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  1. This may help. From an old Steeleye Span songbook. PDF attached also. The King.pdf
  2. It's probably a good idea to post a direct link Daniel. This is how your post appears to me: During previous thread I noticed your links appear in the same way on my phone, which uses some but less heavy handed blocking of trackers etc.
  3. In the hands of well grounded traditional musicians. Surely. A lot of versions on thesession.org wouldn't fall ion that category though so a caveat emptor is appropriate. That said, I wouldn't perhaps lift versions verbatim O'Neill et al either.
  4. He's doing a job on the Rolling Wave there, The Humours of Trim, if you like.
  5. A direct link works Daniel. I think elements of the original post got blocked because of the Facebook trackers in it. The tune is one of the 'pop tunes' this summer. I have come across it numerous times and have it on a 'to do' list. John Dwyer recorded it on his own Cd some years ago. Glór is putting on a bit more traditional music after a bit of a lull. Which is a good thing, it's a nice venue. Tonight has the big Mary MacNamara do : https://glor.ie/events/morglor-award-concert-2019-celebrating-mary-macnamara/
  6. Nothing to see for me but I block trackers and all sort of unwanted stuff rigorously so that would explain it.
  7. The Mrs Crotty CD is long out of print. Your best chance is too look for a second hand one.
  8. When they did their first reunion concert in 2006, it was the twenty third of June, the day before the fair, he said he hadn't played that concertina for some fifteen years and I remember it failing on him at some point (although that may have been on a different occasion, all that stuff is blurring into one at this point).
  9. Playing with Tony Linnane he often uses the Wheatstone he played when they made their recording, to recreate that sound they had (and still have).
  10. Thanks for that. You can listen to it here: https://www.rte.ie/radio1/the-rolling-wave/programmes/2019/1020/1084629-the-rolling-wave-sunday-20-october-2019/#103230349
  11. The full Gradam programs, all of them, are archived and accessible on TG4.tv Gradam ceoil 2014: https://tg4.tv/ga/player/baile/?pid=5663233295001&teideal=Gradam Ceoil TG4 2014&series=Gradam Ceoil TG4&dlft=10324
  12. I can sort of form an image with that, between the Wheatstones, Jeffries and Dippers used by a lot of players players, but "real Irish reeds" once again baffles me.
  13. Just listen to older recordings of Irish musicians playing the German concertinas, they're all double reeded: Mary Ann Carolan, Patrick Flanagan and indeed the instrument under discussion, that of Ella Mae O'Dwyer, all spring to mind but there are plenty of other examples either in recordings or as surviving instruments from the period.
  14. If you want to explore different tutors, and still get a weekend in Clare, just before the Ballyvaughan week, it could be worth looking at the https://concertinacruinniu.ie/
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