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  1. It's a great way to let the world know there could be a potentially valuable musical instrument in the carđŸ€—
  2. ' I tried to attach files as usual in pdf, midi, musicxml, and xml formats, but this time the site says I have apparently used ALL my allotted attachment allowance.' It makes sense to put these on another site, Dropbox, box.com and places like that, and insert a to link them. Same as for inserting video or images.
  3. Late 19 and early 20th century brass bands used a high pitch A=452.5. I have a bunch of old tin whistles from that period, a lot of term sound about a semi tone sharp, to today's standard, from the pitch indicated on them. So a 'high pitch' Bb/f?
  4. The podcasts of the programme are archived at: https://www.rte.ie/radio/rnag/cuan-an-cheoil/ And, while there, here is a bunch concerts recorded at ConsairtĂ­n 2023: https://www.rte.ie/radio/rnag/camchuairt-an-chonsairtin/
  5. Charles also has a cd, Aughavinna, and is currently in the process of setting up a website dedicated to the Russells.He had a big interview in the Clare Champion last week: https://clarechampion.ie/sharing-the-spirit-of-the-russells-of-doolin/ He also gigs regularly on Thursday nights at the hotel: Going to Doolin you will probably have to accept the place is fully geared towards the tourist and you best take it as you find it and perhaps even enjoy it for what it is. If you don't fancy the pubs or the hotel there are things like Christy Barry's Music House : https://www.doolinmusichouse.com/
  6. Playing with others is a skill to be learned. I am not sure a session is the appropriate place to do it though. Go to uour session and listen, take it all in. Learn the tunes and perhaps get used to playing them with someone you know and are comfortable with In a private space before venturing out. It's better for your confidence, for one, and you can develop your skill without the additional pressure of doing it in public.
  7. I am a strong believer in letting the tunes 'sink in', let them soak until they're ready to be learned. I listen a lot and am in a musical environment and often find tunes I pick up easily have been floating around, making their way into my subconscious, for some time without me realising it. At some point I'll notice them and they're there, ready to be played, as it were. I like to think of it as tunes finding me when they're ready.
  8. 'So if you were a serious player, years ago, you wanted a Jeffries....' Wasn't the volume of the Jeffrey's a significant consideration at the time? And a lot of word of mouth: 'so and so ays a J. so it must be good' There's always a lot of that going on as well. While he probably had several concertinas, I mostly remember Tommy McCarthy playing a Jeff.
  9. I add the Altan version of the tune, some of the notes I linked above, the tune between verses, were taken from this:
  10. No tabs but the notes may get you underway: DĂșlamĂĄn na binne buĂ­
  11. It isn't much and it's more about the person who posted the video but it may be a start: I have the tape, bought when it first came out, but haven't listened to it in over twenty years. I half remember the Off to California track with Buddy Flanagan but other than that my memory is a blank for now.
  12. YouTube has a variable speed option of its own.so no real need for anything else.
  13. On the off chance of stating the bleeding obvious, you could go to the recordings, buy the case and take it from there. It will also be much more musical than any midi player.
  14. After thirteen years it's highly unlikely the recording is still available from the usual outlets. I looked to see if there were any copies from my local county library, but nothing there. There is a copy available at Cork library so an interlibrary loan could be an option. Unfortunately I am unable right now to make copies and get them to anybody so I won't make an offer to help not right now anyway.
  15. That really isn't 'showing off', it's a matter of pushing different buttons. Anyhow. My son went to Noel Hill weekly for a few years when he was learning aged 12/13. He had dozens of tunes with exactly the information you are looking for, taken down during these lessons. So that sort of thing is in existence but it would not be fair to pass it on or make it otherwise available.
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