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  1. Peter Laban

    Concertina Ryan Air

    FWIW, he EU will remain a single customs area after the UK leaves.
  2. Peter Laban

    Concertina Ryan Air

    There is a limit on the number of items of hand baggage you can take though, if I remember correctly. So with just the concertina you will most likely be fine but if you carry other stuff, best check the website to be sure.
  3. Peter Laban

    Please ignore the politics

    I really don't see why the politics should be ignored. It's a rather pressing issue. That aside, this has been on a parallel discussion on this thread for several days now.
  4. Peter Laban

    Pubs in Ireland

    A bit more than that, in all fairness. It's a 'thing' now. By all accounts the quality can be a bit hit and miss though. And really great sessions, they're still the ones you hear about afterwards. It was sublime in Friel's last sunday, apparently. šŸ¤¤
  5. Peter Laban

    Concertina as dominatrix ??

    That too probably but in the case I quoted, referring to George Melly's autobiography.
  6. Peter Laban

    Concertina as dominatrix ??

    There was also the book Jackie Daly likes referring to: Rum, Bum and ConcertinašŸ˜Š
  7. Peter Laban

    Anglo Concertina And Cello.

    Thanks C. This one is proving to be quite the persistent earworm: Fluffy Arabian Cat Disease Was looking at how you managed to swipe my signature, and it reminded me how true the sentiment of it is too, music does always give me a boost. Yesterday was a good day.
  8. Peter Laban

    Embedding Test

    It is a very handy feature, I used it earlier posting a couple of photos and it worked a treat. Your post does leave me with an Instagram cookie, which I don't necessarily want.
  9. Peter Laban

    Anglo Concertina And Cello.

    Bumping this subject up one more time after an entertaining afternoon in sunny Tulla. The venue was Cnoc na Gaoithe, a fine former convent building recently converted to a cultural centre, the concert taking place in a side room, the small stage in a little alcove that was once (I assume) a small chapel, its ceiling decorated, with some very apppropriate. cherubs. A small audience of around forty, older local people, young East Clare musicians who had just finished their classes (Frankie Gavin was taking a fiddle class in another room, before his concert with Noel Hill tonight), a few musicians keeping a low profile. Nice and relaxed. Good fun. Interesting bit about one of the Bass concertinas, Dipper bass6, that has a set of levers that convert it instantly from bisonoric to unisonoric and adds a facility for some rigorous note bending.
  10. Peter Laban

    Pop Up Ads

    The old forums will still be available through the Wayback machine @ archive.org
  11. Peter Laban

    Pop Up Ads

    Fair enough, I am all ad-blocked so if someone gets intrusive ads I automatically think it must something on their end.
  12. Peter Laban

    Pop Up Ads

    You probably have some malware infection or other.
  13. Peter Laban

    D/a Vs C/g Starting Out?

    To an extend yes. But I feel this discussion is ignoring different fingering systems that are open to you.. Mullally played a D/A, Kitty Hayes was used to one and ended up playing in C and F one her C/G.
  14. Peter Laban

    Anglo Concertina And Cello.

    I can't find a schedule, I even waded into Facebook but their page comes up with nothing. There are concerts at least in Dingle, Carrick on Shannon and Tulla, possibly others I failed to spot. All in Ireland.
  15. Irish Times : Noel Hill's Connemara nightmare The programme will be up on TG4.tv after broadcast, usually for about a month.