it quite a bit until i upgraded to a Lachenel New model now it sets without use. But i would have use for the lower pitched Jack. So i am wondering if anyone is interested in a trade. The Jackie is in like new condition and has been played just long enough to break it in. Peace
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