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  1. With the Willie week cancelled for this year, the school's committee an the Irish Traditional Music Archive have created a virtual Willie . All week highlights of past events have been running, fiddle, flute/whistle, harp, pipes, accordion, harmonica, singing and dancing recitals were al featured so far. Today, Friday, is the concertina's turn. Premiering at eight local time and archived after that, concertina highlights from recitals past: The coming week events from the 2019 Willie will be streamed, on the days and times they were originally held. Concertina recital again on Friday. See the full programme for the 'virtual Willie' : https://bit.ly/2Arvyez see also the page at ITMA : https://www.itma.ie/latest/news/itma-and-scoil-samhraidh-willie-clancy-2020
  2. Probably a matter of geography. Steve's link worked for me. Jackie showed me the concertina, twenty years ago and said it came from Paul Davies. Jackie joined myself and Kitty Hayes on occasion, when we played. He'd bring a C box of use a concertina, if there was one at hand. Some of you will be familiar with the story of him playing the concertina and someone coming up saying 'Jackie, Jackie, I didn't know you could play the concertina'. 'Ofcourse I can' he shot back 'Anyone can play the concertina'.
  3. I am waiting for a package that was posted in California late April, it took several days to get to a sorting centre in Los Angeles, stayed there for two weeks, was scanned out of there and two days later was scanned as departing Denver on May 14. Nothing was heard of it since. I suppose it's sitting somewhere in a warehouse, waiting for a flight to Ireland. Another package was scanned as leaving France last week, so far without arriving anywhere yet. And things from China, always slow, may remain in limbo for ever. The postal system is suffering from lack of flights and probably a vast increase in online shopping. Some stuff gets through alright though.
  4. The Guardian/Observer had some on the transmission within choirs today : https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/may/17/did-singing-together-spread-coronavirus-to-four-choirs
  5. By chance I stumbled into Kate Bush's Rocket man':
  6. Worth taking a peek: Slí na mBeaglaoich the blurb: Lovely music in it.
  7. Chris just keeps on going, doesn't he? Like a Bellharbour energizer easter bunny.
  8. I like emoticons better than emojis, to be honest. The latter are usually just silly pictures while the former can sometimes have a bit of good humour.
  9. I have seen some emoticons on the Deviant arts site some time ago. I don't know if they are still there.
  10. I can't actually think of a lot of Irish singers backed by concertina, Bertram Levy sat in on some Frank Harte recordings, as did Alf Edwards see : I am note sure it works very well but YMMV, as they say. There's probably a whole rake of bands I am not aware of using the concertina.
  11. the Had me wondering about the age of the seller, or that he perhaps had an early start at it. But never mind, the auction was ended early because of an 'error in the listing' .
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