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  1. Some years ago TG4 showed it a number of times. It was briefly on YouTube but was taken down quickly. I don't know if it's still online anywhere. There are trailers online, but not the whole thing, as far as I can see: I did download it at the time, the file is 250-ish Megabyte, as far as I remember. Hmm, let me think about that for a minute..
  2. In the documentary about Eithne's life, 'Idir Dhá Shaol’ , this song announces the story's final stages, the descent towards its conclusion. I can't hear it since without feeling that sense of foreboding and sadness.
  3. Lovely job, Dick. Eithne's singing always gives me the shivers, such beauty.
  4. A translation of all text in CRE, by Paul de Grae, is online : here. Breathnach does not give ornamentation for the concertina so perhaps a different source would suit better.
  5. Just as a means to bump this thread to the top and for anybody into that sort of thing: I just got myself a copy, fresh off the press, of Helen O'Shea's excellent book on fiddle player Paddy Canny, 'No better boy'. Included in it are notations of the Cuckoo hornpipe from the playing of both Michael Coleman and Paddy Canny. Reading these side by side with the Droney version can give some insight in different styles and approaches among traditional musicians. If you're into that sort of thing, ofcourse.
  6. Having spent a bit more time with the book I must say I love it, a great contribution to the music of North Clare and a great tribute to Chris and his music. My inner pedant spotted some minor oversights in the notes to the tunes, all of them wood for the trees issues, insignificant so never mind those. There's one thing bugging me, though: the claim Séamus Ennis composed the Cuckoo hornpipe. This is easily laid to rest when welisten to Michael Coleman's recording of the tune, as Murray's fancy. It was made in the spring of 1921, when Ennis was barely two years old.
  7. One of the good dr's old posts is pretty unambiguous, so well spotted: This morning I was driving to Ennis, on the radio Ryan Tubridy was talking about Illeism. A clear case of that here.
  8. The launch night in Ennis was very pleasant, lovely music by the Droneys, family and friends. Haven't had much time to look at the book in detail but first impression is a positive one. Kudos to all involved Three wise monkeys, Edgely, Branch, & Worrall: Brought back memories of the man himself: Inside Crotty's, Kilrush, with Mick Mulcahy. 1997
  9. A quick follow up: I was in Custy's just now and noticed they have a bunch of copies of The Barley Grain available.
  10. It's returning a Sorry, something went wrong. We are working on it and we'll get it fixed as soon as we can.
  11. As per thread title, small write up and video of concertina maker Sean Garvey in today's paper: Sean Garvey in Irish Times: This is what I do And the accompanying video: Seán Garvey in Irish Times
  12. After seeing this thread I have noticed a fair few of them in the wild. I saw at least four or five around town yesterday. They seem to do the job anyway.
  13. The Cruinniu kicked off just now with Liam O'Connor interviewing Noel Hill about the making of the recording 'The Irish Concertina', now 35 years ago. The event was filmed for ITMA.
  14. Last night RTE aired a flim about the the dance show I mentioned above, Mám. It concentrates on the creative process and the dance, improvising and pulling everything together. With plenty of Cormac Begley. Great stuff, I thought: The Dance While at it, you may as well watch John Kelly interview Begley :The Works presents: Cormac Begley
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