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  1. Peter Laban

    West Clare Concertina Players

    Well, that probably explains the missed calls from Aoife Nic Cormaic on my phone earlier this week. 🙄
  2. Peter Laban

    West Clare Concertina Players

    Well, same here. I was making a way in during the seventies without much of a clue and became more focused and serious once I started the pipes, or got the pipes, in 1979. The quality these gentlemen's music would probably have eluded me (Ronan Browne alludes to that sort of thing in his sleeve notes for the CD). I am sure I heard Paddy Murphy play during the Willie weeks of the early eighties without understanding much of his music and that's probably only one of the players I regret not paying enough attention to when the opportunity was there. I can only be glad a few of that generation were left by the time I did start paying attention, or developed an ear and a degree of appreciation for what I heard and perhaps some understanding of what to listen for. Looking back though, there are a fair few tunes on this CD I knew as doing the rounds at the time. With hindsight, listening to recordings from that time and being familiar with the repertoire of players of that time and place, it's probably safe to say this was a repertoire popular with that group with many tunes breaking out of that circle to become overall classic tunes. Over the past few weeks I have been hearing a fair bit of music, a lot of younger players with whole new repertoires of tunes. I pick up the tunes that appeal to me, the ones that stick easily, but there's a lot of comfort in hearing 'the old tunes' played well and finding new corners in them when revisiting them.
  3. Peter Laban

    West Clare Concertina Players

    Hard to say isn't it? A good portion of those tunes will come up if you listen to recordings of the time and players of that era so I would venture they were popular. But then again, some would have been popular because these very people played or recorded them. A bit of a chicken and egg situation.
  4. Peter Laban

    West Clare Concertina Players

    They had a deal at the launch,tenner for one, three for 25. Only got the one though. 😉 The launch concert was very enjoyable. Actually spotted you walk down O'Connell st just before it Steve (we were having a bit of pre-concert something to eat). LtoR: Geraldine Cotter, Eamonn Cotter, Kieran Hanrahan, Eimear Coughlan, Maeve Donnelly, Francis Cunningham, Ronan Browne, Johnny Kelly, Cathy Potter and invisible in the back row on the right were Gerald Coughlan, Nicky & Ann McAuliffe
  5. Peter Laban

    Australian Bush Music 1909

    There are a few like it going around. What's the thing with the boxers?
  6. Peter Laban

    High jacking threads..etiquette

    Concertina.net is indeed one of the more civilised forums. As a general rule though I think on forums like this once you post a topic, it's out of your hands and it may, or may not, go anywhere or nowhere. Often you find your topic going to quite unpredictable and unexpected places. It can be infuriating but best to not let it get to you. It 's something that happens. And once posted, your relinquish control of the topic. Meta discussions giving out about it don't generally help to improve the situation. That said, some musical instrument forums I frequent have a clear stated policy against 'price policing' , which is a good thing that could have avoided what happened here. an example, form the chiffandfipple forums : http://forums.chiffandfipple.com/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=84192#p1038851
  7. Peter Laban

    West Clare Concertina Players

    I'll bring up this thread, just to take the slight diversion I took it on and divert it a bit further. The CD Friends of Note, a collection of archive recordings of Paddy Canny, Peter O'Loughlin and (concertina player) Paddy Murphy, with young Geraldine Cotter on the piano, was launched earlier tonight, followed by a big, and magnificent, concert. Anyone interested in Clare music should get one. They're available here, for a tenner: https://www.coisnahabhna.ie/shop/product/cd/401/
  8. Peter Laban

    wheatstone tenor-treble ebony Aeola on Ebay this week

    This one? https://www.ebay.ie/itm/wheatstone-concertina-modele-19-tenor-aigus-etat-exceptionnel-dorigine-1929/333206515078?hash=item4d94a7ed86:g:z6MAAOSwXAxcSC2E
  9. you may also want to take a look at this site: https://www.shrutibox.co.uk/ The foot pedals they supply are a useful addition to the box.
  10. Peter Laban

    Queally Sisters

    I don't think you should, you were correct.
  11. Peter Laban

    Queally Sisters

    They'll be doing a CD launch on May 19 during the Tulla Trad festival at Cnoc na Ghaoite
  12. It still says 5 days when I look at the page. They usually leave programs up for at least a month after broadcast, pretty good going I think. They also have a habit of repeating these regularly so this one will be around again. It's possible to download the stream, using a suitable app/browser extension, if you want to keep it for future reference.
  13. Peter Laban

    West Clare Concertina Players

    Yes, looking forward to that. Mind you, the next generation isn't half bad either, Eimear Coughlan (Paddy Canny's grandaughter) is quite the musician.
  14. Peter Laban

    West Clare Concertina Players

    While on the topic of West Clare concertinaplayers (and this one may well deserve a thread of its own): later next month a CD will be launched with a recording made during the late 1970s by Séamus MacMahúna of Paddy Murphy, Paddy Canny, Peter O'Loughlin with Geraldine Cotter on the piano. The launch will be at a concert with Geraldine joined by family members of the original players. One to watch out for, if you're into that sort of thing.
  15. Peter Laban

    West Clare Concertina Players

    Thanks for that John. I had a look at it a few months ago, plenty of familiar faces and situations. I remember turning up for the reunion of the surviving members of the Laictin Naofa, ( it was actually a talk, it was a bit of a surprise they all turned up and played too boot) and realising I hadn't brought a camera. Tom did, fortunately. But that said, Tom was a man of many talents but photography was perhaps not one of them. He was in the right places and with the right people though and that makes the collection a valuable one. There were a few occasions too where I did bring the camera so I could turn the tables and get a few snaps of Tom, here he is conducting a public interview with another of the great West Clare characters, Marty Malley: